UGO: Sexy Vampire Chicks

ashleyjacksoneclipseUGO has a list of their 50 favorite vampire chicks and every Twilight actress has made the list.

Here’s their write-up of Ashley Greene:

Alice Cullen

Actress: Ashley Greene

Undead In: The Twilight Saga

As long as you’re going to become an edgy vampire with the uncanny ability to sparkle in the sunlight, you might as well do it with style.  Ashley Greene’s spunky coiffed Alice Cullen provides the useful (yet inexplicable) gift of foresight throughout the Twilight Saga, but unfortunately couldn’t tell that Bella was cliff-diving instead of jumping to her death.

Like anyone would be so torn up over Robert Pattinson.  But he is dreamy.”

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  1. “..but unfortunately couldn’t tell that Bella was cliff-diving instead of jumping to her death.” The book explains that Alice’s visions get clouded when the subject of her vision is in proximity to werewolves. Bella was rescued by Jacob. Get with the program, man!

    • Catch, I agree your take on the “inexplicable” part; the plot explains it pretty clearly; even the movie covers it (briefly).

      The Cullen’s “inexplicable” gifts are also clear in terms of metaphor, which provides a supportive framework for the plot, and serves to enlighten us, as readers.

      The Cullen family are divinely ideal in many ways. Like God:
      – They read minds (Edward).
      – They see the future (Alice).
      – They are loving, compassionate and charitable (Esme, Carlisle).
      – They are powerful (Emmett).
      – They (can) destroy (Jasper).
      – They sustain (Rosalie).
      – They create (Carlisle, and Edward).
      – They save & protect (Bella as vampire).

      Further, beyond their “virtual omniscience” (and strength/omnipotence), they are glorious — hence their beauty and “sparkling,” which suggests an angelic, radiant glory.

      Edward serves as Bella’s guardian angel, watching over her while she sleeps and protecting her from harm. And, of course, they are immortal — yet they are also concerned about the welfare of humanity, although they do not allow humans to become aware of their presence and assistance. They live “above” others, beyond the “natural” order of things, a truer path, with their respect for life, etc.

      Despite their various personalities and sorrows — which Bella helps each of them resolve, qualifying herself to join them — the Cullens metaphorically represent a angelic, celestial, god-like family.

      As for their opposites, the poseur “royalty” Volturi, they are like devils, purveyors of whatever is natural (say, murder) as the only choice for action. As Garrett pointed out, the “freedom” they purvey is actually slavery:
      – To one’s passions;
      – to the hellish society they have imposed upon the immortal world;
      – to the devilish Volturi themselves.

      All the Volturi offer is the power to destroy, not to create.

      And the vampires in the middle? Metaphorically, they are you and me. We can choose to become like either group, just as Bella faced that choice herself. Through her love, preparation, and diligence to the end, she becomes like the Cullens, divinized, surpassing all others because she overcame the world(s).

      As it turns out, there is more to Twilight than first meets the eye.

      Just as there is more to Bella than first meets the eye, as Edward keeps pointing out — that she isn’t seeing herself clearly — up until the very end of Breaking Dawn.

      And, most importantly, I think Twilight suggests that there is more to each of us — as readers, as people — than may first meet our eyes as well.

      I think that’s why we all love Twilight so much: it reveals our (better than “just average?”) (angelic?) (divine?) potential.

      Thank you, Stephenie! It’s a great story and fun to read and all that, but more than merely being a compelling story (there are lots of those), Twilight helps us see our own selves — our potential — more clearly. And I am very grateful for that. Thanks again!


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