Self Magazine: Tish Monaghan on Eclipse Costumes

edbellabedSelf Magazine interviewed costume designer Tish Monaghan on how she put together the Eclipse look.

SELF: How is Bella’s look in Eclipse different from in New Moon?

Tish Monaghan: Well, it’s funny because the movies come out a year apart, but onscreen, only a week has passed. With Bella [Kristen Stewart], she’s a little more settled in public and in her relationship with Edward. And so, at the beginning, I wanted to show a little bit more of a relation to the Cullens’ colors, a cool palate, and steer away from the warm earth tones that were more evident in New Moon.

There are quite a few romantic scenes, so I wanted to show a softer side of Bella without going too girly or feminine, because that’s just not at the heart of who she is. She’s a very practical person, so I tried to soften her up a bit with color. We open up with her wearing one of her signature plaid shirts, but it’s in a softer, lilac fabric and looks very pretty in a field of flowers. We tried to retain the integrity of her character, but just lighten her up a little.”

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  1. It bothered me that Bella wore jeans and a shirt to graduation. Yes, Bella is practical but in the book, Alice bought her an outfit to replace the red shirt, etc. I can’t believe Alice would have said ” throw on some old jeans and a shirt” It’s graduation! Not something really girly but nicer than everyday wear is what I pictured Bella in when reading the book. Sometimes I wonder if the folks working on the movie have even picked up the books.

    • I loved it! says:

      It was very Bella to wear jeans and a great boho shirt to graduation. It is very much her character. In the movie there is NO MENTION OF ALICE INTERFERING WITH THE OUTFIT! Thats only in the book, obviously! DUH! Alice bought her a dress for the party, and that went badly! The great thing is that Bella looks better in her jeans and shirt then Angela and Jessica in their fru fru dresses! Bellas wardrobe is perfect. The best thing is it will show girls that the more stylish they dress, the less anyone notices their faces and figures.

  2. ahaaa great comment… poor ed /bella no good.. at least they put alice in a nice coat when she visited bella..hopefully bdawn will have better clothing…The clothing was good for the flashbacks and of course the wolf pack was good…

  3. Jean Brown says:

    I don’t know why Summit act like they have no $$ to spend on clothes. Do they not know that Alice is the fashion queen and dress all of her family. My god the Cullens are suppose to be rich but their clothes look like rags. Just like MR has ruin the character, this woman have ruin the clothes. DOES ANYBODY OVER THERE AT SUMMIT BOTHER TO READ THE BOOKS. I hate to see what they do with E/B wedding. I am cringing at the thought.

    • Alice wears tons of designer dtuff says:

      She wears a lot of pieces from Marc Jacobs, and several from Diane Fustenberg. Alll designers are doing vintage inspired looks right now. The Cullens wear e3xpensive, but tasteful things. They are in high school. it would be pretty pathetic if they were wearing things like on a runway. Their clothing is obviously expensive, however. Look at Jasper, and all the things he wears from G Star! You guys don’t know fashion very well, I think. Besides, the movie is NOT the book. They are supposed to be different. Its a movie based on Twilight. Not a movie OF Twilight. They aren’t supposed to follow it like a cooking recipe. Grow up.

    • I LOVE the way they did the wardrobe. I want all of Bellas clothing. They made the story better. They kept the feeling the same, but they created more real characters with the clothing. A lot of the clothing desribed in the book were pretty awful. Lets face it, Stephanie Meyers doesn’t know anything about clothing. The way that Rosalie wears such polished but still age appropriate things is lovely. The way Bella comes alive with her strong sense of self and strong sense of style is great. Its different from the books, sure. But read Stephanie Meyers blog. She LOVED what they did in the movie. So you can bet it will be the same in BD!

