Step Up 3D and What I Now Think of Breaking Dawn and 3D

Last night I had the chance to watch a prescreening of Step Up 3D. I’m a HUGE So You Think You Can Dance and performing arts junkie. Never mind Dancing With the Stars, bring on the real deal, that’s what excites me. I first got interested in the film when I saw the preview during Eclipse. I was even willing to stomach the 3D experience because of the dance nerd that I am.

I haven’t done 3D since I was in high school and my experiences with it then were frankly bad. I hated the medium with all those odd red, blue and green colors through the heavily tinted glasses. Really, I’ve had no desire to repeat the experience until everyone and their uncle started yammering about how much the technology improved and how “You just have to see Avatar”. Well I didn’t see Avatar in the theater I saw it in 2-D via a Blockbuster rental last week and was like “what’s all the fuss, it was a great movie just like this.”

So where is all this going? I know there’s this huge debate right now on whether Breaking Dawn should be 3D or not. I’ve been firmly rooted in the “For the love of all that’s holy, NO!’ camp. However, I got (and rightly so) called out on my view by someone saying “If you haven’t seen the medium how can you give an opinion”. Point well taken, so now I’d have a chance to experience the 3D on a film that was specifically shot in 3D(not a post production tweak a la Airbender) and that I was interested in.

So here are my thoughts on Step Up 3D and then what I think of Breaking Dawn potential in light of this.

    • There’s a vast improvement in the picture quality. The hazy red and blue lines and the ridiculously tinted glasses are gone.   I was pleasantly surprised that the glasses are actually wide enough to slip over my own glasses and not be distracting. I had kind of resigned myself to having to see a 3D blur due to the glasses issue, it wasn’t the case.
    • The 3-D works at its best in the dance sequences from everything from a Parkour meets Capoeira style routine over rooftops in Brooklyn to three actual dance battles featuring a meld of  Hip Hop, Break Dancing, Popping, and Krump.
    • 3-D also works in what I’d call a vista type scene. The opening shot is a camera, probably on a crane, zooming in to a scene of a NYU orientation walking tour in Washington Square Park. You literally arrived into the shot under the leaves of trees and saw the benches, monuments 3D style.
    • Another great usage of the 3D is specifically what I would term sheer cool effect. There is a sequence of these magnetized, mini-LED lights being thrown around and you feel like you are in a field of fireflies.
    • As far as the movie itself went the storyline is predicable in the boy-screws-up-relationship-with-girl and girl-breaks-boys-heart themes. There are several groanworthy lines that sound like they came right from a daytime soap opera. However, it’s a dance movie, people aren’t so much looking at the plot as they are the dancing. With apologies to A Chorus Line “Dance 10 Writing 3”
    • From So You Think You Can Dance Twitch and Legacy have roles. Twitch has more dialogue and is a decent actor. The shame is that there isn’t enough solo focus on their skills. I knew one particular moment was Legacy via his signature handwalk, but if you are not familiar with him, you’d never know as you can’t see his face. the real standouts are these Argentine twin brothers (who were actually at the theater where I was) they totally steal the show dancing and acting. They have some genius comic skills. I hope somebody sees these guys and picks them up because they are going places.
    • Also a standout in the acting department is the kid who plays the lovable, wet-behind-the-ears protagonist, Moose. He has the acting chops, the dance skills, and the goofy personality. He’s endearing rather than annoying (and it would be very easy for his part to become annoying). He and the girl who he doesn’t realize he’s in love with have a routine that is a homage to Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, and Debbie Reynolds in Singing  in the Rain that is sheer genius.
    • When 3D doesn’t work, on the other hand, boy is it distracting! Here’s where it goes bad:
          • Random moments when they did these reverse crowd shots to make you feel like you were in an arena had the opposite effect. It felt more like an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 only without the snarky robots.
          • Moments when they had it look like someone in the middle of the theater stood up and fist pumped were beyond annoying particularly the third time they used the effect. It was really distracting and totally took me out of the scene rather than made me feel a part of it.
          • Close ups on faces distort, hands way down screen are fine, faces…not so much.
          • Exposition scenes with people standing around and just talking look like bad pop-up book images.  Instead of true 3D, I get a punched out 2D effect with really crisply defined body outlines. It really screams pop-up book and not in a good way.
          • Kissing fortunately stayed 2D but 3D elements around kissing like falling slurpie droplets and flowers make the romance stupid. Seriously, first kiss under sticky slurpie droplets? What moron thought that was romantic!

So what does all this mean in my opinion for Breaking Dawn? Assuming the movie is split where Stephenie Meyer indicated that she sees the split which is Bella waking up as a vampire, here are my thoughts:

Breaking Dawn 1: No need for 3D at all. It would be a waste and a distraction. I don’t want a 3D baby-bump, blood shakes, or to be distracted on Isle Esme with 3D waves. Let’s leave well enough alone.

