Breaking Dawn Part 2 Date Revealed

Summit LogoThis just in from Summit Entertainment:

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 – 11/16/12
Director: Bill Condon
Cast: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner
The astonishing conclusion to the series, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN, PART 2, illuminates the secrets and mysteries of this spellbinding romantic epic that has entranced millions.

So what does this all mean to your Twilight lives?

The movies will film a la Lord of the Rings style concurrently from late October/early November 2010 until April/May 2011 in both Louisiana and Vancouver.

The footage of each film (and educated guess on our part) will appear at Comic Con 2011 and 2012

The movies will powerhouse the MTV Movie Awards, and the Kids Choice Awards.

Technological advances are occurring in CGI and other special effects. especially the second part of Breaking Dawn can benefit from these advances. Spreading out gives more opportunity for these advances many of which are post production advances.  Does this mean 3-D, or better Benjamin Button type tech?  Unknown.

By doing Thanksgiving releases the movies avoid the 2012 summer crunch with the following movies that are bound to suck up movie dollars and be blockbusters: Batman 3, The Avengers, Battleship, Star Trek 2, G.I. Joe 2, Spider-Man and Superman. Eclipse has benefited tremendously from a summer of movies that were supposed to be huge like Robin Hood and Airbender and in the end didn’t live up to hype or expectation.  Repeat box office dollars went to Eclipse rather than other films.  Eclipse has thrown the gauntlet and claimed the Thanksgiving spots(spots that worked well for the first two movies). MTV discovered the same roughly a month ago when they had a discussion with a Summit executive.

Part 1 to debut: 11/18/11

Part 2 to debut: 11/16/12


  1. alliesohn says:

    I call b/s for summit making us wait a year for the 2nd part.

    • because it so awesome they r making in to parts!!

    • I agree, total b/s. They aren’t waiting that long between part 1 & 2 of Harry Potter. They just want to string out the money. Wouldn’t it suck for everyone to lose interest and it to tank. Oh, who am I kidding. We’re all such saps we’ll dance on their string no matter what.

    • I think they are waiting so long before part 2 so that they can get all the CGI perfect. It would suck if they released it early and Nessie looked fake.

    • I was actually worried that Summit would release in Summer of 2012, so this news is a relief. There are an overwhelming number of sequels that summer already, but there will also be the Olympics. I would say it is DEFINITELY a money move on Summit’s part and I can’t blame them; I prefer Breaking Dawn come out at a quieter time when I can enjoy it more.

  2. AliceKikiCullen says:

    WHAT? 2012!? Oh well more time they have the better it’ll be 🙂 But it the world ends I’m going to be very mad

    • it’s actually not supposed to “end” in 2012 until December something…so if it were to, we’d be good 🙂

    • That’s what I was going to say! If the Mayans are right and the world ends, NOBODY is getting through the pearly gates until they give us a Part 2 movie! Hmph!

  3. wowww a whole year? I wasn’t expecting that….I was thinking the next June or so…I guess they want to stretch out the last movies. Oh well, our excitement for the last one will just be that much more built up 🙂

  4. OMG I can’t believe they are making us wait that long before we can see it. I am dying with excitement. I can’t wait to see it 😀

  5. I’m pissed! Scummit is gonna make us wait 2 whole years for Breaking Dawn part 2?!! How is this exciting news?! **steam coming out from ears**

  6. Jordanblack says:

    That’s really not cool. I can’t wait two years for the final twilight movie!! It better be worth it

  7. Okay, over rant. I’m mad and excited at the same time, but I’m more angry than excited. I guess Scummit wants to drag the whole “Twilight” thing for as long as possible to milk out as much $$ as possible.

  8. I agree with others that if it’s taking that long, it had better be worth the wait!! Does production, editing, etc really take that long or are they trying to drag it out as long as possible? Us fans can’t wait that long!

  9. jackalyn says:

    UGGGG 2012!!!

    Why didn’t we get it like the NM/eclipse, november, then summer?

    That’s bananas!!

  10. It took Harry Potter 1 year to make Deathly Hallows and they are showing Part 1 and 2 six months apart. One in November and one in July! That’s not fair!!! Stupid Scummit, why do you have to make us wait that long?! Can you at least put Breaking Dawn Part 2 in August or something. I wouldn’t be surprised if some fans soon start to do petitions demanding they show us Part 2 at least 6 months after Breaking Dawn Part1.

    • Well this isn’t Harry Potter.

