Billy Burke to Return to Rizolli and Isles

According to EW:

“He made a quick — and sexy! — appearance in the series premiere of TNT’s new Rizzoli & Isles. Now Billy Burke (who, of course, plays Bella’s dad in the Twilight films) is back for more crime-fighting fun with series star Angie Harmon, and from the look of things, the sparks are definitely flying between Harmon’s hard-striving Det. Jane Rizzoli and Burke’s broody F.B.I. agent Gabriel Dean in the episode airing Aug. 30. But count on Rizzoli’s serial-killing nemesis, Hoyt, to ruin the mood.”

Pel got hooked on the series, which airs on TNT on Monday nights, after she saw the premiere with Billy Burke. You can get full episodes via the TNT official page. Billy Burke figures heavily in the first one.


  1. SavyTwilighter says:

    omg i totally swooned over him in the 1st episode! Billy Burke is so amazing^-^

  2. I love that he ditched the mustache!!

  3. I was just wondering if he was ever gonna show up again on this show! That’s so cool that he is!

  4. oh I always watch that cuz it comes on right after The Closer which I love! Cant wait to see him on again! 🙂

  5. Am I the only one who is apathetic about this? I mean i get that he plays charlie and all, but what does this really have to do with twilight?

    I know a lot of people like this and you can’t please everyone all the time. But I just don’t feel this has anything to do with the saga.

    • Twilight_News says:

      We comment whenever an actor’s latest project launches or there is some type of tie in to the filming in the local news.

      That’s why we mentioned that Rob and Kristen were shooting Bel Ami, Water For Elephants, and On the Road, but we haven’t provided set coverage on any of those projects. When they actually go to theaters, we’ll do a bit about them like this, but not before.

      We covered Anna Kendrick doing Up In the Air and Scott Pilgrim in the same fashion.

  6. not unexpected … a good friend who has read the books on which the series is based says that billy’s character figures very largely in the ongoing storyline. looking forward to seeing him again soon!

  7. Ooh, I caught an episode of this show a couple of nights ago & thought that it was really good. Now that I know Billy Burke is going to be on, I will definitely tune in.

    I enjoy supporting projects that our Twilight actors are in and of course the only way I can support them is to tune in or buy a ticket…I’m all for that!

  8. Hey there, just a heads up, Rizzoli is mispelled in the story line header!

  9. twiGranMom says:

    I am so glad he will be back. I loved seeing him on this series and disappointed not to see him on the next one. I hope he stays on this series, love the show. Angie Harmon is perfect as Rizzoli.
    By the way, for you asking what this has to do with Twilight…..Billy Burke was so funny and perfect as Bella’s father so I am so happy to see him on this new series!

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