Jennifer Love Hewitt Back on Team Edward After Meeting Taylor Lautner

I guess Jennifer doesn’t fully appreciate the Team Jacob or Taylor appeal.


  1. How could she have ever questioned whether she should be Team Edward or not?! Lol. Team Edward 100%!!

  2. LOL i’m like Jennifer and don’t understand the Taylor love either

    Team Rob big time

  3. she didn’t meet Rob again??? that sucks! somebody really should arrange Rob/Jennifer meeting..she’ll be dazzled…team Robert!

  4. SaraLovesTwi says:

    She’s so cute.

  5. Team Edward! Good taste Jennifer!

  6. Who cares what she thinks? Not me.

  7. yaelfica says:

    i still can’t understand why can’t she meet rob??? why isn’t anyone introducing them already!! she’s clearly robsessed!!! haha love her…

    • You really think Robert would like to find himself explaining to Kristen about exactly how that meeting went? After all her fangirl comments I think she will have to wait forever to get that meeting. Maybe at Robsten’s wedding…maybe.

  8. That’s funny! It’s surprising since Taylor seems like such a sweet guy. But I’m with Jennifer, gotta go Edward 100%!! That’s bad if you’re a celebrity and you can’t even meet Rob. I guess that means the rest of us can give it up…:(

    • Lunna-san says:

      Yeah, I mean. She’s a celebrity! How come she couldn’t meet him?

      I had friends switching to Team Jacob after watching the movie! Well, that was MR’s doing.

      Anyway, if I experienced the same she did, I guess I’ll change teams as well.

  9. Damn straight! LOL!

  10. I thought she was so into Edward and Rob. I’m really surprised she even considered joining Team Jacob. I’ve got nothing against Taylor, but I really don’t like his character, so I’ve never once thought of joining the other team. I notice he often looks really serious in pictures, though. Maybe he’s self conscious about his smile.

    • mek mek says:

      i agree 100% never thought of being team taylor dont like his character. but i do think taylor is a nice guy and probably thought the pic was going to come out good with a serious face. sorry JLH maybe next time you can meet Rob and get a really hot pic that u can keep it for 4ever. good luck

  11. Yeh, not smiling with a fan in a picture is kinda weird epecially if he had his premiere ‘game-face’ on. Maybe he thought she was just trying to get some publicity, when shes actually just a big fan. Everyone on the cast is really nice though, so its not like hes a bad guy.

    I still havent seen eclipse yet, Ive been emailing the uk E1 entertainment branch because im holding off til I can see it in IMAX, and apparently they are in negotiations to get the movie licensed for UK IMAX, so it shouldnt be long.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have noticed that Taylor doesnt smile when he takes pics with least in a lot of the pics I’ve seen of him with fans. Maybe its not personal..its just a thing with him..who knows. But he seems like a really nice guy otherwise.

  13. vouta87 says:

    He just did not mean it I’m sure..maybe he was just self-concious..Taylor is always nice 2 ppl.I’m not buyin tht he didn’t smile cuz he didn’t like her or somethin..its not intentionally..:)

  14. Krystol says:

    Yeah… I totally don’t get the Taylor appeal. I guess he is just too young for me. Though, it really creeped me out when my mom was gushing over him, icky.

    • Rebecca says:

      He’s little less then two years younger then me and I don’t get the appeal of Taylor either. *shrugs*

  15. I’m usually a fan of “Love” but after watching this interview…she came off really cute and really bummed over Taylor not smiling…liking her alittle more….

  16. I am sure Taylor is a real nice kid. He does nothing for me. He is not sexy. Eight pack ABS does not make a man sexy. A lot of Team Jacob people like him because of the ABS. Take away the ABS and they jump ship very fast.

  17. I am Team Edward but I love Jacob, too. He’s just so sweet and so incredibly good looking, and generally the sweetest guy, especially to the fans. I’m sure there’s a really good explanation for what may have appeared to be a less than gracious pose with her. Have you not ever taken a pix that just a moment before it was actually snapped was perfect and you see what was actually taken and go WTH?

