Official Twilight Convention Boston

We are at the Official Twilight Convention in Boston. This convention marks the debut of Julia Jones at an on the road convention, and it’s her hometown! Kellan Lutz will also be here Sunday. It’s the first time he’s done a convention since March.  Follow along with us as we live tweet starting at around 3:00pm est today.

Some tickets are still available but going fast. See the Creation site for details!


  1. Sounds like Boo Boo is every bit as sweet as Seth!

  2. mschicklet says:

    I think BooBoo said “peekapoo” which is a pekingese/poodle hybrid.

  3. Hey, does anyone know when Robert and Kristen are going to be a convention, around New York. I want to go so bad but Rob is the I def need to c 🙂 thanx

  4. Great job at the convention! Just a few technical difficulties – I think I was more excited to see Lexicon people than the celebrities – I’ve been here since the beginning. Hopefully day two is even better than day one!

  5. Thanks for Twittering this event I had tickets to go but had to end up selling them to a friend because I lost my job and needed the money. Oh well there’s always next year when they go to Hartford,ct.
    Brandy- rob and Kristen don’t do conventions, they only did LA because it was a special event. You should find out when they’ll be doing tv shows in the NYC area and go.

  6. Awww thanks amanda that’s super nice of you.

  7. switzy4ever14 says:

    i love that you guys put the tweets up on the lex. makes me feel like i’m there (i wish!). just another wonderful thing of millions that the lex ladies do for us. thanks again.

  8. I went to the Boston con! Would love to see pics from other people that was there! I got a hug from dan and I have no pic! Please share your pic

  9. Ok it’s official, I miss you guys when you are gone…you are my fix and I think I am in withdrawals, seriously, I keep checking the site and there’s no new stuff, and I believe thats’ what it is….I will be glad when you’re back.

    • I’m having withdrawals too.Seriously, the Lexicon is my own personal brand of heroin lol.Great job at the convention and I’m just waiting for u ppl to get back.

  10. Lynne White says:

    I went today to the convention. I had a photo-op with Kellan Lutz! He was sooo nice. He’s wicked tall, so when I met him, I said, “You might I have to bend down”. So he got on his knees for the photo. It was so cute!!

    I had a great time definitely going back in August 2011!!

  11. lucky boston fans! I was going to go to the convention in Chicago in September strictly to see Kellan, but he pulled out of it because of a movie engagement. Guess I’m not going now.

  12. For everyone who wants to see the pictures I posted them at there are sooo many because I posted the blurry ones too, thought you all would want to see all of them.

  13. i so loved the convention it was my first… and thanks i won the best ball attire….my friend and i had a blast and she even hyperventilated and cried after meeting kellan for the photo op… it was amazing i can’t wait for the next one starting to save now so i can go to another one soon i hope

  14. Hey guys!! I was at the Boston convention this past weekend!!! I’ve got HUNDREDS of pics up!! Plus I’ve got pics from the Charlotte, NC convention a few months ago, and several twilight albums full of pics!!

    Hit me up on facebook!!

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