Hit Fix: Billy Burke Talks Drive Angry and Twilight

Billy Burke is hitting Comic Con later this month to promote Drive Angry (also incidentally a Summit Entertainment Picture). It’s a total departure from Twilight, very dark rated R movie with Nicholas Cage. The nails he mentions in the article are in the photo that Billy Tweeted a few months back.

“There have been a number of supporting players in “The Twilight Saga” who have been able to use their newfound notoriety into bigger roles but none who have deserved the chance more than Billy Burke.  Better known as Bella’s dad Charlie Swan, Burke has been working in Hollywood for almost 20 years with small roles in films such as “Fracture,” “Ladder 49,” “Along Came A Spider” and TV series roles on TV series such as “Gilmore Girls,” “My Boys” and “24.”  Now, he’s getting his most significant break yet as a conniving and evil cult leader in the supernatural action thriller “Drive Angry 3D.”

Visiting the set of “Angry” in Shreveport, Louisiana a few months ago, Burke was the center of a massive action scene between his character and a vengeful father from hell played by none other than Nicolas Cage.  Burke took some time off from his shooting schedule to sit down and talk to the assembled press on a very warm May night.  He was as candid and classy as you’d expect for a longtime Hollywood veteran.”

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  1. edwardsmylion says:

    Billy Burke is one cool guy. Love his new album and am super happy he is finally getting recognized in the industry. Check out the new series Rizzoli and Isles too – he’s cuter than ever!

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