Nikki Reed: Gets Justin Bieber

Just out of curiosity, how many of you are Bieber fans?


  1. KasslCullen says:

    I love twilight, and Nikki is one of my favorite persons in the world, but I HATE Justin Bieber.
    Peace out, and for you:
    “Do I dazzle you?”

  2. I think Justin Bieber has a lot of talent, but I think his head is getting away from him. I worry about the path he is headed down (especially hanging out with Kim Kardashian and such) 🙂

  3. Ugh, I am not a Bieber fan. I guess I see why girls like him, he’s cute and he has cute little pop songs I guess. But it’s definitely not my type of music.

  4. c. cullen says:

    justin is talented bt i think dis bieber fever thing has gotten out of control

  5. Helen Pauline says:

    I can’t wait for the day that Justin Bieber is on Celebrity Fit Club…right along with Kesha…

    • I laughed out loud! I totally agree, I mean I guess he’s somewhat talented but people are making him out to be some kind of god. I think he’s letting it go to his head.

  6. Justin beiber is terrible an is in way over his head. He pretends to be “gangster” and sings about all of his traumatizing love experiences even though he is like 12.

  7. I’m not a Bieber fan either.

  8. Not me:)

  9. switzy4ever14 says:

    not me. i agree, he’s way conceited, and it’s like, you’re sixteen. i don’t think you really know that much about love. not a fan.

  10. Twilight based vamp / wolf game. Which side are you on?? (Team Jacob)!!

  11. NO NO NO! Can’t stand him, how would you get that?

  12. I’m Canadian, straight from Ontario where JB is from, but not the same city. All I can say is that we’ve got WAY better local music than him. Don’t like him at all.

  13. UGH I hate Justin Beaver sooo much!! He’s really ugly and cannot sing. Seriously, the first time I heard him, I thought it was a girl singing. Not joking!! Beaver’s gay, I’m sure of it.

  14. Nope, not a Bieber fan nor is anyone else in my house, including my 17-year-old daughter or any of her friends. I think it’s cool how he was discovered though (You Tube). Just goes to show you the kind of world we live in today. But I agree w/most comments – he is letting the fame get to his head. Honestly, I think he should enjoy it while it lasts & be sure to put his pennies away…I have a feeling he might need it sooner or later:)

  15. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww he, no it, makes me want to puke then punch it square in the face like a million billion times forever. I really really freaking hate him….it! He has no talent, “sings” like a girl, I also thought he was abou 10 or 12. He’s in love with Usher and “sings” with every possible African American singer (just shows that he wishes that he was black so he’s acting ganster). He “sings” songs about being in love! He’s only sixteen! I don’t think he’s had a real girlfriend and has not fully grown up yet. He def. has a super big ego of himself pretty much thinking he is a God (e.g. he and other insane teen girls/little girls/single mother, sub. teachers/old grandmother think he is the next Michael Jackson) I wish that either I was or knew that girl that threw the water water bottle at JB because it was really funny!

  16. Jazmine says:

    Just bieber is letting fame get in his head. He locked a producer in a closet AND punched a cake. :/


  1. Anonymous says:

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