Wolfpack Wednesday: Introducing Julia Jones!

julia-jonesWWDheadshotThis week’s Wolfpack Wednesday giveaway features one of the brightest new additions to the Twilight Saga movies, Julia Jones who plays Leah Clearwater.

We were able to meet Julia in person at the Creation Entertainment Official Twilight Convention in Boston this past weekend. Julia in person is warm, friendly and tells really awesome stories. She is next appearing at the Official Twilight Tour in Toronto next weekend.

We have an autographed photo of Julia to give away to a random person in the comments. Just tell us what you love about Julia or the character of Leah and we’ll pick a random person tonight at 11:59pm est.


  1. I love Leah because she is such a complex character and she went through so much,she lost the two men who were counting for her in her life,first Sam by imprinting then her dad. Her hate toward the vampires is totally normal because for her if vampire wouldn’t exist Sam wouldn’t have phase and not imprint and her dad would stil be alive and she wouldn’t be the only female shape shifter.

    Julia Jones is exactly the actress to picture her and I am actually a bit sad we couldn’t have more wolf/Quileutes action in Eclipse.

  2. pinkpunk83 says:

    Julia is a beautiful girl and represent perfectly Leah. My favorite character just after Jacob Black.
    I can understand Leah’s pain, she’s not nasty it’s just a girl who is suffering.

  3. I love Julia Jones! I think she’s so beautiful and what I love about Leah Clearwater is that she may have a hard exterior, but her concern about protecting Jake and her brother lets you know she is gentle and caring inside. She can run with the boys!

  4. Julia is exactly how I pictured Leah would be! You have to feel really bad for Leah….she lost her dad, her love Sam, plus she is the only female in an all male pack. I think Julia played Leah excellent. She got the emotions and bitterness right on! I can’t wait to see more of her in Breaking Dawn!

  5. Andrea D says:

    Julia does a fantastic job portraying Leah. She’s exactly how I pictured her in the book. The scowl is perfect! Kudos to Julia!

  6. What I love about Leah is she doesn’t take bs from anyone, she has be through a lot with the Sam issue, and the fact she phrased when she shouldn’t have, makes Leah one of my favourite characters.
    Julie is the exactly the right actress to play Leah cause she not only beautiful, she is perfect for the role, I pictured Leah to look exactly the way she was portrayed in the movie!

  7. I love Julia because she really comes across as the character Leah. Leah is a strong, courageous lady to be in that pack when her past lover is in love with her COUSIN!

  8. I love Leah’s complexity. I think she has many valid reasons to be as angry as she is. Sam left her for her cousin (although he can’t be blamed because of imprirnting), and she phased when only men were thought to be able to. Either of those reasons would be enough reason, much less both of them. In addition, she’s also a genetic deadend. I cried while reading the conversation between Leah and Jacob concerning that. Also, my heart broke at the bonfire in Eclipse when the term “brothers” was used to describe the pack members. Although Leah seems mean, she really is caring. For instance, in Breaking Dawn, she yelled at Bella for hurting Jacob. Although it may not have been the right time to do so, you have to honor her bravery and loyalty.

  9. Christine says:

    What I like about Leah is that she is sincere and always tells the truth, no matter what others think about her. She is fully aware that she is hurting others, but what she is going through would be though on anyone. Also having to listen Sam’s thoughts isn’t easy living with it, but she manages the best way she can.
    And Julia was really great in Eclipse, she got really well in her character. I can’t wait to see her in Breaking Dawn.

  10. Samantha says:

    I swear ever since i found out Julia was going to play Leah, i was seaching the net like crazy for any other projects she had done, pictures, and like info on who she was! I think Julia is sooo pretty and i think like other native girls can look up to her AND tinsel korey because there such great rolemodels i think i started liking Leah the character more after seeing eclipse! Cant wait for BD and how the whole she cant have children conversation goes down with Jake aaaah! Im obssesed with Julia!!!!! Hey and the girl plays football, you have to give her props there πŸ˜‰ and i think we all got a little mad when leah fights the new born and jacob takes her place and breaks his ribs and arms. Poor Jake, but we still love you tonss Julia and your heartbroken Leah πŸ˜€ did i mention seth/booboo stewart ha?!