  18. i am NOT team jacob, but rather team switz, leaning more towards jacob. ANYWAYS. surely taylor has a rocking body, but he still has a hot face too AND he has a lot of charisma. love his personality. i love rob too… but i love taylor more. my love for taylor stems from his personality and attitude.. the looks are just a HUGE plus.


  20. LoveMeSomeRob says:

    I can’t believe I’m actually writing in for this . . . but I thought you all should know there is a poll going on at Entertainment Weekly. . . Sexiest Beast. Covers everything from mutants, aliens, werewolves and our favorite, vampires! Edward Cullen is up against Keifer Sutherland’s creepy vampire in Lost Boys and Rob is LOSING!! This is some ongoing poll, with brackets (like during college basketball March Madness). You all should post this so the fans know to go vote. I will surely die if Edward doesn’t beat creepy Keifer and move on through this “tournament”

  21. I’m Team Edward/Rob all the way, but give Taylor a break. He probably took a million pictures that day. R/K/T can’t always be “on”. I can’t believe she deleted the picture. To me, any picture with the cast would be cool. I guess she’s a celeb and has certain expectations.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Seriously..deleted the pic? C’mon. There are millions of fans out there that will never even get that opportunity. Gimme a break.


  24. Poor Jennifer! I’m sure Taylor didn’t mean it, althou he’ll probably regret it if she gets a part in breaking dawn (which i hope she does!)

  25. Shameful says:

    You’re at the premiere with fans & cameras. YOU SMILE! No excuse. First impressions are everything. Taylor just learned that. I think that’s a shame that he did that. Fans may only get the one chance to meet them and it’s at the premiere. It’s not like he’s been filming overnight even then, I’ve seen Peter, Jackson and many of the cast take pictures with a smile with fans after working all night.

    No excuse. His PR people need to contact her and apologize. Jennifer is a real fan of the books and she loves Twilight. She’s a true fan and should be treated with respect. If he did that to her, what will he do with someone else.

    I feel for her. It’s a shame. I don’t blame her for deleting the pic. She was hurt that he didn’t smile. He could have given even a small smile…something. But no smile at all. I would delete it too. I’m not showing anyone that picture of him standing next to me with a frown on his face.

    That’s crazy. She was clearly hurt behind what he did. I hope he makes up for it one day soon.

    • I’m sorry, but it’s absolutely ridiculous to expect someone to be smiling ALL the time, even with fans. This all happens to him on a daily basis!! He’s entitled to an “off” day. He’d probably been smiling and taking photos for hours at this stage, give him a break.

      Besides, somehow I think the probability of her over-exaggerating this is more likely than him making evil eyes at her in the camera. Has anyone EVER seen him do that?

      Taylor: reputation as a sweetheart.
      Jennifer: reputation as a diva.

      You do the math.

  26. I agree with you too Tom. I think Taylor is a good guy and the whole actors are too. But I’m happy that Jennifer is on Team Edward or Robert. I love Robert. He is so handsome and so sweet and funny. That’s sad that Jennifer didn’t get a picture with Robert too. That would have been cool for her if Robert was smiling in the picture and the one with Taylor wasn’t, then she would have known to be on team Edward. lol.
    But I still think the whole cast are really nice people and so is Taylor. I still like Taylor too. 🙂

  27. Yeah, the clip with Jennifer just seems like a BIG joke to me. I think she’s just joking around because she is the ONLY celeberty (as far as I know, not much twilight action here in the Netherlands) who admits she’s obsessed with Twilight and be so obvious about it. 😀 I like that! I don’t care about teams, but I do think every actor from the twilight cast is a nice person who LOVES their fans! I can’t imagines Taylor or anyother actor would do that, specially not on YOUR premier.
    It must be a joke!

