The Novel Twilight Reaches a UK Sales Record

According to the Book Seller Blog:

“Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight, the first instalment in the US novelist’s hugely popular dark romance series of the same name, has become only the 13th novel to sell more than two million copies in the UK since the turn century.

Stephenie Meyer follows in the footsteps of J K Rowling, Dan Brown and Mark Haddon – the only other authors to have achieved the two-million-in-the-21st-century feat.

Last week, the book sold 16,672 copies in the UK, taking its total sales to date to 2,005,609. Just over £9.7m has been spent on the book since it was first published in the UK in 2006 – a year in which it sold just 1,684 copies, according to Nielsen BookScan data.”

For those of you who didn’t discover Twilight until more recently, Twilight struggled to find an audience in the UK if for no other reason the UK distributor saddled it with a now replaced terrible cover and then came up with an arguably even more dreadful cover for New Moon (seen above). At the time, it was our perception that they  seemed hell bent on marketing it as dark vampire lit. As the article states, the book took off once it gained fame in the US, was repackaged in the US format after Eclipse, and not marketed as a dark, gothic, tale.

Incidentally, if you have the book with one of those covers and it’s in good shape, it stand potential as a collectors item particularly if you can get a Stephenie Meyer signature in it.

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  1. Those are horrible covers. I wouldn’t buy it. But the reason it’s sold so much is because of the word of mouth.

  2. Congrats to Stephenie on the sales milestone.

    I guess the UK book jacket designer:

    1. Didn’t read the book.

    2. Really, really wanted Christina Ricci to star as Bella.

    • HAHAHAHAH ROFL I have to say your comment was absolutely hysterically true about Christina Ricci…LOL

      I agree these are absolutely hideous covers and the artist obviously did not read the books at all – oblivious. Just because there are vampires and werewolves does not mean it should look like “A Nightmare Before Christmas”!

      • I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I’ve wirtten 1000s of articles and write others’ articles. Ideally, long-tail phrases are easier and you can simultaneously get ranked for the shorter phrase or word, which is a smaller part of the long-tail phrase.

    • booooo Christina Ricci woulda made a bad choice. i think the movies are steller the way they are. and it’s sad that the UK is just now enjoying the books. any one who hasn’t read the books is missing out on the whole story.

  3. I agree, those are hideous covers. Why didn’t they just use the US covers? They are so beautiful. Love the black, red, and white theme.

  4. Those covers look awful!

  5. I have never seen these covers in the UK and I live there. We have the black and red covers and also the ones relating to the film. Not sure where these have come from but I have to agree they are hideous.

    • Was just thinking the same, that’s the first time I’ve ever clapped eyes on those awful covers or even heard that there was ever an alternative to the ones we now see???

    • Yes, I wondered if this might be a good way to go. You can only give it a try if it doesn’t work I think you could exorpt it to a new blog couldn’t you?

  6. they are the scariest book covers ever I think……It wouldn’t exactly entice me to buy them if I hadn’t known about the story!!!!
    I love the classic black red and white theme too, now that would entice me much more than that scary corpse bride dolly

  7. The girl on the Twilight cover reminds me of that boy kid in The Gudge…(mmmeeeooowww)

  8. We don’t have those covers in the UK!?!? We have the same ones as everyone else.

    I’m pretty sure that these are some that Stephenie passed over, but would have to check where I read that.

  9. Woah!! Never ever ever ever seen those covers here in the UK and I have to admit I have been in a lot of different book stores. Also kinda glad I have never seen them!!

  10. ew why are the covers so retarded looking???
    they don’t even make sense why is there some bobble head girl standing in a locker room? wtf haha

  11. yuck! i hate those covers. i just hate it. if i did’nt already read the books, i would have never bought them. the artist defenitely did not read the book. the story of twilight is so not like horror.

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