USA Today: Why Louisiana Is the New Hot Filming Spot

Lots of fans were baffled when Louisiana was announced as a filming location for Breaking Dawn. We even openly scoffed at the idea on Twitter. USA Today gives a bit of an explanation:

“The boom is most visible around New Orleans. In 2009, 22 movies and TV shows filmed there. Records have already been broken in 2010; by July, 24 projects had shot there.

“We’re way ahead of the curve in the New Orleans region,” says Katie Gunnell, interim director of the city’s Office of Film and Television. “The city has seen an incredible bump in applications for 2011 as well.”

Across the state, work is consistent and year-round, despite hurricane season and blazing summer temperatures. “We’ve maintained 20 to 25 productions at any given time during the year,” Stelly says. “We’ve doubled for New York City, Los Angeles, the Northwest, basically Anytown, USA.”

Those who have shot there point to several factors contributing to the region’s appeal: diversity of scenery, financial incentives and proficient crews.

“You can get an 1800s look, you can get a Parisian look,” says Todd Lewis, producer of The Chaperone. “You can get suburbs, you can get the country. It’s got a little bit of everything.”

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  1. Andrea Smith says:

    Makes sense to me. Already heard a rumor about it. I have been to Louisana and it is true. It has whatever u need there. I think it is a good place too shoot. Not to mention that they are so use to visitors, they are very accomodating and welcoming. I think it is a good choice. Not to mention, it will be warmer down there than in Vancouver. LOL

  2. Kate Canfield says:

    And mountains? I come from Colorado and have seen what other call mountains. Don’t try to fool those of us that know what the meaning of timberline means. Your little southern hills are not going to fool any of us. Without a line you have no mountain. I will give it a try but you cannot fake one region for the other. Be honest in that please. There will be things missing from the background that you could only get from shooting in some locations.

    • Who said they were going to shoot mountainous scenes in Louisiana? Who said that we have that? No one. Suburbs and country and big cities. We could easily shoot all interior scenes, Isle Esme, closer forest shots, things like that here in Louisiana. For the panoramic mountain shots of course they would have to go to areas that have actual mountains, but for everything else it’s better to shoot here.

      For one thing you don’t have to worry about the cold and rain like you do in the Northwest. For another, there are plenty of things for the actors to do in their off time. Not to mention all the money they could save with all the incentives we give.

    • Plus, movies fake one region for another all the time. Do you really think that every movie that takes place in Colorado is filmed entirely in Colorado? Or NYC? Or London? No, and no one notices or cares. Even the Twilight movies are mostly filmed in Canada, not Forks. It’s called movie magic. One thing can be dressed or digitally altered to look like another place. It’s not that big of a deal.

  3. Well, my question is, when do they start filming, from Nikki Reeds web site it sounded like she was in Shreveport already…is that where they are filming, or Baton Rouge? Lexicon fans please straighten me out, this one is confusing, have they already started?

  4. Savannah says:

    Why would you scoff at Louisiana as a filming location? It’s a beautiful state with plenty of variety of scenery to work with. People down here are really friendly and hospitable and the film’s stars are less likely to be hounded by photographers than in more clichéd locations. True Blood films here, along with countless other productions, as the article states. It’s no secret that Louisiana isn’t a mountainous region, hence the additional filming location. It’s not as if we’re some hick state with nothing to offer, and I suggest knowing your facts before you snub it.
    By the way, Nikki Reed was filming a different movie in Shreveport, I believe it’s called “Catch .44” or something like that; I think Breaking Dawn starts filming in the fall.

    • Actually, True Blood does some filming in Louisiana, not all. Most of it is shot in Southern California. And honestly, True Blood is probably the reason that people made faces about Breaking Dawn being filmed in LA. It’s a pretty poor example of what LA is really like, and it’s not really very accurate.

      But about everything else I agree with you. For awhile now my facebook status has been, “People who don’t think they can film Breaking Dawn in Louisiana don’t know anything about Louisiana.”

      • I have driven all thru Louisiana and I think its a beautiful state. I thoroughly enjoyed New Orleans and am thrilled they are filming somewhere in the south (represented finally) lol

  5. Don’t get me wrong i have nothing against Louisiana, but i was wondering about the situation there because of the oil spill in the gulf. I don’t live in the States and i’ve heard that thousand of people are sick there and there is belief that the cause is the chemicals, such as those being used to break down oil in the region, like the dispersant, Corexit. Shouldn’t that situation be taken into account when a choice is made for shooting locations for movies or tv series so as to protected the health of everyone involded ? Also shouldn’t they take into account that they don’t know what the situation will be in the area that have been exposed to chemicals if they are planning for shooting that will occur later ? Anyway I leaving some links so that you can see for yourself:

    • First of all, the Examiner is not a reliable source for news. Anyone can post blogs on that site, so the information isn’t really reliable.

      Second, I live in the area where Breaking Dawn is being filmed (the Baton Rouge area), and my father is working on one of the coastal clean-up crews. There have been no local affects from the oil spill here because Baton Rouge is too far inland, and I haven’t heard anything from my dad about serious impacts on anything excepts the fishing industry. So the only way the oil would impact filming would be if the actors decided to go swimming in the oil.

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