MTV: Vampires Suck Meet Edward Sullen

The Vampires Suck movie has the best potential we’ve seen since Jimmy Fallon to do a really good spoof that isn’t just vague, off-topic guess work on fangs and sparking.


  1. Oh I love him. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Matt Lanter is waaaaaaaay hotter than Robert Pattinson.
    this is going to be a wonderful movie. <3

  3. Umm…should we calm down a bit? I don’t want to freak people out ALL the time…even though I AM a freak… The poor guy is scared of us… ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. “Edward Sullen!” HAHAHAHAHA…how spot-on! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Haha, watch this!
    I just saw it on TV! Soo funny.

  6. edward SULLEN…hahahah…could this matt be any cuter???!!! can’t wait to see this spoof! and bring on more jimmy fallon in the tree, please!!!!

  7. He should have been our Edward!!! He is so damn hot!! Edward is supposed to be drop dead gorgeous people come on!!!

  8. Twilight dreamers says

    Ok..Ok he’s hot but people lets not get crazy!
    Sorry its just my opinion! But vampires suck looks funny, i love in the commercial how their gonna spoof chapter 20! Lol, he’s all cant! “purity ring” lol

  9. You guys have to be kidding.. Robert Pattinson is so better looking than that guy. (I am NOT on Team Edward)

  10. yeah, i mean he’s really attractive – i’ve liked him in other roles but i have to say that rob’s got that x factor that only a few actors seem to possess. at least in my opinion.

  11. Sorry, but this “movie” looks moronic and insulting. If you can’t come up with a more original notion than to mock a number one film and book franchise, you shouldn’t even try. Whether or not the actors and actresses in the movie are attractive is irrelevant and I’m disgusted by the mere previews I’ve seen on television. Get some real talent and grow the hell up. Do you think Stephanie Meyer is chuckling at this? Neither do I.

    • I agree with you Savannah, if you are a fan of the franchise you should be insulted. They are not only making fun of the movies but the story, the actors and yes you, the fans.
      I think it is an insult to Stephenie and it’s just another bit of fuel on the haters fire.
      I wouldn’t spend on cent on a movie like this and I will never watch anything these actors may ever be in in the future.
      You can’t compare that guy to Rob because Rob is unique, and he would never lower himself to doing a movie that insults fellow actors.
      Yes. moronic and infantile.

      • I agree with Marianne and Savannah,,you go girls!..Rob is way better looking and sweeter than that guy..My daughters want to see this movie just because it looks funny but I am telling them they will wait for it to come to DVD because I am mad that someone would make a movie to make fun of Twilight…Geez how stupid..

    • I think Stephenie is pretty down to earth…I don’t think she’ll mind. And don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE Twilight fanatic &, well I did feel a little offended at the beginning, but when I thought about it, I realized it’s just any other kind of Twilight parody. It’s definitely not something I would jump off to the theater to watch, but I might just rent the DVD… Don’t take it personally. I know it may be hard, but try to laugh it off. We have to show that we twi-hards are much tougher than that. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • oh come on! its just a bit of fun, if you don’t like it, leave it.

    • Ditto to Savannah and Marianne..
      Yes. moronic and infantile.
      As TRUE Twilight Saga fan I am offended and insulted
      I do not like parodies that poke fun at something I love,respect and feel truly passionate about..
      Twihaters will see this movie who have no clue…
      I still can’t understand that people who call themselves Twilight Fans would want to waste they time and money on this crap, honestly … it’s mocking the real fans…
      Eclipse is still in theaters go see that instead…

  12. I got to see an early release of this film. I was quite excited as the trailer showed some promise. Well the trailer is it. Literally. Anything that will even vaguely get you to smile is in one of the trailers. As a result I think I only laughed once or twice. Too bad

  13. I thought the character of Edward Cullen was about more than just looks….

  14. switzy4ever14 says

    i’m gonna see it. i’ll admit it. i don’t think spoofs are at all insulting; in fact it just makes me love twilight more. so yeah, i’ll see it. for sure.

  15. Twilight9009 says

    I think we should be flattered that they made a spoof movie about Twilight. Look at the parodies they have done in the past, superheroes, epic movies, horror films, even Star Wars. This is just the topping on the cake that shows Twilight is a successful franchise. I’ll admit that it doesn’t look very good, but I am glad it was made.

  16. I think this looks hilarious, and I’m definitely going to see it at some point. I am a fiercely loyal twilight fan, but I think it will be fun to have a laugh about our obsession. And it’ll be another way to indulge the obsession, haha…

  17. Sure I can laugh at myself, but lets face it, these guys just want a piece of the franchise, since they couldnt get in with the original, “lets spoof it up” is what they think…everyone would kill for a role in the saga because of how HUGE it is….so meh, let them have their fun..its not like its gonna make a 300 million dollar box office right?

  18. and as for him being hotter than rob, i cant believe people are STILL complaining about the actors…I mean sure Rob was not my choice for Edward…in fact the only cast member that comes spot on to the character in my head was Xavier Samuels as Riley…they are already making the final guys get over it?….

    • I agree, even for me, Rob didn’t really fit the part for Edward, but I accepted him eventually. It would be even worse if they replaced him at the last moment, just for the two installments. I’m still pissed out about the conflict with Rachelle…