Bella’s Bracelet and Engagement Ring Giveaway

We are big fans of the original version of Bella’s Bracelet (tm)  that is made by Infinite Jewelry. Back when the novel Eclipse first came out  the company worked with Stephenie to create a wolf on the charm bracelet that was exactly what Stephenie had in mind.  (Even though the book has the wolf as wooden, the bracelet wolf is copper for durability. However it was created with Stephenie Meyer.)There were even limited editions of the jewelry signed by Stephenie Meyer.

They later created, along with Stephenie, Bella’s Engagement Ring ™ to fit what Stephenie had in mind in the book Eclipse.  We especially love this version because, in our opinion, it’s far daintier than the movie version. It doesn’t overpower your finger to the knuckle. There were also  limited editions of the ring signed by Stephenie Meyer.The ring was most recently featured on the Oprah Winfrey show. After the taping of the Oprah show that featured Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Robert Pattinson, the audience was given a certificate that could be redeemed for a fashion version of Bella’s Engagement Ring ™ from Infinite Jewelry.

So for today’s Wednesday giveaway, we are giving away a fashion version of Bella’s Engagement Ring ™ and a Bella’s Bracelet ™.  The winner gets to pick the yellow gold look or white gold look of the fashion version of the ring and receives the bracelet as well.  Whatever size the winner wants within the standard sizing ranges will be sent, and, as usual, we send our giveaways any place in the world. The last time we gave away jewelry we sent it to Greece!

Check out the ring and the bracelet in the video below. Also check out the other products over at Infinite Jewelry. Several items are currently on sale.

Just tell us in the comments what is your favorite Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Switzerland moment from the books and we’ll pick a random winner on Friday, August 6th at 11:59pm est.


  1. Awesome! I want them!!!

  2. Awwww! What have I to do to win them????

  3. Corie O'Brien says:

    would love the set!

  4. it’s gorgeous!

  5. Pick me!!!!

  6. Pick Me!!

  7. I would be honored to be the recipient of jewelry that was so important to Bella in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I have always tried to replicate them on my own, but found it imposible. I would love it more than I can put in to words if I were to be selected to recieve these items. Thank you so much just for setting up this contest! PS. I don’t know if you wanted the info here, but if so: White gold and size six.

  8. I would love to have those!

    • My favorite Team Switzerland moment, is when Bella is helping Angela address her invitations and she tries to convince Bella that Edward is jealous of Jacob. “Edward’s only human, Bella. He’s going to react like any other boy.” I thought that was very funny.

  9. They would look gorgeous in my jewelery box! I’m in!

  10. Pick Me, Pick Me!!!!!

  11. Oh!! Pick me please!!!!!

  12. omg i love them!!!

  13. I have been wanting to buy Bella’s engagement ring for months now but just can’t afford it. I would love to have this ring and the bracelet! I love them both!!!!!!

  14. AWESOME! how do i enter?!

  15. Pick me please!

  16. ooo lovely!! pick me :0)

  17. this prizes are beautiful!
    I want them!!
    how do I enter?

  18. Bridgette W. says:

    Please pick me, I would love them!

  19. What a great contest!

    My favorite “Team Edward” moment comes in “Eclipse,” of course, during Chapter 20 “Compromise.” While I love the whole chapter — the moment when Edward begins to crumble (as Bella basically agrees to everything he wants and asks him “please”) is simply magical.

  20. Great giveaway!

  21. The proposal is my favorite!

  22. My favorite Team Edward moment from the books is right after the tent scene when Edward asks Bella if she’s warm enough … because her space heater has just hit it’s limit!!!!

  23. oh wauw, i love all twilight merchandise, and especially this bracelet. Unfortunately our country doesnt have much twilight merch, mostly the cheaper stuff. And we dont own a creditcard so I cant order them from a diff country. I’d love to wear this jewelry and have something to remind me of the books(and the friends I met because of them) with me always.

  24. I love them! how do you enter the contest?

  25. Ooh, I would love these! Thanks for the opportunity to win them!
    My favourite Team Edward moment is the wedding. Take that, Jacob! 😛

  26. pick me!

  27. My fave moment from the saga pleases both teams Jacob and Edward – the infamous tent scene! So much tension, yummy! Fingers crossed for the jewelry…

  28. Shannon Adamson says:

    Of course I am Team Edward 110%, except when Jacob has his shirt off…. Best part of the books would have to be the tent scene. That’s all I got to say… So, pleas pick me!

    When he is laying in bed with her and says, “You’ll always be my Bella”.