      • I know it isn’t Harry Potter, I’m not comparing it to the film, I’m only comparing on how the release dates are being put out. But why can’t they release the films like Harry Potter does?! I wouldn’t have minded if they release Part 2 in August to avoid the Big Summer movie crunch!

    • I’m actually excited about this. I understand that the hype will die a little but come on there is plenty of Twilight fans that will stay till the end.
      Those saying people won’t care is just a lie.
      We have the Host and other books being turned into movies people we can wait. And maybe these movies will turn out better.
      I just want Twilight to last longer because the first three movies came out way too fast and I know Eclipse did really well but I think people were burned out with Twilight and we need a break.

    • we’re lucky we’ve gotten them as close together so far. Anyone remember the lotr trilogy? they filmed that all in one go and a few years before they even released the first one and they were all a year apart.

  11. I’ll be on my honeymoon when part 2 comes out! thats crazy

  12. Well, New Moon and Eclipse were only 6 months apart. They were filmed back to back like Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 will be. So explain why the year long break?? Frustrating!

    • Twilight_News says:

      Different directors and a four month gap. Chris Weitz was in the editing studio and David Slade was filming.

      • Well if they finish filming in May 2011 and the 1st part of BD comes out in Nov 2011, that is 6 months of editing for the movie. Why do they need more than another 6 for the second movie? Instead they get a year!

        • Twilight_News says:

          Second half is special effects heavy compared to first half. You need more time to create and money earned off the first to create it.

          • I totally agree. The first part is going to have some wolves and a pregnant Bella. But part 2 has to have Renesme and all those vampires with special powers. That’s a world of differences between the two.

  13. Hopefully it will come out before the 2012 end of the world! Missing BD2 would suck!

    • Twilight dreamers says:

      Ok, First and yay the world is supposed to “end” on december 21st 2010. The fans will hang on for part 2 but others might not being “over it” so i think SCUMM-it will make less $$$. 🙁 I dont wanna wait!! I hopefully will be able to drive 5hours to visit louisianna. So alot of time and waiting. I am both a bit excited and very angry. Hopefully something exciting will happen in the wait for us Twi-hards!

      • I though the world was ending in 2012! As long as it ends in December 2012, OK – I’ll have seen BD dozens of times by then! LOL

  14. It’s a long time to wait 🙁 but the final movie comes out on my 23rd birthday…yaaaay!

  15. Noah Brighten says:

    There can be several reasons that they are keeping an entire year between releases. The first is, and always, is, money. Summit, just like any other Hollywood production studio, isn’t a charity business. They need to make money. It makes perfect sinse to me. If you look at all of Summit’s other projects, they aren’t nearly making the money that the Twilight franchise is. Having one more year of Twilight is another year Summit will turn a profit, no matter how good/bad the movies are. It’s smart business. Secondly, this gives Summit and co a bit more leg room in which they can take their time, marketing, editing, tweaking, the final film. They’ve been busting their guts trying to get these movies made, and they (even though they are a smaller production company) have been producing these larger than their normal production, movies every year. They are pushing it as it is. Again, it makes sinse that they are not trying to cram it all in one setting. It would be overkill. Another important reason, is actor commitment. They’re getting the film making aspect out of the way, but marketing is also coming into the picture. Have a year between pictures, gives the actors a bit of breathing room to work on their other commitments. Remember folks making movies, just like writing novels, is a business. Summit nor anybody wants to set out to piss off fans. They are human beings trying to make a living, all the while hopefully delivering something meaningful for you to view.

    • AliceKikiCullen says:

      100% agree well said

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself, Noah. Also, this is it, and so I don’t mind the stretching out. The definition of maturity is being able to accept “delayed gratification”. So I’m going to try to be “mature” about this. I say that like it’s possible. LOL

  16. That better be one hell of a CGI Renesmee…. a year of post production is ridiculous…

    • Twilight dreamers says:

      Ok fine im still a bit upset but the nice reasoning for taking time to make us a better renesmee makes me happier

  17. It means that they’ll have more time to create Renesmee. They need the time. I don’t even think they have any idea what they are going to do with Renesmee yet. That’s why they were stalling on releasing a release date for part 2.

    I would rather them spend time figuring thinks out than rushing everything. The reason why they were able to rush Eclipse was because they already had a design for the wolves from New Moon. They didn’t have to create them from scratch. Whereas Renesmee is something never been seen before and has to be created from scratch.

    People, if you want an awesome movie, you have to wait for it to be perfect. And there are some touchy aspects of Breaking Dawn that could translate terribly to screen if they don’t do it right.

