WWD: Ashley Greene on Where She Wants Alice’s Signature Style to Go

Ashley Greene talked to Women’s Wear Daily at an ASOS magazine party about where she’d like to see Alice Cullen’s fashion style go in the remaining twilight movies.

“THE DEMURE VAMPIRE: If Ashley Greene has her way, the wardrobe she’ll wear to portray her vampire character in the last two films in the blockbuster “Twilight” franchise will be more demure than vampish. “I want her to have an Audrey Hepburn-Jackie-O mix,” Greene said of her character, Alice Cullen. “I’m a huge fan of the Jackie O Ray-Bans. I love ballet flats for her and leggings.” Fitting that ladylike image was the LBD with a studded Peter Pan collar that Greene donned at the dinner British e-tailer Asos hosted Monday at West Hollywood’s Soho House in honor of her recent cover shoot by Victor Demarchelier for ASOS magazine.”

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  1. AliceKikiCullen says:

    It would be nice if they would make outfits easier for fans to copy! the 2nd movie outfits were horriable!!!Ecplise was better but not by too much.

  2. twilighttwin2 says:

    Can they stop dressing her like a Golden Girl. Classic is one thing, but her clothes have been dowdy. She’s supposed to be ballerina-esque. An Audrey Hepburn style would fit very well.

  3. I agree. From reading the books, it seemed like Alice was supposed to be high fashion. However, her costumes so far (more so in New Moon) have had so much fabric piled on you can’t tell what look they’re going for! Maybe Ashley should have some more input 🙂

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