Collider: Eric Leven, the Special Effects of Eclipse vs New Moon

Collider has a great interview about what happens behind the scenes. They talked to Visual Effects Supervisor Eric Leven to get the details.

Eric Leven Visual Effects Supervisor on THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.


  1. I loved all the special effects that occurred in the whole saga since the first movie so far are wonderful last

  2. They could of made Victoria’s beheading a little better. It’s the highlight of Eclipse…

    • I think they got it spot on. The music, the build up, Rob and the reaction were all wonderful. All while staying within Stephenie Meyer’s specifications of how the vamps in the Twilight Universe break like marble, and keepin the beheading within PG-13 limits. Very well done overall.

  3. I think people think of Rob and kristen as Edward/Bella. So all the fanfiction about them are probably written as E/B fanfiction. Whereas there are lots of fantasies about young (underage) attractive actors like Taylor, Dakota, and Selena.

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