  4. I wasn’t going to comment cuz I have commented before on the disconnect with this woman’s choices for Bella. Apparently, she spent a great deal of time and effort and possibly money on researching what the Quileute elders would wear and especially the third wife. All well and good, but WTH happened with Bella’s graduation party dress, yes I said dress. She did not wear jeans and a button down chambray shirt. She was despearte and stressing out cuz she looked through her whole wardrobe and couldn’t find anything suitable. Alice came to her rescue by buying a nice skirt and sweater in Edward’s favorite color, deep blue and Bella was so thankful that Alice had been so thoughtful. So, I say again, Tish, WTH is wrong with you.

    • Alice wears tons of designer dtuff says:

      Um, that did not happen in the movie. So what the HELL is wrong with you. In the MOVIE, THERE IS NO MENTION OF ALICE HELPING. No one would know from the movie script that Alice helped her, so they would think that Bella just happened to have a designer dress! That would be stupid! Did you think that everyone in the theater has read the book? NOPE. Besides, the Bella in the movies is different. She is NOT the type of person that would stress over an outfit when her life, the lives of the wolves and the Cullens are being threatened. Good change, imo. So don’t yell at Trish. Thats not even her desision.

    • Didn’t you notice that in the movie Alice had nothing to do with what Bella wore to graduation? Bella had a lot more important things to stress about then what to wear at that point. So its not Trish’s fault that they left that whole unimportant and silly episode about “what to wear for graduation” out! Im glad! What kind of nutcase would worry about what to wear when someone wants to kill you? But thats not Trish’s fault. It wasn’t her desision to leave that out. If Bella wore a dress no one would know where she even got it. Most people who see the movie probably don’t remember such a small detail from the books, if they even read the books.

  5. I do have more hopes for Breaking Dawn but only bcuz Stephenie Meyer is going to be one of the producers and has said she has devoted the entire year to being on set every day. If you’ve read any of the transcripts from the 4 fan site interviews she did, you can sort of read between the lines and see that she was pretty disappointed with the way a lot of scenes were filmed. She said that she would show up on the set and watch the dailies but it would be too late to do reshoots due to confilicts with the actors being available. She walked out on the dailies of the scene where Bella jumped on the back of Jake’s motorcycle and rode off leaving Edwaard standing there looking like a dork. She also did not like the Angry Edward scene and would have like to reshoot that one, too. She said that if Edward had grabbed Jake by the arm like that, Jake would be missing that arm. And that the scene as she wrote it in the book was a pivotal scene for Jake’s and Edward’s relationship. So we can only hope that with SM on set every day guiding the finale of her phenomonal stories, Melissa Rosenberg, Tish Monaghan and Bill Condon won’t get away with being stupid and arrogant.

    • BlueRose280 says:

      With Bill Condon at the wheel, there is a ray of hope for Breaking Dawn. He is not only a director, but a phenomenal screenwriter, so some of his collaborations with Melissa Rosenberg are bound to be fruitful. Because of his background, I expect that he will bring a theatricality to the next films that viewers have so far only seen in the Eclipse flashbacks.

    • Where did you read that? says:

      From everything I have read Stephanie Meyers has loved the movies. Not to mention what a huge success they have been. Read some articles. Don’t make stuff up. Not only has Stephanie loved the films(If she didn’t like the direction, she would have spoken up before the last film) but retailers have sold out not only of the things that Bella wears in the film, but they sell out of anything similar on a regular basis. The film, and the wardrobe choices have been a huge success, which you would know, if you were not living under a rock. But if I am wrong, just tell me where it says that Stephanie hated them. It says she loved the films right on her blog.

  6. I agree with KittyC–the scene with Bella jumping on the back of motorcycle with Edward standing there is ALL wrong. I’m aware they have 2 twist things a little bit but that was SO wrong on SO many levels.

    • I think it made sense. She was imagining Edward. Stephanie Meyers helped with those scenes, and she explains that it is Bella seeing Edward because that is what he would have said. So it makes total sense.

