Lee Pace for Garrett

Ted Casablanca on E! has apparently learned that Lee Pace is up for the role of Garrett in Breaking Dawn. If the rumor proves to be true, this will mark the second time Ted Casablanca has gotten casting info. The first time was Dakota Fanning as Jane which broke in Ted Casablanca’s and Nikki Finke’s columns at practically the same moment.

On a deal such as this, you won’t get official confirmation from anyone until the ink is nearly, solidly dry on the contract. Also given Garrett’s plotline with Kate, it would seem likely that they would want to have Kate cast and to make sure there is an acting chemistry before nailing down the part.

So we are in for a wait. The only way we anticipate direct news on this in the near future is if Lee Pace is not at all in the running and his management is being flooded with calls making business as usual difficult for them. Then they’ll issues a “he’s not interested” statement. So, at the moment, no news is potentially good news.

So, what have you seen Lee in, and what do you think?

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EDITED: Looks like Gossip Cop got on the case and exactly what we said might happen with Lee Pace’s management did. “A production source tells Gossip Cop no one has been cast, and a rep for Pace informs us the actor has not been approached.”


  1. He would be a great Garrett! I loved him in Pushing Daisies, that was a great show, I was upset when it was cancelled. I hope he gets the role.

  2. What have I NOT seen Lee Pace in. Marmaduke, When in Rome, A Single Man, Possession, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, The Fall, and most importantly Pushing Daisies. The guy can play anything and anyone. I am so happy to hear this rumor and will be ecstatic if it’s true!

  3. Wow! I did not think of this one, what a curveball! I lovehimlovehimlovehim! Yeah I so hated it when Pushing Daisies was cancelled!

    This will make some laugh, upset many but it’s got to be someone like Ted Nugent! When I read “Garrett” I just pictured Ted Nugent with red eyes. Scary, but hey it’s the same message he conveys to Conservatives and Republicans (I am into politics).

  4. It has been confirmed by “Gossip Cop” and Lee Pace’s representative that Lee has not been approached by Summitt to play the role of Garrett. I guess we are gonna have to wait then and to tell you the truth I always have a hard time trutsting anything /anyone from E or E news! They are more of Gossip entertainment than actual Entertainment news.

    • Twilight_News says:

      Thanks updating! Depends what it is on E! Not a fan of the Casablanca’s column in general, but he does (despite other annoying attributes) have a record of accuracy where casting is concerned.

  5. I had no idea who Lee Pace was until I saw his picture. Then I realized he was the dad in Marmaduke which I just took the kiddos to see last week. Honestly, I wasn’t impressed by his acting talent. Then again that movie as a whole wasn’t great either, lol. Based on the other comments, those who have seen him in other stuff seem to htink he is ok, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

  6. I don’t get how rumors like this start.

    • I don’t know, but assume it’s their agents(??) that started the rumor.

      I mean, if Summit wasn’t aware that an actor was interested in the role, they are now. :\

  7. OMG!!!!!!!! Lee Pace is my favorite actor ever next to Rob. I WANT HIM TO BE IN IT SOO BAD! He is such a GREAT actor and I wish he still got more recognition!!!

  8. Well at least we know (or have an idea) that Garrett will not be cut in the next movie.

  9. soozabooza54 says:


  10. Wow my comment was deleted…was I that volatile?

    • I don’t think the Lexicon deleates comments. I’ve read some pretty bad comments with some harsh language on this website before.

      I would say just retype it and see what happends.

      • Twilight_News says:

        Only deleted if it is a troll or spammer. Sometimes comments are trapped in the filter if they contain profanity and we’ll ditch those.

        I haven’t deleted an actual posted comment in roughly 5 months

  11. wow… i enjoyed what i’ve seen of this guy, but i imagined garret much differently… (appearance-wise: much more like the guy that stars in ‘prince of persia’- as his character in that movie.)

  12. I love Lee Pace…especially in Pushing Daisies. I was so sad when that was canceled.

    HOWEVER, when I see Garrett in my head I think someone like Hugh Jackman. A little more rough around the edges and a little wild. Someone who would have fought in the Revolutionary War and kicked ass while doing it.

  13. Ooooooh! Can’t wait to see who lands the Garrett role. He was one of my fave secondary characters in Breaking Dawn. Bummer as Lee would/could be great. However, LOVE the Hugh Jackman idea! 🙂

  14. What great casting. I too enjoy watching this actor and he would make a wonderful Garrett. Do you think Nicole Kidman would accept the roll of Tonya?

  15. Lady Sothis says:

    Man, too bad he hasn’t been approached. I loved him in Pushing Daisies and could definitely see him as Garrett. 😀

  16. I always pictured Garrett Hedlund as Garrett. Not because they share the same name but he looks like a revolutionary type of guy.

  17. I’ve seen ALL of Lee’s movies and series and he’s superb! Really a great actor. Actually my favorite american actor nowadays. He really lives the character, you get everything he’s feeling.. it’s amazing 😉
    For those who have doubts check The Fall (2006) – an astonishing movie, impossible not to like it – and Possession (2009) – where he kinda plays two characters, and made me comment while watching “of course they are different people, the other guy gave me the creeps..” as if they were different actors too even though i knew both were Lee Pace and just after the words were out of my mouth i realized what i’d said.. that’s how good he interpreted. Tip: Possession has an alternate ending that makes it much better than the theatrical version.

  18. Lee’s acting skill is fascinating in THE FALL, and he looks extremely stunning in that movie, one of the most beautiful people i’ve ever seen.

  19. for those who don’t know Lee, check out the movie called THE FALL…he’s so good and supergorgeous in it, and you’ll fall in love with him!

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