Muse: Twilight, Music and More

They first mention the Twilight at around the 8:15 mark, but it’s a great get to know the band piece.

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  1. The bass player and drummer have both given several interviews where they said that they were embarrassed by being associated with Twilight, hadn’t read the books, only seen the first movie, and basically felt humiliated by Twilight and the Twilight fans. One compared his feelings to being associated with Twilight to having sold his soul.

    And I’m like, “Gee. Thanks.”

    • Hahaha. The “Sell your soul” comment goes back a long ways. Back during Showbiz and Origin of Symmetry era and like Absolution and stuff, Muse was always very VERY grounded in not getting radio or media help. They went all those years not receiving help from the radio and media and they still ended up going double platinum in Europe. Without all the pop culture help, they still ended up as the one of UK’s biggest band. They got into Twilight thinking that it was just this indie thing (Which it was…and in my mind still is) and it ended up being very linked to pop-culture. Now, they are taking it, but they never wanted to be big because of Pop Culture. They spent ten years trying to assure that that didn’t happen. Though, Matt did always say it is impossible to get big in America without a little help. So Dom and Chris, especially, (And Matt too I guess) have thanked Twilight for a break in America but (According to Chris) they still had to “sell their soul.”

      Dom doesn’t care about twilight. He loves the people involved. Trust me, all comments you hear about them hating it are fabricated by the elitest Muse fans who hate Twilight and everything it stands for (I spent three days arguing with these people…they didn’t even know Twilight vampires don’t have fangs and they were still talking shit about it even though they didn’t know anything. It was the most obnoxious experience of my life. Muse fans suck sometimes…I am a huge one. And I hate a LOT of Muse fans)

      Matt loves it. He’s looking forward to being in Breaking Dawn and he tells all the fans who will literally devote their life to bitching about Twilight to just get over it.

      So, at the end of the day, it has nothing to do with Twilight. It’s just the fact that they gained popularity through pop culture. They don’t blame anybody for it since nobody knew what it would become (but trust me…if they had a huge problem with it they WOULD NOT contiune with it. They’ve told a lot of people to go fuck themselves when they didn’t like something. They wouldn’t have gone on after Twilight if they didn’t agree with it.)

      Anyway…That was long. I’m sorry hahaha

      • I thought Dom said he liked the first movie(something about it being “raw”). I didn’t know that Matt liked it so much either. I read one article that was supposed to be an interview with Matt where he’s talking about how much he loves Twilight, but it sounded completely made up and had some other obviously incorrect information in there. I’ve just heard him say that he liked the first book, but he’s described the series as “teenage girls watching muscly men take their shirts off” or something to that effect. Chris is the one that’s a bit mad at the movie people.

        Anyway, Muse has some of the coolest fans and some of the worst. Lots of them are music snobs who complain too much. I love Muse an unhealthy amount and they’re my favorite band, but many on the fans bug me.

        • hahah agreed! Some of their fans are the coolest people and some of them are the nastiest people I’ve ever met in my life. Have you ever been on Muselive and created an account? I was on it for several months and I hated it. I just stick to because muselive is full of a bunch of people who will kill you if you say that you liked Black Holes or the Resistance (Even if your favorite album, like mine, is Origin of Symmetry)

          • Yeah, Muselive is scary. I don’t understand all of the hate for Black Holes and revelations and The Resistance. I really like them (I love almost anything Muse though). is friendlier.

            I went to a Muse concert a few months ago (Stephenie Meyer was at the show too!)and I was waiting for the bus to pull out after the show with a bunch of other fans. We were just talking and I overheard some guy say “the crowd only know the Twilight songs”. They only played Supermassive Black Hole and Neutron Star Collision wasn’t even released yet.

            P.S.Origin of Symmetry is AWESOME!!!!

    • When they played a special concert that was televised during the mtv awards last year, just across the street from the awards ceremony— to a bunch of teenyboppers, i don’t think they’re hating this thing too much. They knew exactly what they were doing. They knew they were there to play to a bunch of twilight fans while it was televised during the mtv awards.

      • Um…That wasn’t a bunch of Twilight fans. That was a contest they put out to get their biggest US fans. I don’t see many “Teenyboppers” (wtf is that btw?) in that crowd. And Why is every US Muse fan now a twilight fan? I mean, I’m a twilight fan and I’m a US Muse fan but I hate to mix the two. I know a lot of US Muse fans though who don’t care what the hell twilight is (Or hate it). I just HATE how this whole thing has gotten SO over exagerated (Mostly by Muse fans but I’ve seen Twilight fans saying how Muse was “Made by Twilight” and how all of these songs were written about twilight-for the record NO muse song (Not even Neutron Star Collision-that was yet another song about Matt’s gf) was written about or for Twilight. And I just don’t get it. Why the hell is a band being in a movie soundtrack and inspiring a huge saga such a big deal? I mean Muse was also on the Little Nicky soundtrack. Are all Muse fans Little Nicky fans now too? Really I didn’t even care about Muse until my friend saw them in front of U2 (two years after I got into Twilight)

        I’m just so sick of this whole thing and I realize that I am ranting. But I literally just got off of my millionth Muse video and Twilight was brought up AGAIN. It was Matt throwing his guitar into dom’s drum. WTH DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH TWILIGHT!? I’m so pissed Twilight went pop-culture. I mean, I’m glad for everybody involved and it is fun being apart of such a fanbase (because the twilight fanbase ROCKS. You guys are incredible. Every other fanbase I have been in is just nothing compared to you guys) but it’s stuff like this that I just hate.

        Sorry. I feel better now. It’s so pointless but it makes me mad. I should just get off of this video’s comments.

  2. I love Muse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I watched this last night and I was kind of praying for them not to bring up Twilight purly on the fact that everytime they do I have to hear Anti-Twilight Muse fans go on about it. But whatever. I was laughing at the fact that they said “Team Bella.” So six hours later, I’m lying in bed about to fall asleep, and it comes to be randomly and I audibly say

    “But they’re gay!?” And then I couldn’t go to sleep for the rest of the night because I was mad that they were once again hiding the fact (Besides Matt dating Kate Hudson) That they’re gay. It bothers me so…Belldom<3

    Matt makes me smile at the beginning of the video. 32 be damned. He's sexy. And his reinterpretation of the difference between him and Limp Bizkit is awesome :)<3

  4. Twilight based vamp / werewolf game. (Go team JACOB)!!!

  5. I love Muse 🙂

  6. “What’s the girls name?” Hehehe, love Dom. 🙂

  7. Great interview, too btw.

  8. I am a big fan of Muse so i have to say i really liked reading your story on Muse. I am lucky i was able to get my hands on tickets for the 2010 The Resistance Tour for Staples Center.

  9. that was an interesting interview. but though they may not like being connected with twilight, it has bought them a lot of publicity and more fans. if it wasn’t for twilight, i would have never discovered them, which would have been a real shame.

    i think that once the whole twilight buzz has blown over a bit they will be mainly thought of as a great British band who have amazing talent and the twilight thing will just be a less pleasant memory for them and fans.

  10. That muse the resistance art, looks a lot like this:

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