Nikki Reed: Rosalie’s Motivations

Nikki Reed talked to MTV about Rosalie’s motivations in Breaking Dawn.


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  2. I think rosalie’s intentions are really unacceptable in Breaking Dawn, She values Bella’s live so little, she’s willing for bella to die as long as she has a child to hold even if its bella’s child. But it all works out in the end though and it helps build the relationship between bella and rosalie xx

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  4. Rosalie just wants the child and doesn’t care about Bella, I just think that she knows that Bella will survive through it one way or another that’s why she’s not too worried. I would love to know what SM says about Rosalie and her intentions so we can get a better glimpse of the situation.

  5. I’m think Rosalie did what Bella asked her to do. Did she think if anything happened to Bella she might get to be one that raised the child,I’m sure she did.I’m not sure that she wanted Bella to die though.I think the fact that her and Bella were fighting for the same thing brought them closer to each other.

  6. I don’t like the fact that Rosalie acted like it was hery baby, other then that I think her intetions were good. Bella and Rosalie were able bond over something they both love- Renesmee!

  7. I think Rosalie did what Bella asked her to.. and she fought for Bella’s choice.. it was the same one she would have chosen and so she is fighting vicariously..

    I think she is desperate to be able to care for a child but I don’t think she really felt nothing for Bella or didn’t care if she survived…

    Rosalie was fighting for the chance for a baby… through Bella.. for Bella…

    She is a bit self absorbed.. and not fussy with details or problems.. so she can come across as callous.. But I don’t think she was that evil that she wanted Bella’s baby for herself…

  8. I have to agree that Rosalie probably had ulterior motives in helping Bella while she was pregnant. However, there is part in BD where Jacob asks Edward why they don’t just force the baby out of her, and Edward says he knows he would lose the fight with Rosalie on Bella’s side, b/c he knows Emmett would take Rosalie’s side, and it would divide everyone. So her being on Bella’s side did help.

  9. I always hoped that Rosalie, in the end, proved herself a good person. But when you see her motives… Seriously, I despise her. I really don’t know how can Emmett love a person like her. She’s too selfish.

  10. I don’t think that for Rosalie it was about how much or how little she valued Bella’s life. I think she was putting herself in Bella’s shoes. She would have done the same thing (i.e. risked her life for her baby), so she thinks Bella should get the chance to make her own choice here.

  11. I think Nikki really got her character right. I’m glad they pay so much attention to their characters. It makes me hopeful for Breaking Dawn. 🙂

    • I think Rosalie’s thing is way more complicated than this. I think she was truly out to help Bella as Bella asked. Bella knew Rosalie was the only one who would understand her need to keep the baby safe. Rosalie knew she would raise/protect the baby if Bella didn’t make it. If Bella did make it, she’d be a great Auntie, which is what happened… but it would still be satisfying to have an infant in her life.

      • I know that Rosalie’s intentions weren’t bad. If they were, then she wouldn’t have been able to control her thirst when she was about to get Renesmee out. But what I’m saying is that the only thing she had ever really wished for is a child. And yeah, she was pretty much ready to sacrifice Bella’s life in order to get her wish fulfilled. Even Edward had confirmed this to Jacob in Breaking Dawn. Of course, she wouldn’t have protected the baby if Bella hadn’t asked her to because she considers Bella her sister. 🙂 Anyway, what I was trying to say about Nikki is that she got the main idea, and I’m glad that she studied her character.

  12. I think what some people fail to remember is that you’re looking at that section of the book from Jacob’s pov. Of course it’s going to be 100% negative,because his continued hatred of the vampires is still present. In his view he thinks the only reason Rosalie is helping Bella,is because she wants the child for herself. In the event Bella died,Rosalie would get what she wanted,that’s the way Jacob sees it. Stephenie Meyer explained in a post BD interview that the phone conversation between Bella and Rosalie was very simple and straightforward. So when she and Edward returned from Isle Esme,she knew her job was to help Bella. That also healed the relationship between Bella and Rose,because Bella thought Rosalie hated her and that was never the case.

  13. What I wonder over and over during this section is where are Emmett and Esme? Esme is the only one who has given birth and I have to believe she would be just as protective, but also care about Bella’s wellfare more than Rosalie seems inclined to do. I can’t imagine if Bella had not survived, Edward would have let Rosalie be mother to the baby. If anything, he would have handed Renesmee over to his “parents,” Carlisle and Esme.
    And what does Emmett think of all this? His new “sister” is in mortal danger and his wife is ruling over her and her unborn baby. Where is he?

  14. Rosalie can’t be all that bad or she would have chosen a vampire vegetarian life style over killing humans to survive. Her track record is nearly as good as Carlisles.

    Yes she’s vain and selfish but she’s a complex character and it must have been hard for her when Bella was able to fall pregnant and have a child which was the one thing she wanted more than anything. I think she’s the way she is because she feels so resentful for the things that have happened to her. Emmett is good for her.

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      She WOULDN’T have chosen a vampire vegetarian life style over killing humans to survive.