FCC’s Indecency Policy Ruled Unconsistitutionally Vague

According to MTV’s Hollywood Crush,

“Last Tuesday, the Supreme Court struck down the FCC’s indecency policy based on it being “unconsistitutionally vague.”

The Hollywood Reporter says that the case originally stemmed from “profanity uttered by celebrities during live broadcasts of awards show” (thank you, Peter Facinelli and the 2010 MTV Movie Awards)( LEXICON EDIT see video below: warning language is not work safe, but it does illustrate the point being made by this article which involved an award won by the movie New Moon), but the result basically loosens primetime networks’ ability to use profane language and explicitly sexuality.

You can read THR, Esq.‘s in-depth summation of the court ruling on the link above, but we’re interested to see how the repercussions change TV in the upcoming season. Primetime has been getting markedly steamier over the past decade, especially in some of our favorites like “”Gossip Girl” and “90210.” THR also cites upcoming shows like NBC’s “Friends With Benefits” and CBS’s William Shatner-starring “S#*! My Dad Says” as other new shows willing to push television limits.”

As the article cites what particularly spurred this, was the spontaneous utterance of stars on Live Awards shows. Peter Facinelli responding to a show that was laden with F-bombs that were beeped out for home viewing decided to do it himself in attempt to satirize what went on that night not realizing that the MTV show wasn’t going to be quick enough on his additions. Peter later issued an apology via EW.


  1. This show was screened in the UK after our 9 pm watershed yet the swearing was still edited out. Probably due to that fact that it was a recording of the US show screened the day before. Had this been live in the UK and screened after 9pm no one would have batted an eye lid at Peters colourful language and it would’nt have gone to court. Saying that, we know the stars are excited but it really is unnecessary to swear just because one can!

  2. I, for one, think the super steamy profanity laden shows should stay on cable. I hate that I can’t watch anything on tv with my daughter around because it’s not appropriate for her to see…

  3. I seriously dnt see the big deal abt peoples cussing b/c i have work with 5yrs that tried to cuss me out before lol if it not the tv that kids learn these words it their surrounding and who they hang with. I dnt see why u gotta blame the tv when sometimes the child nevers watches tv but their friends or some family member cusses alot and that where they learn it

  4. Now if it only meant they could go GORY with the Birthing scene in Breaking Dawn….. and who wouldn’t want to see Bella in bed with her husband Edward on their honeymoon….

  5. Oh honestly! There are those who wish to live in a deluded little world in which “if we could only properly sensor the world of television then all would be right with the world”. I choose to live in the real world where I can step out onto my front porch and here the soul-stealing “f” bomb from my neighbors or turn on the news and see the very unsensored story about the teenager that was gunned down for wearing a red t-shirt! I may not LIKE it but give me a break! I can’t believe that people are still B****ing about Peter’s use of the F-word… Besides, it was hysterical. (Please note that for propriety’s sake I did my best to sensor this message!)

  6. Hi,
    here in Germany you can say anything you want on tv. No beep tone at all. I don’t like it if someone curses to much, but honestly, if it is not such a bad thing to do, you don’t curse. There is at least twice as much beep tone in amarican tv, than bad words on German tv used.

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  8. I still think it was intentional that they didn’t bleep out Peter’s F-bombs.

  9. Veronica says:

    omgosh…everybody else was cursing in the show!!!….why do they have to pick on us!!???

  10. I think Whoopi Goldburg said it best…words like F*ck, Sh*t, etc….are not bad words to me…it’s words like stupid, ugly, loser, useless that are the bad words. If someone calls a child a f*cker that child would probably be like “ooooh that’s a bad word”, call that same kid stupid, and that could affect him/her for the rest of their life. Really at the end of the day words have as about as much power as we give them. If some guy on TV drops the F-bomb and it’s going to make your daughter start using that word then maybe you need to have a discussion with your child. It every individual’s responsiblity to raise their child, not MTV!

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