    • Actually Bryce Dallas Howard is a self proclaimed obsessed fan as well… the only difference is that she wound up with a role.

  28. lets admit it, she has a reputation for being a DIVA. to me, this seems no different.

    Also, to announce this on national television? That’s childish to the max. Somehow I think she’s over exaggerating. Taylor doesn’t always smile in pics with fans, but he never frowns. he’s too polite.

    besides, to me its amazing that she says in this interview that she was sitting on the fence between teams. Wasn’t an interview posted not a few months ago where she clearly stated she was team Edward?! She’s embellishing at least one aspect of this interview- I’d say she’s embellishing the lot, like her reputation would suggest.

  29. Lorraine says:

    My question? Why is the Lex even posting this???

    The only 2 things this interview can achieve on this site, really:
    1) encouraging people to think badly of the members of our favorite cast. (seems odd for a fansite)
    2)To suggest that she is over-exaggerating, and probably getting a little too big for her boots, like much of the people in Hollywood.

    Either way, this doesn’t really seem worthy of a post. In my humble opinion, I’m sure the poor kid was just tired. Glaring? seems out of character for him.

  30. I’m a fan of the books and I like Jennifer Love-Hewitt in Ghost Whisperer. My question is who cares? Maybe Taylor was having an off day or maybe he wasn’t, maybe Jennifer is over-exaggerating or maybe not. None of us know these celebrities except by the characters they play so pointing the fingers at Jennifer is slighly immature seeing as none of us really know what happened.

    • who cares? you do– enough to comment on it. i think jlh is adorable and i think she’s smooth getting herself another photo op with taylor, possibly

  31. Really, I think Taylor has enough sense of humor, that he would think this is funny also. Don’t believe she is serious….this was a cute interview, and I think she and most people would see that she is not serious, but just giving a good interview and that she is really a true Twilight fan! I like Edward the best, but Taylor seems to be a great person and really mature….I doubt if he would be offended at this. Let’s give the girl a break…it was funny! Why does this stuff have to be so serious.

  32. PamelaC says:

    That was super funny! I’m sure Taylor didn’t mean it though & the pic was probably snapped just before he flashed his come hither smile & adorable dimples:)

  33. Here’s the thing: She is promoting her new movie (which is not getting good reviews, but I never give any credence to the reviews) anyway all anyone has to do today to get lots and lots of publicity is to connect their name anything “Twililght”. Look how well this has worked for her, I think she maybe had some kind of encounter with Taylor and has used it – would anyone be talking about her appearance if she had not talked about her experience with Taylor?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Good point KittyC.

  35. I honestly can’t stand this chick. She’s always said she was team Edward so I’m not buying ‘almost swaying to team Jake’. Maybe Taylor didn’t smile because he was as annoyed as he should have been.

  36. Ohh Taylor!

    Not good! I unterstand that she deleted the picture!(:

    Team Edward 1000%

    Twilight Loove<3.

    • I’m totally sure that Taylor didn’t mean to look like that on the picture! – But it did look very, very funny(:
      I’m still on Team Edward;) 1000%
      Twilight Love<333.

  37. In response to KittyC…that’s a possibility but as I said earlier, none of us know these celebrities except by the characters they play. Though, we’ve seen the cast at several TV appearances, red carpet events, etc. it doesn’t accurately portray who these people are. Maybe Taylor was having an off day, maybe he thought he had time before the camera flashed, maybe it was misunderstanding between Jennifer….the possibilities are endless. I personally like Jennifer and would watch an interview with her regardless if it had anything to do with Twilight as I’m sure I’m not alone.

  38. Honestly,
    I don’t know why anyone is making a big deal out of this. Taylor did not do anything wrong. He did not show *THE BIRD* to the camera or do anything controversal: all he did (or didn’t) do was smile.

    I’m not Team Jacob, but I would not have deleated a picture of us together just because Taylor didn’t smile.

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