Tonight Show: Metric Eclipse Soundtrack

Last night Metric performed on The Tonight Show. TY to BigHassleMedia


  1. Muito bom gente!!!!!!!!!

  2. That was a real pretty song. Where in the movie did it play though?

  3. @VolturiGirl

    At the end, the first song of the credits. Such a good song!

  4. gogirl808 says

    Instrumentally, the tune does play many times in the film, starting from the meadow scene near the beginning of the movie. But yes, Metric’s rendition only plays during the credits. Great song! Great band!

  5. It can be seen as the theme of the picture,becuase it’s all about Bella’s choice. It’s a cool song and thanks to Alexandra Patsavis whose been the music supervisor on these films,I’m discovering bands I’d never heard before. Can’t wait to see who she finds for the Breaking Dawn soundtrack. It should be interesting.