Peter Facinelli Talks Twilight, Loosies and More

PeterscarfPeter Facinelli was in the Virgina area at a mall appearance for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. The caught up with Peter:

Peter Facinelli had never heard of the “Twilight” books when his agent asked him to audition for a vampire movie.

“I said no. I was thinking it was some B or C slasher, horror kind of picture,” said Facinelli, whose agent quickly sent him a copy of Stephenie Meyer’s popular first novel.

“I couldn’t put it down,” said Facinelli, who read it in one night. “It was kind of a throwback to the origins of what vampire folklore was, the sensuousness and the love story that it used to be.

“It wasn’t a schlocky horror movie.”

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  1. Thats what I adore about him, he is a real fan, just like us.

  2. Exactly. And he cares about the fans a great deal as well. Love him!

  3. vampbball says:

    It’s ridiculous how much like Carlisle he is in real life. I’m starting develop a real crush on him! What a hero. (And I loved the “it gives young men something to aspire to” line. You don’t hear anyone saying that teenage girls shouldn’t read Pride & Prejudice because Darcy is such an unrealistic romantic hero. But Twilight gets that nonsensical flak all the time!)

  4. i am team carlisle all the way! i am sooooo glad they got peter to play him. he’s doing a great job. and he also seems to be so nice and genuine in “real life” as well. i have nothing but nice things to say about him and thank him for doing such fantastic work as carlisle. the fans really appreciate it peter!

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