Rachelle Lefevre to Be in New Medical TV Drama

Rachelle_LeFevreOriginally Rachelle LeFevre was supposed to be in a medical drama fronted by John Wells and co-starring Sissy Spacek. It seems that for whatever reason that it didn’t get picked up (go figure). However according to EW, Rachelle has found herself in another medical drama.

“Rachelle Lefevre apparently isn’t going to rest until she plays a doctor on TV. The ex-Twilightactress, who had a role in John Wells’ ill-fated CBS medical drama pilot, is joining the cast of ABC’s upcoming Shonda Rhimes-backed physicians-in-paradise soap Off the Map.

Lefevre’s character, Eva, is a free-spirited missionary doc who is well versed in international medicine and global health. She worked at the clinic before, but left due to her troubled romantic history with its founder, Ben (Martin Henderson).”

Access Hollywood has some additional information on the show:

“…“Off The Map,” is the third medical-based drama from Shonda. This time, however, the “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” creator is taking an executive role, as the series, which will hit screens midseason, was created by “Grey’s” writer Jenna Bans.

“I didn’t write it. GA writer Jenna Bans is creator of Off The Map,” Shonda Tweeted back in January “I’m just like a proud, proud mama exec producing.”

Like “Grey’s” and “Private Practice,” the new series is also about medical personnel, but this time there’s no swanky hospital or flashy private facility involved. “Off The Map” will be based around doctors who work in a tropical area.”

See more on EW.


  1. Grey’s is the best!!!
    And PP is as equally awesome so anything by Shonda I’m sure will be a big WIN!

  2. yahabah says:

    I have a question, why was she replaced in the Eclipse movie? I really enjoyed her performance as Victoria. Just curious, I usually keep up with Twilight news, I must have missed this one. (As for the other Victoria, during the movie, all I could “see” was Ron Howard’s daughter.)

    • She was replaced due to a scheduling conflict. She was filming another movie during the time that Eclipse was doing rehearsals. Summit weren’t going to push the filming back a few weeks for her, so she was replaced.

  3. Very excited about this! I love Rachelle and hope this finally gets her the recognition she deserves!

    • BTW, thank you Lexicon for keep us updated on Rachelle and the other stars who are no longer part of the Twilight series.

  4. So proud for her…fingers crossed.

  5. for some reason I can just see her as a doctor. I’m not sure why, but I think scrubs will suit her well!

  6. Oh great 😀 Rachelle is great, Shonda Rhimes is great, this is going to be awesome!

  7. Happy for Rachelle. I think she made a big mistake in not making Eclipse a priority over some small rather insignificant movie (does anyone even know what movie it was?) and jeopardizing her ability to join the filming at the beginning, but having said that, I like her very much and look forward to seeing her on TV. I think she’s going to have a great career cuz she is just captiviating on screen.

  8. This sound’s like its going to be really good.

  9. Just look at her! She’s so fierce and beautiful. Perfect for Victoria. Goodluck to Rachelle.

  10. leanne23 says:

    This is cool!! First Kevin Spacey the Paul G. then Sissy Spacek and now Shonda Rhimes AND Mamie Gummer,Meryl Streep’s exetremely talented daughter. This is great I am really looking for another medical show since ER and Greys. House is good but it gets tiring.

  11. Dazzler579 says:

    First shes a vampire, and now a doctor . . . coincident I think not.
    But its cool

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