  11. April H. says:

    Julia is beautiful. I think she does a great job playing Leah who is kind of a complex character. I look forward to seeing what is to come with Julia outside of the Twilight world.

  12. Leah is a wonderful, complex character whose story is only touched upon in the novels, but provokes deep thought on the subject of true love and soulmates, providing a perfect parallel to the Bella-Edward-Jacob questions of love.
    In the movie, Julia Jones beyond perfectly encompassed the character of Leah with appropriate but not excessive venom and contempt for the situation she is in. Julia was a wonderful addition to the cast with a seemingly warm, intelligent personality. I could not have asked for a more perfect Leah and cannot wait to see her in Breaking Dawn.

  13. The reason why I love the character Leah is because I totally understand her. I have gone through almost the same thing. Being in love with someone and then having them go to someone else, hurts deeply. The end result of being hurt that bad is becoming angry at the world, which the character is.

  14. What I like most about Leah’s character is the parallel she provides to other stories. She’s there in the back of Sam and Emily’s happiness just like Jacob is; she has to wait around until she’s certain she can never be with Sam again, then figure out a way to heal herself.

    I’ll be honest — I wasn’t sure about the casting of Julia in the beginning, but when she comes into the screen as Leah, she just fit perfectly.

  15. I was able to meet Julia at the Twilight convention Boston this past weekend, and in person she is so lovely and down to earth. I also love the fact that she is a Boston native.

  16. I like Julia because she hasn’t changed one bit the success of the twilight saga hasn’t gone to her head. She brings the character of Leah to life and actually makes you feel bad for what Leah is going thru. While reading the books I didn’t really care for her too much but once I saw her portrayal in the movie I finally began to like her. Thru her portrayal in the movies you realize she us just trying to protect Jacob because she doesn’t want him to get hurt by Bella like she was with Sam. You also see she is just trying to prove herself to the boys because she doesn’t fit in with them. I think Julia jones makes the perfect Leah and kudos to her for not letting fame go to her head.

  17. Bluemoon says:

    I love the fact that she’s the only female wolf πŸ˜›

  18. She portrays Leah the way I thought she would with the bitterness toward Sam and also how she is a tortured soul and gets on the packs nerves. Also she is the only female in a male wolfpack = bad ass Leah:)

  19. Shes so inspiring. I love her character Leah’s hostility towards Bella and I believe she portrayed that so well in her little amount of screen time in Eclipse. I love her, shes a she-wolf :)! <3

  20. Kellie G says:

    I like Leah because she doesn’t let being around her ex all the time really bother her, she just deals with it. And Julia I like because she is such a sweetheart. She is always smiling and adores her fans.

  21. Julia’s Leah is like so many girls and grown women in real life when they lose a guy they are really into. Portraying an angry, sad she-wolf can’t be easy:)

  22. I love Leah! She is never afraid to do something! Julia matches her character almost exactly. They both seem to be strong women. She truely understands love and does not get bothered when Emily is with Sam. It is really amazing when she helps protect Bella when she is pregnant. Julia is a pretty person and I’ve been looking at a bunch of photos! It would be really great if I won! Thankyou πŸ˜€

  23. I love Julia. She did SUCH a good job as Leah. Seriously, even though she didn’t have a ton of screen time, all her looks and lines were spot on what I would expect from Leah. Plus, I got to see her at the LA Eclipse convention and she was so beautiful and sweet.

  24. I love Leah because she is not afraid to say what she means and to mouth off or take on anyone that gets in her way.

  25. MagicWings01 says:

    Leah, to me, added a lot of depth and uniqueness to the wolf pack. Without her I think the entire pack would have been that much less interesting. Especially in Breaking Dawn. Those scenes with Jacob, Leah, and Seth are some of my favorites in the whole series – despite being Team Edward.

  26. Joan Bryant says:

    I love Julia as Leah because she portrays Leah so well and is quite similar to how I pictured her in the books. Even though I don’t like Leah I do somewhat feel for her a little bit on what she’s been though.

