Fansite Friday: Team Edward vs Team Jacob What Side is Stephenie Meyer on?

Here’s the latest via TwiFans on from the Stephenie Meyer fansite junket. asks Stephenie Meyer who would win in a physical fight, Edward or Jacob by twifans

There are also three more segments on TwiFans.



  1. BellaSeraph says

    Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for sharing this. And Happy Anniversary to Bella and Edward!!

  2. Haven’t listened yet, but hasn’t she always been Switzerland? How do you pick between your kids which you love better? Answer; you don’t. lol Going to listen now and see if she blows my theory to …. lol

  3. SagaDevotee says

    When I woke up this morning, I remembered their anniv. — obsession can be fun sometimes, no?

  4. Was this ever transcribed?

  5. I do not feel that Stephanie actually answered that question. Does anyone else get what her answer is?

  6. I’m getting sick of these short snippets, why can’t they just post the four hour audio recording and we can listen to it and be done? I feel like we’d get a lot more out of it that way…

  7. I’ve repeatedly heard SM saying tht shez Team “You don’t have to choose when it’s fiction” lol. I wish there was a transcript as well, I prefer reading than listening to this,can’t undrstand some parts!

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