  18. GOD why can’t they show both parts of the movie at the same time instead of a 1 year gap between them :@

  19. Waiting another year will be tough as we want to see our beloved series on the screen. However, I rather wait and get a quality movie that meets my expectations. Part one in November 2011, then to turn around part 2 in June 2012 would scare me as the second half will be CG heavy… Renesmee, Bella a vampire so more effects there, the big showdown, etc. I think if fans take a breath. They would see that quality is what we want.

  20. great…that means it will take two more years until the ROb-Kristen are they arent they hype is settled.

    two more years until they will be present in the media for their ACHIEVEMENT actually, rather than their love life.


    they better make this freaking good….and edward be like our ol’ twilight Eddie….grrr

  21. The reason is why they are waiting a year is because they don’t want part 2 to be a summer release. Summit determined that it would profit more that time of year. They don’t want to have to go aganist big blockbusters. Can say that I blame them. Yah, it is going to be hard to wait, but it will be ok! 🙂

  22. Since we have to wait a year in between movies, I think it would be a PERFECT time for SM to bless us with Midnight Sun. Hey, us Twi-Hard fans need our *brand of heroin* to sustain our need.

  23. Wow, Can’t believe they are waiting us wait a full year between films. I guess the plus will be the CGI for the special effects and Reneesme.

  24. in a way i am very angry that we have to wait another year for part 2 to come out but i very much understand. because eclipse got alot of money during the summer but after 1 week it went down very quickly. so though i am very mad i still understand the business decision but damn we fans have to wait so very long.

  25. Smart move Summit. Although it will be hard to wait, I think it will be worth it… and until then we can live vicariously here in twilight la-la land.

  26. First, AlicekikiCullen, you crack me up and I’ll be quite mad too!! Honestly I was giggling like a 12 year old when Eclipse came out 7 months after New Moon. I felt like that was a gift as Twilight and New Moon were a year apart. While I’m not happy about the 1 year seperation either, BD is a lllooonnnggg book with alot to cover. I am going to go nuts waiting for both movies so I’ll probably watch twilight and new moon 50 more times and then hopefully Eclipse will be out on dvd to hold me over. I cannot wait to see Edward’s face as she walks down the aisle, Bella’s dress and everything else that’s too much to list. Ugh, I’m already nervous with anticipation!!!! Is it too early to look for BD trailers???!!!

  27. EXCELLENT POINT!!!!! Maybe Stephenie will be so caught up in the vampire world that she will finish midnight sun much to the complete happiness of us all. Maybe that’ll be a movie too??? Ok, that’s not gonna happen.

    • Hello kitty says:

      I think the host is going to be made Into a movie. Look on stephenie meyers website and go to the tab for that host.

  28. Oh man!! It’s going to be so hard to wait a year!! But hopefully that means the special effects (especially whatever they are going to do for Renesmee) will be really good & all figured out. Plus that means I’ll have something to look forward to Twilight realted until the end of 2012. It has it’s good & bad parts!! But if that means it’ll be a good movie w/good special effects it’ll be worth waiting.

  29. Jazz Girl says:

    This goes beyond the money-grubbing pale for Summit. I’m sorry, but if they were truly smart, they would actually move the release of Pt 2 UP not back. Pt 2 should be a May 2013 release at the very latest. Don’t mistake my meaning, but BD Pt 2 will be the weakest and hardest to adapt to film. I’m a fan of The Saga and respect completely SM’s right to end things as she decided. But, there are just so many variables in BD, particularly the second half, to make it a good stand alone film. This is going to backfire on Summit, big time. And, what I really don’t want to see is for it to backfire on the actors.

  30. I hope this doesn’t come back to bite Summit (no pun intended).

    1- The hype will have died down again by next November, and the same will happen in the time it takes for the second half to come out.

    2- Fans were pretty divided on whether or not they liked Breaking Dawn. I think all fans of the series will still go to see BD even if they didn’t like the book, but they might not see it multiple times like many people have done with the previous films. Also, if the first movie bombs for them, they’re less likely to dish out the money to see the second half. (And that applies for both fans of the series & regular movie-goers.)