Breaking Dawn 2: It would work, but more as an enhancement of CGI. 3D becoming the special effect. For example, anything involving the training of the vampires and the vampires displaying their powers would work 3D.  Bella opening her eyes and a true first person through Bella’s vampire eyes perspective shot 3D would work. Vista shots like playing with Renesmee in the snowy field where Irina sees her or sweeping panorama of the exteriors of the  Cullen house grounds and the cottage would work.  On the other hand, what you don’t want in 3D is romance anything I’m laughing just thinking about a 3D snog and PG-13 simulated shag; Renesmee anything (as I said last night on Twitter, there is a fine line between OMG she adorable and run for your life it’s coming at us!) toddling around, exposition scenes (and there’s a ton of exposition in the book) will look like bad pop-up books. So, is it cost effective to shoot in 3D for the limited way in which I’ve described? I don’t have the answer to that one.  So for me the 3D works, but only in a very limited capacity or it takes you right out of the story in what is a linear romance and danger tale  with some supernatural elements. If it can be kept to the specific displays of the supernatural, fine by me. Otherwise, I’m sticking to 2D.


  1. switzy4ever14 says:

    well said! i was unsure about the 3D as well and i really liked your opinion. thanks for posting.

  2. I get motion sick from the 3D films – so I’ll see it in 2D either way. I personally feel it would get cheesed up with all these extra effects if they went 3D. I didn’t like the way the vamp’s died in Eclipse either, but my BFF thought it was brilliant. Can’t make everyone happy 🙂

  3. I just don’t think it is necessary to do Breaking Dawn in 3D. I don’t really see anything special about the way 3D has been done in the last year. I didn’t see Avatar in 3D, and the few films i have seen in it were nothing special. We had the first three films in regular 2D, so why change it now?

  4. I just think 3-D would be a bad idea for Breaking Dawn. I just want to see the movie.

    If it does go 3-D, I’d go see it anyways.

  5. In the end we will take whatever the settle on and like it. It seems we are at their mercies. lol Either way I (and every fan) will support our Cullens no matter the medium, cause that’s what we do. lol Be glad its not a cartoon…

    • It’s not what all of us do. I am a total twi-hard but I saw the first movie and have vowed to not see any of the others, their just bad movies. Support the Cullens, not the actors.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I don’t think they should do Breaking Dawn in 3D; I don’t think it’s worth it for the small # of scenes it would enhance.

    I will say that I LOVED Airbender in 3D – I actually had no idea it was post-production until I read it in this post. I thought it was amazing and want to go see it again – and I have to drive an hour to do that so, it’s remarkable. The only parts I thought didn’t work were the panning left or right scenes because the picture became blurry. Other than that it was great and Jackson Rathbone was awesome.

  7. Some people cannot see 3D. I have a lazy eye. It’s not noticeable and back in the day, the optometrist would put a prism in the lens to pull the eye to where it should be. Now they can correct it with the right glasses. It DOES NOT fix the 3D issues. It makes the 3D experience headache inducing and nauseating. Its even caused some children to have seizures. It’s not a quality of the picture issue.

  8. If done correctly as discribed I think I might be interesting. My main concern with Breaking Dawn is that they don’t make the same mistake the have done with Eclipse. I was 30mins to an hour too short and very choppy. I didn’t read any of the books until after New Moon and now I wish I had waited to read any of the books until after I had watched all the movies. I think because of all the lenght and detail of Breaking Dawn (book) each movie (part 1 and 2) should be at least 2 1/2 to 3 hours long just to keep the true feeling of the book. I feel that true Twilight fans would have no problem at all sitting in a theater for up to 3 hours to really feel the book through their eyes.

  9. Out of curiosity, have you seen the first 2 Step Up movies? (Step Up and Step Up 2 the Streets)

  10. The reason the movies are kept to just 2 hours is money. The movies can be shown more times each day/night if they’re 2 hours. So, even with Stephenie being on the set every single day, she might have an impossible battle to get them much longer. Guess, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Sounds like this is something that the fans should weigh in on then. After all the movies are being made for the fans. And I said before, I watched both the first two movies before ever reading the books. It was because of the movies that I wanted to read the books. Now after watching Eclipse and seeing how “cut up” it really was I was very disappointed. There are many movies out that are 2 1/2 to 3 hours long. Benjamin Buttons, Meet Joe Black etc.. And again these movies are for the fans, money will be made by all. At this point because of the short film I just watch this past Monday “Eclipse” they have just lost money on the DVD sale. I own the first two on DVD but can’t justify spending the money for Eclipse unless it will have added/deleted scenes from the directors cut, if that is the case I just might.

  11. Vampire-girl says:

    I don’t want to see it in 3D not every movie should be 3D so far I have only seen avatar and toy story 3 in 3D, but I thought the comments on Bella’s perspective would look cool. As we need to see everything clearer like she will as well as the sounds and her enhanced senses, not sure how thats going to be able to be shown

  12. WHY IS EVERYTHING IN 3D!!! It is soo anyoing!! It’s not fair they only want BD in 3D because they know that Twilight fans will have to see it in theaters and because of that they would still pay the extra for 3D. My theater doesn’t offer 2D and most theaters I’ve gone to don’t offer 2D either. They don’t want people to have a better movie experience they want more money!!! Yes 3D movies have been made better but they still give me a headache and if it was a movie that I can stand the wait to see I would wait and get it on Netflix… like I’m sure many other people would do to. I really hope that they save us the money and just do it in a more enjoyable 2D.

