Catch Bill Condon’s Latest Work: The Big C

Bill Condon is going to be directing Breaking Dawn in a couple of months. If you want to check out his most recent work and you have Showtime, you are in luck. Bill Condon directed the Showtime series called The Big C (code letter for cancer) starring Laura Linney, Gabourey Sidibe, and Oliver Platt among others. Initially the series was getting mixed reviews from critics who saw previews, but based on ratings it’s doing well. Warning on mature subject matter and language in the video.


  1. Please keep voting on EW poll sexiest beast. Many are voting for Ian, not to let him win, but to let Rob loose. You can vote as much as you want!!!

  2. I like Bill Condon’s directing style. I think he will do a great job with Breaking Dawn.

  3. that looks really good, may have to sign up for showtime. hope he has the same approach to BD and maybe will will finally get a film worthy of the books.

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