Time Magazine’s Top Leaks

stephenieMeyerHeadshot2With word today that government documents regarding the deployment in Afghanistan have been leaked, Time magazine decided to do a retrospective on it’s personal Top Ten Leaks. they have everything from Watergate and Deep Throat to Sarah Palin’s emails. Midnight Sun comes in at number 6. Time sums it up by saying:

“In 2008, she tried something different (sort of) by retelling the events of the first books, only from Edward’s point of view. Sooner than you can say “glittering vampire,” 12 unfinished chapters from the new manuscript, Midnight Sun, appeared on the Internet. “I think it is important for everybody to understand that what happened was a huge violation of my rights as an author, not to mention me as a human being,” Meyer said in a message to fans. Rather than punish her loyal following, Meyer posted her entire unfinished Midnight Sun draft on her website. The only catch is that it’s unprintable — better bring an e-reader.”


  1. I would glady string up the person that leaked this!

  2. It makes me so sad for her every time I read about this. Regardless of what the fans want, I hate it that this may have stifled her creativity within the Twilight world. it’s such an amazing thing she has created. I hope she can come back to it soon.

  3. I with you on that Hellie. Hope she does finish it someday.

  4. I hope she finishes it. What I read on her website was amazing!

  5. Midnight Sun is going to be the best in the Twilight series.Those 12 chapters were beautiful to say the least..I feel so bad about what happened to Stephenie.I’m sure she’ll finish it someday,keeping my fingers crossed!

  6. The fans do have a right to be upset but we all know it’s because we all love Twilight so much that we just really caught up in it. I can wait and I understand why Stephenie’s doing this and wish some of the fans could grow up and be more understanding.

  7. Between papparazzi and leaks, there is no privacy for anyone anymore. 🙁

  8. I don’t blame SM for putting MS on hold for a while. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if someone I trusted leaked somethig I was working on w/out my permission to the internet for all to see. It isn’t even a finished product. All those criticizing SM obviously are not writers. I will support SM forever. And am trying to patiently wait for the day she picks it up again & will finish it.

  9. I’ve read several articles with SM and she has said she will finish it but is done writing about vampires “for now”. It is really sad that that happened – what a violation. Midnight Sun was so touching to read and I’ve read it several times whenever I need my Edward fix. I would love it if she did all of the books in Edward’s perspective. I’m sure New Moon may be short but I’d read that series over and over too.

  10. I agree with everything said except: New Moon would not be short from Edward’s point of view. Even if SM only did the Forks / Italy time it would not be short. Edward over thinks everything. It might be shorter, but not short. Compare how long MS is to the same place in Twilight. It would be nice to at least get the rest of Twilight to understand Edward better.

  11. It makes me soo sad when I read about this!!!! I didn’t even read the leaked chapters because it disgusted me!!!! I hardcore team Jacob but I still can’t wait to read edwards POV!!!!

  12. I feel like I’m the only person on the planet who HASN’T read it and its driving me NUTS! I even came across a spoiler in a fan fic story! Articles like this make me want to read it so much! And the COMMENT’S! Guy’s..your killing me here..lol. I feel really bad that SM had to have this happen to her. I would feel so violated. Intentional or not. *patiently waiting for MS…*

  13. Makes me wonder if maybe it would’ve already been out by now if someone hadn’t jacked it. Probably better to wait until after the movies anyway. Maybe two yrs after to keep the momentum going. I’ll definitely wait for it!

  14. Another thing that I think about is that SM has a pretty full agenda right now and has since they started making the movies. Also, she wrote The Host and it’s going to be a trilogy and they’re in discussions about the movie for it, plus she’s a wife and mom.! I think once the BD movies are filmed and released and all the press junkets, etc are finished, then she’ll have time to let MS back into her head.

  15. Mella Cullen says

    IDK, I feel like she is just “over it”…like, just over her vampires. I hope the vibe that I feel from her interviews is way off, but that is the sense I get. I think I would cry tears of happiness if she announced that MS was ready to be published and released. Can you even imagine the line lines outside the bookstore?? Sigh…

  16. IMO, I think that maybe she has already finished Midnight Sun and is waiting until the Breaking Dawn movies are over. That is when she will hit us with Midnight Sun. Think about it for a minute: the Twilight Trilogy is over and us fans want more. What a better way to give us *our brand of heroin* with another book. I, for one, am proud to admit that I am a Twilight Junkie…:-)

  17. Awww I wished she had finished Midnight Sun. 🙁 I really liked hearing Edward’s point of view, it was like rereading Twilight for the first time… I hope someday Meyer can finish it. And for the people who illegally stole copies of it and posted it on the internet, you guys totally ruined it for us.

  18. This really stinks whoever leaked it is a real jerk as a writer to be i kinda get how SM feels but you have to stand up again its what makes you an awesome writer love your books forever No matter what