Nikki Reed Official Website

Lexiconer Catherine Melissa alerted us to a website that was supposed to be run by Nikki Reed. Well, we checked it out, and it is in fact run by Nikki! It’s called IAmNikkiReed.Com

There’s lots of great content from Nikki about everything from a trip to Africa to early childhood experiences in Illinois, to musings on what real friendship is.

Check it out! Next step, getting Nikki on Twitter so we know when she updates her site!

Welcome to the web, Nikki! We are glad you’re here!


  1. Samantha says:

    The link isn’t working:(

  2. I really like Nickki, I also think she has grown up to be a responsible young woman. She has really handled herself well and has inspired others to be happy in their own skin. I love that she sees through much of the Hollywood and fashion nonsense. Her speaking out against injustices and against industry who promotes unhealthy body images and girls, she has really impressed me.

  3. I like nikki which is why I felt bad for her in the eclipse fight scenes when she wasn’t shown because the lighting or something didn’t turn out and so they just didn’t use the footage with her. She seems the mist down to earth of the cast as well.

  4. Annoyed says:

    Way to go geniuses. Thanks to your ineptness you’ve lead thousands of Twitards to her site and it’s NOT finished! Did you see an official announcement anywhere? Answer: NO!

    • Twilight_News says:

      Well then maybe she should tell her management who let us know it was hers and that it was OK to link to. If Nikki intended to keep it a secret, she sure should have informed her management which she did not do. They gave us the green light. If Nikki was upset about it being out there she hasn’t mentioned it to us or her reps, and in the entertainment business it’s your reps who have your back, know your PR wishes, and act for you. Try getting your facts straight before being indignant next time.

      It’s also totally possible to work on a website and keep it hidden from view until it’s totally done, ask Peter Facinelii and Billy Burke. She put a publicly accessible website in plain view with no password. It’s been up for a month. If she wanted it hidden she should have thought about that before launching it 30 days ago. There are plenty of ways to practice anonymously and to keep a website hidden if it’s a work in progress not intended for public consumption. Since this has been in public view for over a month, one can only assume that Nikki had no issue with its discovery. Nonetheless, we verified it’s authenticity prior to publication and verified that it was OK to give it PR.

      To paraphrase you, Did you fact check: NO! We checked, we got permission, we posted…nuff said.

  5. Kristoner Stewart says:

    I love Nikki! I already love her pre-website but after reading it, I love her even more. She’s so humble and down to earth. She hasn’t let all that hollywood BS get to her head unlike some of her costars *ashley green* cough cough. She truly is an inspirational person, a fantastic role model to youngsters.

  6. So after visiting the site and reading her talk about being in Shreveport, La does that mean they have started filming already? For some reason I thought it didn’t begin until Oct….also reading between the lines, doesn’t seem like she appreciates small town life (one mall, everything fried comment) lol. Oh well, its how most of the world lives…..

  7. some people are so... says:

    I think you misinterpreted that bit of her blog. After reading it myself I actually got the impression that she enjoys it, especially the nature part. Maybe you were reading in between the lines too much you missed its face value.


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