AP: What Happens When Taylor Lautner Comes to Your Town

The AP has a three-day cataloging of exactly what happened in a small Pennsylvania town where Taylor Lautner was filming Abduction.

“As Day Two dawned, a handful of girls were camped out by 7 a.m. More arrived, perhaps twice as many as the day before. Some were younger: Maryah Rosenwald, 13, wrote “I heart Taylor” on her arms and legs with a Sharpie and carried a hand-lettered “Marry Me” sign and a Ring Pop for the engagement. Others were older, just a few months younger than Lautner and decked out for a date.

Not everyone was thrilled. The football team sweated through morning practice without a girl so much as glancing at them. “I kind of want him to leave,” groused freshman football player C.J. Arch.

Arch’s friend Jayden Korber, also a freshman, looked on the bright side: Lautner “brought all these new girls to town,” he said. “I’ll just do the clean-up work.”

By afternoon, it was humid and boring. Nothing to see except the brick exterior of their school. Hannah Rice, 14, mentioned that her mom had contacted the production company to offer up the family’s house. “It would have been cool to say he slept in my bed,” Hannah said. “I’d start drooling.”

Then squeals, and a chorus erupted:

“I would have stolen his clothes.”

“I would have stolen his underwear!”

“I would have stolen him! I’d have locked him in my closet and not let him go!”

As giggles subsided, reality seemed to suck the air out of their fun. “He’s so close,” Amber Beemer said. “But you can’t get him.”

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  1. missbluejuju says

    A set stalker’s car caught on fire today.


    Didn’t know if you blocked URLs, hence the (dot).

  2. Anonymous says

    Awww poor babies..lol

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  4. Haha he was 5 minutes away from where I live in Elizabeth, PA a week or two ago. Unfortunately, even if I didn’t work, I wasn’t going down to check it out. I would have been out of place, a 25 yr old tattooed/pierced metal chick, presumably amongst a sea of teenage girls, no offense to fellow fans tho!

    • If you’re talking about when he was in Mon City, I was there. 23. Not pierced/tattooed. haha, but married. You should have came, he was awesome, he took time to meet and take pics with all of us. I don’t care how old I am, or he is for that matter, he is one the biggest stars in literally the world right now, and he was in my town, and I met him. Ah-mazing!

  5. I wish Taylor would film a movie in London ! I would wait all day to see him 😉 x

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