MTV: Twilight Dominates 2010 Teen Choice Awards Winners

Here’s a bit of a preview video of what happened at last night’s Teen Choice awards. The show airs Tonight on the FOX Network in the USA.


  1. He’s not even hot, though.

  2. Ok I’m just happy when anyone from Twilight wins. And Taylor isn’t my type neither is Rob but hey the teen girls think he’s hot then that’s ok.

  3. Oh please…Megan Fox is so stupid…

  4. grrrrr she touched him. i am glad he won

  5. BellaNicole says:

    LOVE Megan Fox..she is such a hottie. Even though I am team Edward, Jacob is the hotter one of the two.

  6. Maybe Jacob/Taylor is hotter to teenagers, but as a 25 year old, I don’t see it. He is like a little boy. ROBERT, however…

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