Teen Choice Awards 2010: Don’t Forget to Vote

The full list of Teen choice award is now available for voting. So if you meet the age requirements,  go and pick your favorites! Twilight is featured in the following categories:

Scene Stealer Female: Dakota Fanning, Ashley Greene, and Anna Kendrick are nominated for New Moon. Also in the same category is Betty White.  This will be a tough one for Twilight to win.

Scene Stealer Male: Kellan Lutz for New Moon

Chemistry: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are nominated for New Moon. Note, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift are also nominated for Valentine’s Day.

Liplock: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are nominated for New Moon. Note, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift are also nominated for Valentine’s Day.

Fantasy Movie: New Moon. This is also a tough category with Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter also nominated.

Actor Fantasy: Both Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are nominated for New Moon.

Actress Fantasy: Kristen Stewart is nominated for New Moon

Drama: The Runaways and Remember Me are both Nominated

Actor Drama: Robert Pattinson is nominated for Remember Me

Actress Drama: Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning are nominated for The Runaways.

Romantic Comedy: Valentine’s Day (co-starring Taylor Lautner is nominated)

Horror/Thriller: Nightmare on Elm Street (costarring Kellan Lutz is nominated)

Villain: Rachelle Lefevre is nominated. This is going to be tough with Stephen Lang from Avatar also in this category.

According to the rules you can vote once a day, so get out there and get voting!


  1. It looks like you missed the Summer, Fashion and Other categories.

  2. Gennifer says:

    Yeah, at the end of the Other category, they have a vote to see whose fans are most Fanatical. We don’t want to let Miley Cyrus (who is in that vote and is quoted as saying that her fans aren’t Twilight Fans) win, do we?

  3. brizely says:

    I can´t vote!!! Is NOT fair!!! I’m a fan even if I don’t live in the US, that sucks :S

  4. I wish they had Bella and Jacob as the best kiss. Their kiss was beautiful.

  5. Anonymous says:

    No Jacob/Bella kiss? Are they kidding? That was one of the best on screen kisses ever! I suspect it will win for best kiss at the MTV Movie Awards next year. Or it should anyway..lol

    • switzy4ever14 says:

      no nominations for eclipse yet. it hasn’t been out long enough, probably. since the kiss was in eclipse it can’t be nominated.

  6. Who wants a Bella & Jacob kiss…oh gosh….I ended up voting VD sorry Twilight…never thought I’d do that but decided that kiss was soooo much better.

  7. Cargonza says:

    Uh guys, this is for older movies such as New Moon (which is mentioned in most of the categories). Anything Eclipse will wait until next year.Yeah.

  8. Jean Brown says:

    Ok some of you people need to see some more movies if you think the J&B kiss was the best ever. Really? I see better kisses on soaps. The kiss looked strain and unnatural. Taylor was stiff and he look like his neck was straining. Kristen looked like she was acting. They did not melt into each other at all and i am so glad we dont have to look at them trying to kiss anymore. VERY EMBARASSING. Shame on Slade for not doing a better job with that. I doubt if it will win best kiss at MTV awards because the filming of Breaking Dawn will be done by then and some clips may be release and our heads will be fill with how HOT is the honeymoon scenes. MR did promise SMOKING HOT

  9. Cathryn says:

    Exactly how and when was Kellan a scene-stealer in New Moon? Should have been Jackson.

  10. Janie S. says:

    What about Xavier? He did a way better performance than Bryce. Team Riley ftw

  11. Guys these noms are for New Moon, Eclipse noms will be next year…but i will still vote edward&bella. =]

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