  7. Danielle says:

    I agree with all of your comments too. I also think what they are trying to do is have Bella start to appear strong in her choices, starting with her wardrobe. If she did put on a dress that Alice gave her, at that point in the film, it would actually make her seem like she is easily pushed into doing something she wouldn’t. So, thats why I think little things like the wardrobe really speak louder on film. We know who she is based on what she wears right away. In the books you are more emotionally involved and in her head.

    • Where did you read that? says:

      I think its far more likely that the fact of Alice and the choice of the dress is simply not important, and would just take away from the story. Thats why neither the dress, nor Alices help are there. Also, its beter to have Bella retain her style. No one thinks that choices of clothing are important enough to make a character strong. Its far too superficial.

  8. I’m also in agreement, her outfit at the graduation party actually distracted me and took me out of the story for a few seconds I thought ” What the heck is she wearing to the party and what happened to the skirt and sweater Alice gave her!” It also seemed like she was in plaid half the movie!

    • Stop pretending to be different people. says:

      How can it “take you out of the story” because someone isn’t wearing a dress???!! Thats just foolish. There is absolutely no mention of Alice helping Bella chose an outfit. No mention of Bella even thinking about what outfit to put on. It would have taken everyone out of the story if in the middle of the trouble in Seattle, and the fear of Victoria they would suddenly have a part about the outfit to the graduation! Do you know how silly that would be? If Bella showed up in a designer dress everyone would be wondering where she got it. Now stop pretending anyone else is with you. The way they did it made sense. Many people who see the movie have not read the books. I have read them, but I did not remember about the graduation dress, because it was too minor, and because it was kind of weird that Bella would be worrying about what to wear when so many more important things were happening. No one even thought about the fact that Alice didn’t give Bella a dress for Graduation. Besides, that would be weird. Why would Alice give Bella a dress? Its not her birthaday. And the film makes it obvious that Bella has a good sense of style, she just doesn’t like overly girly things. She likes practical, boho inspired things.

    • SKIRT AND SWEATER! YUK! Who would wear a skirt and a sweater? that sounds seriously hideous. I can’t think of a skirt and sweater ever being cute. Is that really what she wears in the books??OOMMG! LOL. Thank the heavens that they changed that in the film!! LOLOL! That sounds like outfit that your parent buys for you and you thank them and then puke.

  9. Did anyone read this part?

    “We had to make, I would say, sixty costumes, including a costume for Bella, because she transitions into the role of one of the Quileute characters, the chief’s wife.”

    Either I’m blind or I missed that scene (the three times I saw the movie.) Hoping to see that in the deleted scenes. Ah, who am I kidding, I’d love to see anything they deleted.

    • Danielle says:

      Yep, I caught that one too..I thought special features on the dvd maybe?

      • melissa says:

        Wouldn’t that have been the part when the wife sacrifices herself…the 3rd wife? If that was Kristen, they did an excellent job with makeup b/c I woudla never guessed it was her! Or would it have been one of the other wives??

        • I think it’s from the book, when she dreams about the third wife. Remember? Edward asks Jacob about it, because Bella talks about it in her sleep.

    • You are being too literal says:

      Obviously when Bella cuts herself, she is channeling the third wife. The outfit she wears has the same light tones. thats what she means.

  10. I find the movie costume process very fascinating. It makes sense that Bella didn’t wear the skirt/sweater ensemble because Alice didn’t show up before the ceremony in the movie. While I truly think the movie was totally robbed of Alice, I can see why they had to cut it out. There’s the whole thread of thought, several chapters with Book Bella, trying to figure out what she is missing and connects the “visitor” and newborns in that scene, which would lead to E.,B, and Charlie in the cruiser, then the ceremony, then B. telling E. about her theory. It also draws out the party scene. It would totally slow the movie down and mess with the flow.. So in the end, Movie Bella probably would have either worn jeans or her only skirt.
    I agree about the motorcycle scene. It’s annoying. I find comfort in the fact that Taylor looks hot and there’s a great song stuck in there…..:-)


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