    • Have to disagree. There’s a discussion on TwiFans about whether we would pay more to see both of these last 2 movies be 2.5 – 3 hours long, and overwhelmingly the answers are “Hale Yes”. The Twilight Saga audience is unique. How many other movies have millions and millions and millions of fans who would happily pay more and who will go 4, 5, 6 times to see them? I would like Summit to stop trying to make these movies for the “general audience”. I know a number of people who went to see Eclipse cuz it was hyped that “the guys” would like it. Well, the ones I talked to didn’t. They didn’t understand why who did what to who and by the time I explained it, they weren’t didn’t care anymore. Not only will the TwiFans go to see BD1 & 2 multiple times, when BD2 is released they’ll show them together at special showings and there’s the DVD release parties where we all go and buy all kinds of swag. So that’s what Summit needs to think about. IMHO

      • You hit it spot on Kitty!! Maybe I need to join in the discussions @ twifans as well :)If the movies were geared toward the fans, they would be that much better! So many of the very specific things we love about the stories are glossed over b/c the general audience won’t understand them. My experience as well has been the general audience doesn’t care. It’s us twi-hards that care, and we’re the ones going to see these movies multiple times.

  31. Bad move on summit’s part IMO, Twilight will have definitely lost it’s steam. I mean I hate the movies now, they’ve ruined everything for me. I bet they’re doing it though so they’re waiting for it to burn off a bit of steam wit all the twi hate and make people like the books again. To be honest, if they had done it properly, given themselves good directors, a good screenwriter,, a proper budget then these movies would have be tons better and summit could milk them forever and ever like HP/LOTR ( hate to make comparisons but it’s true) I hope the redeem themselves with breaking dawn, I personally was so so dissapointed with the book and I know many others agree so they’re going to need this time to really change the franchise around/. Summit’s mistake too put all the films so closer together, create as much hype which backfired and turned out to annoy many has finally come back to bite them in the butt. This won’t work. rip Twilight Saga. I love you dearly, but those films messed you up.

  32. Grrr….I don’t see the point of waiting for a year,really.If they would have made BD 2 a summer 2012 release, it would have worked as well. I can’t beleive i have to wait two whole years until I get to see Renesmee and Bella as a vampire! Frustating. I hope Summit will use the year to make the mo0vie into the best ever and please,please show me the loving Edward from the books.It would be worth the wait then.

  33. Actually, it is going to take about 6 months to make each film, so when you think about that, there’s not that much time between the 2 movies. And I want the movie done right, so if it takes longer, that is okay with me. Actually, I was a little disappointed in Eclipse, and did not feel it was as true to the books as the New Moon and Twilight movies were. Bella would have never gotten on that motorcycle and left Edward standing there (Stephenie Meyer had them change it a little so that Bella would not look like a total jerk for leaving him standing there), the proposal scene did not show the conflict Bella felt at getting engaged so early (though I loved that it was romantic), and Bella’s ending speech was so off the mark and was not true to the real reason Bella wanted to become a vampire (to be with Edward..they even discussed it), and the leaving-Jacob scene was so wrong. But Bella’s ending speech ruined the movie for me. I love the movies and books, and was so disappointed that the writers, who are supposed to be so true to the books, changed the scenes in Eclipse so much. So if it takes longer to get the movies right, then I am all for it.

  34. wait, they cant actually cast real vampires so wont the Cullen clan look two more years older. And the wolfs dont age so they will look older too…(seth might not be that cute in bd 🙁

  35. Twilight Nymph says:

    Great job Summit. Not even WB is making us wait a whole year for HP 7 part 2. What do you think that because you’re making us wait a whole year more people will see it? No, I mean Eclipse was better than the last two, got better reviews and didn’t make as much or more than New Moon. You’d better take that one year to perfect Renesmee and the vampires and the special effects, because otherwise, I think you’re going to have a load of angry anxious fans.

  36. Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  37. switzy4ever14 says:

    You know what, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say I’m thrilled. Personally, I loved the November releases of the first two movies. I didn’t like Eclipse’s release, I was out of town when it came out and the following weeks, so I haven’t had a chance to see it more than once. Plus, then we go to Comic Con. I hope I’m not the only person that missed that this year. I like the interviews and the footage and everything. Also, a later release date means this madness goes on that much longer. Does anyone really want it to end?

  38. switzy4ever14 says:

    You know what, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say I’m thrilled. Personally, I loved the November releases of the first two movies. I didn’t like Eclipse’s release, I was out of town when it came out and the following weeks, so I haven’t had a chance to see it more than once. Plus, then we go to Comic Con. I hope I’m not the only person that missed that this year. I like the interviews and the footage and everything. Also, a later release date means this madness goes on that much longer. Does anyone really want it to end?

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