French Fans Get to Pick Breaking Dawn French Translation Titles

Apparently the French Twilight fans get to pick out what Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 will be called when the films hit French Cinemas.

The French fans recently had a similar opportunity to name the The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. They called it “The Call For Blood”. We guess it’s all down to translation and what works better culturally in different countries.

The movie will also open in France slightly ahead of the US release dates. According to the Google Translation of the press release of the French distributor, Breaking Dawn will open “You will find so Bella, Edward and Jacob in the cinemas of France from November 16, 2011 with the release of Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and November 14, 2012 with the release of Breaking Dawn – Part 2.  !”

You can find the full translation here or you can read the original version in French on Twilight France. You get exact details how you (if you live in France) can participate in the process. Thanks to our friends at Twilight France for letting us know about this unique opportunity.


  1. Ah that’s so exciting for French fans! (And that was very fun to read having not read much French lately!) I really liked some of the suggestions in the comments. I sort of wish the movies had been released with similar names here in the US. I never cared much for the word “Saga”, though I understand it’s necessity.

  2. is there a good free french translation tool on the internet ?~,-

  3. french translation is kind of hard at first but if you get used to it, then it is easy ::;

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