  27. Actually , Crystal Lightning would have made a better Leah , summit goes for the name , NOT the fit.

  28. There are so many reason why I admire Julia Jones.

    *she is beautiful but not in an over the top way.
    *Her inner beauty shines through & makes her even more gorgeous
    * You can tell she is a strong woman with a kind heart.
    * She still holds onto her femininity even with her hair chopped off & running around with the boys.
    * It’s nice to see someone of Latin/Native in the mass media.
    * She understood Leah & portrayed her as what many of us pictured when reading the books. She just got it. You know really got it.

  29. I love that Leah is such a strong female character. Even though she has been through a lot of rough stuff in her life, she doesn’t take an BS from anyone! Julia does such a wonderful job of portraying this! I hope she gets tons more screen time in Breaking Dawn.

  30. Jennifer M. says:

    She is a great actress! I was really happy that they casted her as Leah! She did a fantastic job as the character and she is one of the twilight stars I want to meet the most!!


  31. Olivia R. says:

    Leah is very moody and feels like she has soo much to prove being the only female in the wolfpack. However, her character is strong-willed and independent and has proved to be a valuable asset to Jacob and his wolfpack. Go girl-power!

  32. She manages to rock that awful wolfpack haircut.

  33. Ronda Snyder says:

    It’s always wonderful to see a realistic portrayal of a strong woman. Julia appears to be able to handle herself with confidence and competence. It translates very well in her role as Leah. (With a great streak of kick-a$$.) πŸ˜‰

  34. Megan Mc Dade says:

    I love the wolfpack and of course am team Jacob but my other fave character from the wolfpack is Leah Clearwater. I feel really sad for how because of the whole love situation between her and Sam. But even though she is bitter about it, she still loves Sam so much that she will try and deal with him having imprinted on her cousin even thought her way of dealing with it might not be very healthy being angry lol. What I also love is she may be bitchy and moody but she does care for her family and friends and would stick up for them no matter what. I think Julia Jones makes a perfect Leah she is exactly how I pictured her and I cant wait to see more of her in Breaking Dawn πŸ™‚

  35. Juliiheartstwilight says:

    I love that Leah isn’t afraid to speak her mind πŸ™‚

  36. I love Julia Jones. I remember first seeing her on ER and I thought she was beautiful. She played a perfect Leah Clearwater. Leah’s character is one that I really felt sorry for. She had so much loss and to still be a strong woman in a pack of wolves shows strength. It gets old seeing weak female roles all of the time and Leah definitely goes against that, and Julia was the perfect person to play her. Way to go Ms. Jones!

  37. imagine the one you love takes a liking to your cousin suddenly… And at the time you can’t understand why. All of a sudden the man you still have feelings for is smitten and lovedrunk off a woman he’d only met ONCE. Then she’s hurt irrevocably and all you know is that she was with him when it happened. Your father dies and you’re turned into a mythical sentinel.

    and you get answers – like imprinting, but also the real reason why your cousin got hurt. And everytime you see her you are reminded that your ex did it – however unintentional. Your secrets are longer your own…

    you (Leah) have a right to be PO’d about everything.

    it always seems you get the short endof the stick.

    I love Leah.

  38. Julia is a sweetheart and has such a gorgeous personality, especially around her wolf pack friends!!! I love how she’s the one that kind of simultaneously rolls her eyes at all of them, and mother’s them a little at the same time! You can tell how much she cares about them, even though she acts as if she’s exasperated in a funny way, she loves them!! Leah is kick-ass, a loyal sister, and she’s the best member of the wolf pack, and unintentionally the funniest!

  39. I absolutely love Julia Jones and Leah Clearwater!

    I think Julia is a phenomenal actress! I mean in interviews she’s so herself and she’s so sweet. But when the cameras are rolling, BAM! She goes into character and really holds her own. She really embodies who Leah is, even though she has limited screen time she really shines as who she’s supposed to be.

