Breaking Dawn Paperback Topping Charts in the UK

breaking_dawncoverAccording to the UK trade paper The Bookseller:

‘The long-awaited mass-market edition of Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn (Atom) sold 48,673 copies in just three days, and tops this week’s Official UK Top 50—just over two years after the hardback edition first hit the shelves.

It is the sixth time Meyer has topped the Official UK Top 50 in 2010. The mass-market edition of book three in the Twilight series, Eclipse, was number one for the first two weeks of the year, while her Twilight novella, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, held the crown for three consecutive weeks in June.”

See more at The Bookseller.

How about you, did you go out to get the novel in paperback, or is your hardcover still in good shape?


  1. Not surprised. I love the books and I’m sure they’ll continue to do very well after the movies.
    I just want Stephenie to write more !

  2. I have all of the hardcover books and they are still in good shape. I also have all Twilight and Bree Tanner books on my Kindle too 🙂 Just in case I want to read them again wherever I am, like at work 🙂

  3. I’m in North America, but yes, I have multiple copies of each book, as well as ebook versions and audiobooks (which I totally love to listen to while working or whatever).

    If you don’t have the audiobooks, and don’t have time to read thru the books again, try the audiobooks!

  4. I have the full set in hard back, trade paperback and the first three small paperback with movie covers. I travel with the small ones.

  5. I’m really afraid to get my books in paperback. I really don’t want my clumsy hands to destroy them. So I’m always incredibly careful, even with the hardcover. 🙂

  6. I was very happy when BD became available in paperback. Now I have a complete set for both upstairs and downstairs!

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