Booboo Stewart Prank Master

On Friday during the Official Twilight Convention in Toronto, I caught the last 30 seconds of a trick that Booboo Stewart and his dad, Nils, pulled on Julia Jones. I was going over the media for the Lexicon presentation or I would have captured it via IPhone video.

Anyway, what happened was that Booboo and his dad snuck a cardboard cutout of a shirtless Booboo on stage behind Julia as she was giving her Q&A. The audience started laughing. Julia didn’t know what was going on and then she looked behind her and let out a minor shriek.  Then Julia started talking to the cut-out asking it questions and giving purposefully bad ventriloquist answers.

Well Booboo and his dad’s reaction during the whole thing backstage was hilarious. They were like two 12-year-old boys who had put a whoopie cushion on their teacher’s chair.  They were giddy, seriously. You had to see it. So I said, “I can’t believe I missed that! I would have taped the whole thing from a backstage perspective.”  Well, that’s when they let me know that they had more planned. Check out the video below on prank number 2 by the Stewart family and accomplices.