    • this makes me glad I don’t live in a large area. There are only a few theaters in the city 2 hrs from me that have one auditorium that shows movies in 3D. All the rest are in 2D (granted that’s bound to change with almost every single movie coming out in 3D now)

    • I agree completely. this 3D stuff is getting out of hand, everything is going to 3D. I had to take Dramamine just so I could see Despicable Me and after seeing the movie I can honestly say it didn’t need to be in 3D.

      why this is even coming up in regards to BD I can’t imagine, the material doesn’t warrant it. It’s a love story not an action thriller. There really isn’t any action in BD anyway, what on earth would they put in 3D? the only thing I can think of would be Bella’s first hunt. I think they do it just so they can raise ticket prices. that may backfire on this one.

      If they do make it into 3D I will wait for the dvd to come out and save myself the nausea.

  13. NO 3D!!!! please it´s not necessary !!! and some people have trouble watching it, they get tired or it´s bad for their sight

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  15. i want a 2-d BD

  16. What I’m dying to see in 3D is that moment when vampire Bella opens her eyes and sees EVERYTHING. I feel giddy just imagining it 🙂

  17. Marilyn says:

    I have seen 3D, doesn’t bother me at all. However, Breaking Dawn should not be in 3D, neither part 1 nor part 2. Seems to be a fad these days, not every movie is good for 3D.

  18. was this ur first time seeing 3D or something?

  19. Breaking Dawn 2: brought to you in vampire vision.

  20. Not in 3D plzzzzz

  21. PamelaC says:

    I think doing Breaking Dawn in 3D would be a huge mistake. It just wouldn’t work right. Keep it 2D and let’s focus on getting this last leg of the Twilight Saga done right.

  22. I am absolutely against the movie being done in 3D. NO! NO! NO!

  23. I wish you’d been able to see Avatar in 3D – it really was amazing visually. The point wasn’t to have things thrown in your face, but just that the entire submersion movie experience was that much more real. It wasn’t distracting in any way, it was just a serious enhancement to watching a film. So the waves on Isle Esme shouldn’t be popping out at you, they should just feel more lifelike.

    That being said, I don’t feel the need to pay for 3D with everything, and Avatar was really designed for it. A lot of the blockbusters (from what I understand) are altered for 3D after the fact, so it’s not as good or smooth. I don’t know whether or not they’d be shooting Breaking Dawn with good 3D in the front of their mind or if they’re just going to be all “zomg 3D films make a lot of money we should do that” about it. Either way, I probably wouldn’t see Breaking Dawn in 3D. I’ll save my extra cash for the movies that are real visual feats for now.

  24. Also, I don’t really understand why everyone is so … upset at the possibility of it being in 3D. I guess I can see an argument about how it takes money away from other things, but you can choose to not see it in 3D. They play 3D movies in 2D, too.

    If you want to send the message that 3D isn’t worth it, then don’t pay the extra money for a 3D screening. Film companies only do things that make fiscal sense. If they learn that 3D only makes fiscal sense for certain movies, they’ll stop doing it for everything. If enough people always go to the 3D screenings, they’ll keep doing it until something changes.

  25. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO 3D!!!!!!!
    the glasses give me massive headaches, and i don’t want to spend that much money! most of the fans like me who see these movies go more than once, and people aren’t going to go multiple times if they have to pay for 3d tickets. the 3d is an extremely bad decision. it’s not like breaking dawn is some huge action packed film, so it is completely unnecessary. NO 3D!

  26. I personally think that Summit could use the 3D movies. Breaking Dawn I in 2D to symbolize Bella’s humanism, Breaking Dawn II in 3D to symbolize her vampireism.

  27. Bethany says:

    I’d rather not see it in 3D.

  28. I Think 3D Would Have Only Worked For Eclipse So If They Didn’t Do It For Eclipse Which Had The Most Action Why Do It For Breaking Dawn Which By The Way Has No Action And It Will Be Pointless To Add Action Scenes That Are Not In The Book. If They Did 3D They Seriously Gonna Get Bad Reviews!


  30. it would be just fantastic to see a weird vampire baby being ripped from its mothers womb by its fathers teeth in 3D!!!! *sarcasm* eeeeewwwwww!!!!!
    must EVERYTHING be in 3D nowadays! i was so dissappointed when i found out the last harry potter movies were gonna be in 3D and that makes a lot more sense! of course it does help that 3D movies make me feel sick if there not animated movies

  31. I’ve seen several movies in 3D and the only one that was really good and enhanced by the 3D effect was Avatar. The rest of them were cheesy. The 3D effect is a fad and lots of movies are jumping on the bandwagon to make more money. But the fact is that some movies would do better in 3D than others and Breaking Dawn isn’t one of them. It really should NOT be done in 3D. But I do hope that, with the great new effects that could be done in Avatar, they will be able to make Nessie look good.

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