  30. My favorite moment is when they get to Esme’s isle for their honeymoon and she goes out to meet him in the water by the light of the moon!! So awesome : )

  31. I’m Team Switzerland, so my favorite moment would have to be the tent scene in Eclipse.

  32. My favorite Team Edward moment is when Edward grabs and kisses Bella so passionately when he was dropping her off at the reservation line right in front of Jacob making the statement that “she’s mine and you can’t have her” it made me laugh so hard!

  33. Team Edward moment….

    When he proposes to her. That is my favorite moment from the books.

  34. Wow! Generous giveaway. Please pick me! Thank you.

  35. I love the whole “I am Switzerland” Bella speech at the end of chapter titled “Switzerland”. That’s when I officially became Team Switzerland. Bella becomes sick of the whole revelry and finally puts her foot down and sets some rules.

  36. My favorite moment was in the tent in eclipse:) I was totally team edward up until this book/movie!!! Now I can officially say I am Team Switzerland!!!!

  37. Favorite Team Jacob moment – when Bella puts Renesmee on Jacob’s back to run away before the “fight” at the end of Breaking Dawn 🙂

  38. I’m Team Edward so my favorite moment was when Edward properly proposed to Bella and she said yes.

  39. My favorite team Edward moment is in chapter 15 Wager (Eclipse) when calm Edward threatens to “break your jaw for her” in response to Jacob kissing Bella. That scene is hands down my favorite from any of the books!!

  40. LaraCullen says:

    Team Edward OF COURSE, he is handsome, intelligent and immortal, IS PERFECT!!. My favorite part of the books is at the end of everything. When Bella opens his mind for Edward, I imagine Edward’s face in this so special moment.

  41. c. cullen says:

    yaaaaaaaaaaaay … my favourite team edward moment is at the end of where edward explains his reasons for leaving her bt my all time favourite momscene is where Edward asks Bella if she could love him after everything he has done to her which is on page 511 the scene beginning on page 500 . plz plz plz plz plz plz plz pick me …. it would be such an honour 2 win this competition . I LOVE THE TWILIGHT SAGA AND IM TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY !!!!!!!

  42. I am Team Edward all the way! Its hard to pick a favorite, i love all of them. But If I had to pick i love when Edward & Bella are In Edwards room on the bed and Bella tries to seduce Edward!!!! Other then that I think every part in Breaking Dawn is my favorite, the marriage, the honeymoon, the pregnancy etc!

  43. I have 4 favorite parts that are all Team Edward. In Twilight when he saves her from the car accidet, in New Moon when Bella rescues him from revealing himself, in Eclipse when Bella accepts Edwards marriage proposal & in Breaking Dawn Isle Esme. I couldn’t pick just one! 😉

  44. Joni Guerette says:

    I am Team Edward, I love when they bring Nessie home to their cottage and they can be a ‘normal’ family. This ring is wonderful!!!

  45. Favorite Team Edward moment is him helping Bella after the blood typing scene.

  46. Twilitencowboys says:

    I’m Team Switzerland.My favorite scene from the books would probably have to be the tent scene. To me it shows Edward’s true love for her. Despite how much it hurts him to see Jacob being the one to be her ‘space heater’, he wants Bella to be taken care of no matter what. I also think it shows Jacob’s love for her in a different way because he knew she loved Edward more but still went to help her. It was beautifully written and is one of the turning points in my opinion.

  47. Team Edward! One of my fav moments that’s just light-hearted and funny is when they are lying in bed together (Edward has his shirt off by the way!) and Emmett and Jasper come to take him to his “bachelor party”. That whole exchange is hilarious!

  48. Team Edward all the way. My favorite scene is in Breaking Dawn. It is the goodbye scene between Bella, Jacob, Edward and Renesme. When Bella is putting Renesme on Jacob’s back and they are sharing the final goodbye.

    I just got my Bella silver and turquoise bracelet that she wears in all the movies from and I love it. It is beautiful!

  49. My favorite Team Edward moment is right after Bella punches Jacob. Edward turns to Jacob and says “But if you ever bring her back damaged again–and I don’t care whose fault it is; I don’t care if she merely trips, or if a meteor falls out of the sky and hits her in the head–if you return her to me in less than perfect condition that I left her in, you will be running on three legs. Do you understand that, mongrel?”
    I love it when a man stands up for his lady!

  50. Team Edward or bust!!!! Internal struggle of good and bad but the way most gals want to be treated.

    • melanie eckert says:

      Team Edward!!!
      My favorite moment is the tent scene, how he (Edward)suffers through pain & hurt & Jacob’s thought to keep his love, his reason for existince, safe & warm.

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