100 Monkeys Interview: Ben Graupner

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to interview Ben Graupner (second from the left, we watched as this photo was taken last year) from 100 Monkeys.  He answered some really fun questions like who would your ultimate jam session be with and he told us a little about a new instrument he was working on.  He also dished out on a new instrument that Jackson Rathbone brought back from South America and how they are incorporating it into the act.

The Monkeys recently released Live and Kicking and have been touring around the US.  To order Live and Kicking or find a tour stop near you check out 100Monkeysmusic.com They also have some pretty cool stuff in the Monkey Mart.

We will also be giving away a Live and Kicking CD.  So tell us what your favorite 100 Monkey Song is in the comments and you will be entered to win. This contest will close on 8/21 11:59PM EST.


  1. My favorite one changes daily. Currently it’s Invisible Monsters.

  2. Oh, that’s hard but I’d probably say my favorite is Orson Brawl! 🙂

  3. Agnieszka says:

    Sleeping giants! 🙂

  4. amy m twitchell says:

    Current fave is LDF

  5. Stephanie K says:

    My favorite song is Future Radio.

  6. Stephanie K says:

    My favorite is Future Radio.

  7. My favorite @100MonkeysMusic song (today anyway) is “Keep Awake.” I use it as my alarm clock and always wake up with a smile on my face.

  8. It HAS to be Keep Awake! 😀

  9. Jennifer M. says:

    I LOVE 100 Monkeys!! My faves are Clippity Clop, Sweetface, and Wasteland:)

  10. My current favorite has to be Made of Gold. It’s such a beautiful song, and the passion behind it is palpable.

  11. My favorite is Sleeping Giants! You guys rock!!!

  12. My favorite song has to be Ugly Girl, the beat just gets me hopping and the vocals are awesome.

  13. Very difficult question, a love a lot of them and it changes from time to time, but at this moment is shy water

  14. invisible monsters

  15. my fav song is Orson Brawl.. Jackson has such a great voice plus seeing @100monkeysmusic perform this number live is incredible. check them out if you can.

  16. I like all of the songs(Of course!)but I would have to say my favorite, at the moment, would be Future Radio.

  17. My fav song is the 1-17-10 Vancouver recording of Clippity Clop (I know it’s super specific but YouTube it….it is beautiful)

  18. Ugly Girl is def my fav!!! The whole thing is brilliant (as is every song of theirs)!!! And the music video is the BEST!!! I laugh so hard every time I watch it. Jello is my fav improv though…so amazing. I can’t go a day w/o listening to both songs. *goes off and puts 100Monkeys music on and dances about, singing along*

  19. my current favorite… i actually can’t decide between Black Diamond and Shywater

  20. Lisa Carter says:

    Oh, tough choice… It was originally a tie between LDF and Keep Awake.
    But I haven’t been able to get Future Radio out of my head since I first heard it.
    I think I’m gonna have to go with Future Radio right now.

  21. My favorite song is Keep Awake it’s very catchy and fun to listen to! I love that they all can switch their roles while performing.

  22. I have 2 faves….Ugly Girl and Keep Awake. Love them 100 Monkeys..awesome to see live.

  23. My fave is Wasteland! Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. My favorite is Clippity Clop. LOVED it when they played it at the acoustic set that I went to earlier this year. Really made me fall more in love with the band!

  25. My favorite 100 monkeys song would have to be “ugly Girl” It makes me want to get up and dance all the time.

  26. Keep Awake!! although it changes almost daily so i could have a different answer every day of the week..lol

  27. My favorite would have to be Black Diamond, at least for today 😉

  28. My favorite tends to be LDF. 100 Monkeys is definitely one of my very favorite bands.

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