    Leah Clearwater has just been my favorite character because of how tough and vulnerable she is at the same time. I mean wow, she really is a one of a kind girl who has gone through a lot. She’s mature and poised but at the same time she’s playful and understanding. I really would have loved for her and Jake to end up together (I still hope.)

    I love these two so much that I dedicated a website to them (click my name) which is specifically geared towards Blackwater (Jake & Leah) where I post info on Twilight and Taylor Lautner as well as Julia Jones πŸ˜€

  40. Julia is exactly how I had Leah pictured. All the way from the way she looks, her stance, and then even her snide remarks towards Bella. She plays a perfect Leah. I also love Julia because in real life she is such a sweet and lovely person.

  41. Suzan Noerr says:

    Hello. I like Leah’s character portrayed by Julia because Leah “says what she thinks”, no beating around the bush, very blunt and straight-forward, evidently full of self-confidence to always be true to herself and not just “say what people want to hear, placate others, etc. Therefore, Julia must have a strong personality in order to portray this characteristic in Leah. Thanks.

  42. Team Leah says:

    I like the character of Leah because she is the biggest protector of the wolf pack boys than anyone else and she also has the most to prove. Leah goes out of her way to protect Jacob by telling Bella go away and by trying to kill the last vampire. I think she tries to come off as she doesnt care because she wants the guys to like her. Julia Jones brings so much to the character that after Eclipse it made me wanting to see her in Breaking Dawn and I for one cant wait.

  43. Brynleigh says:

    I love how the character of Leah is not at all your typical teenage girl. She spends all her time with a bunch of guys (not by her choice, of course, but still); she is the only girl in the pack, and she more than holds her own; she has been through a lot of crap: losing her beloved Sam to her cousin and best friend, Emily, turning into a werewolf, and losing her dad. Yet after all of that, she doesn’t break down. Nope. She is one tough cookie. Life goes on, and although she is extremely heartbroken and bitter and acts pissy to just about everyone (except her kid brother Seth, whom she fiercely loves), she hasn’t become a depressed vegetable, like some might *cough*bella*cough*. Better yet, she takes all of her anger and channels it into her work: protecting her people from the bad vamps, which, I might add, she does just as well as the guys. Leah brings “Girl Power” to a whole new level. You go, girl!!!

  44. I love Julia because she seems very humble and grateful to have landed the role of Leah. In interviews, she seemed to know the character of Leah Clearwater very well and she portrayed her in the movie so perfectly. She also seemed to have held her own in the midst of all those guys.

  45. I love the character of Leah Clearwater because, like Rosalie, she doesn’t pretend to be someone she’s not. There’s a reason as to why she acts the way she does. She’s not being mean towards Bella out of pure hate. It’s more like she understands the situation between Bella, Edward and Jacob because she’s in that same situation with Emily and Sam. What she’s feeling is basically the same thing Jacob’s feeling. She’s realistic. Her character is so complex and I love that.

  46. First off…being the only female wolf in a pack of guys and being able to hold her own is so badass!!! I love Leah, and Julia Jones played her wonderfully!!!

  47. I love julias character leah because shes not your average girl. She depends on herself to get things done. She tries so hard to fit in with her pack. instead of letting the men handle things she steps up and works even harder. I admire julia in the twilight series.

  48. Leah is a great character! She is strong and powerful and full of love!!! I loved reading about her strength in the pack!

  49. cindylovestwilight says:

    I love her back story of how she has a love triangle with sam and emily! πŸ™‚

  50. Lisbeth Miranda says:

    I love Julia because she is an AWESOME person. She takes time out of her day and help with chariteies shes caring and she understands and loves her character LEAH. I love Leah beacause she is a misunderstood person and she doesn’t care what any of the guys think about her. She just lives her life and I love that about her I also love her because she knows and understands the pain and the feelings going on in Jacob’s head. She knows what Bella does to him and it warms my heart to actually see someone who cares and knows everything. I like how in Brekaing Dawn they sit and talk and understand each other and sort everything out. I also love that Leah went to go scream at Bella for what she had Jake through all those years and I wish that Jacob and Leah would be together because theyre good for weach other

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