Wolfpack Wednesday: Meet Booboo Stewart

We are back with Wolfpack Wednesday!  We just attended the Creation Entertainment Official Twilight Convention in Indianapolis last weekend and we have some great items to give away.  We will also be attending the other conventions this summer in Boston, Toronto, and New Jersey.

When we saw Eclipse the first time, it was in a preview. The theater was full of movie critics. When Booboo Stewart came on screen the whole theater went “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”.

If there is one thing Booboo Stewart has cornered the market on is being multi-talented and just plain adorable. Booboo is accomplished in martial arts, music, and acting!

You can see his martial arts skills in this George Lopez video.

Booboo also has a new song out along with his sister Fivel that is currently exclusively seen here.

In Eclipse he plays Seth and will also continue the part in both parts of Breaking Dawn.  Tell us in the comments what you thought about Booboo in Eclipse, or if you’ve been lucky enough to see him at the Official Creation Entertainment Twilight Convention or other live event what you thought. We were struck by how very down to earth and un-Hollywood Booboo is. For someone under 18 in the movie world he doesn’t seem at all jaded, he’s very genuine.

Well pick a random person at 11:59 pm eastern time tomorrow night July 15th.

To kick things off we will send you a photo and one of our Twilight Top Ten tote bags signed by Booboo. Remember, we will send the items any place in the world. In the past we have had winners in Italy, Greece, Israel, and Norway. So, wherever you are, we will get the prize to you if you win!


  1. He is adorable, but they didn’t give him enough screen time. Seth is a great character, and I hope we get to see more of Booboo in Breaking Dawn.

  2. Stephanie Seale says:

    The best part about BooBoo was meeting him at the Indy Convention. He is the most down to earth kiddo! His mom is amazing, too. I am blessed to have met both of them and can consider them a part of my life! It was such an honor and I really appreciate how well they appreciate their fans! Love you guys! Also, Twilight Lexicon…thanks for coming to the convention and filling us in!

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  4. Brandi Waldman says:

    Thought he was super cute, of course. Just wish we could have seen more of him, but I’m looking forward to seeing much more of him in the next two movies!

  5. caitlin says:

    i thought booboo was perfect. made me want to hug him and pinch his face. can’t wait to see him be friends with edward in BD!

  6. Jana Giacomi says:

    We meet Boo Boo and his family at the LA convention. He was so adorable and sweet. We actually had 4 encounters with him and each time got to know him more and he is amazing. My daughter 14, was mesmerized.

  7. I did meet Booboo and his parents! They are all truly down to earth, and sincerely kind hearted! Had great time spending the weekend with him and is family! So So sweet!

  8. i absolutely adore booboo! i loved him as a child when he was in t-squad and then when i saw eclipse, i started screaming and kicking the chair in front of me when he made his appearance! i recently sent him a letter and a bracelet but did not include an envelope for him to send something back, so i doubt i’ll get anything back ): but my birthday is next month and there’s nothing i want more than booboo, which i said in the letter, so hopefully he sent something back. if not, it’d be REALLY great to win this! his new music video came out yesterday and i’ve already watched it at least thirty times, no exaggeration. been listening to the song every day since it came out (: i really do love booboo, he’s the wallpaper on my phone and computer! there’s a convention close to me, but i can’t go cause it’s too expensive so i really want to win this. i love booboo sooo much <3

  9. Tananya Sitiso says:

    oh my gosh!i did say AWWWWWWWWWW!!!! during the camp fire scene!it was so cuteeeeee!!i love that part!!this is such a good article :DD id LOVE to MEET him SOOOOOO BADLYYYYYYYY!!hes sooo cuteeee gahhhh!!!<33

  10. Aw, booboo is adorable and so down to earth! I thought booboo was perfect for Seth, they couldn’t have picked anyone better. Too bad he had only a couple of lines :/ Can’t wait to see him in breaking dawn! (:

  11. Aww, BooBoo is adorable and so down to earth! He was perfect for seth, they couldn’t have picked anyone better. Too bad he only had a couple of lines :/ Can’t wait to see him in breaking dawn though! (:

  12. I thought Booboo was AMAZING as Seth! I like freaked when he came on! Hes so hot and I can’t wait to see him in Smitty and Breaking Dawn! I love Booboo!

  13. I think that Boo Boo is perfect for the part of Seth. As a twi-hard I am familiar with the character Seth and he is potrayed as a very optimistic person, always happy. Boo Boo pulled off that part great, plus hes super cute. I already was a fan of Seth and I worried that his character would be changed onscreen, but he kept it pretty close to the book. I’m looking forward to Breaking Dawn mostly, for Seth’s greater involvment in the movie. Boo Boo is great and he’s part of the reason that I’m Team Seth!

  14. I love Booboo!! I am glad they chose him to play Seth!! I saw him at the MDA and he was just really down to earth and really nice!!

  15. Booboo is exacly how I pictured Seth to be when I was reading the books.I’ve never had the chance to meet him in person but that would be like a dream come true.For the things I’ve heard Booboo seems like the perfect guy.He’s talentes hot (laughs) and really sweet and downto earth.I’m only 11 years old I’m a HUGE fan of both George and Booboo,I live in Puerto Rico and I absolutely ADORE Booboo and his sister (Fivel).the Twilight staff piked the BEST Seth they ever could find!Best of luck on the rest of your career and I hope you make lots more hits!

  16. Margaret says:

    I absolutely adore booboo(= such a cutie and seems like such a perfect guy. i havent met him yet but im waiting for the day that i do(=

  17. Booboo Stweart is the perfect guy to play Seth. He is fun, charming, and hot and gets along so well with all the cast members! He is great at martial arts and has great music. I love his new song Rainy Day! It’s amazing!!! When I saw Eclipse for the first time, I thought he was spectacular in it. Then, I went home and read the book again and all i could picture as Seth was Booboo. The film makers did a wonderful job picking this character. I really hope I get to meet him some day. He is my favorite character in Eclipse! Thanks so much for having this contest and I really hope I win!

  18. Margaret says:

    hes the cutest and seems soo nice. i wish to meet him one day cuz i absolutely adore him(= & hopefully have him reply to my fanmail since its almost my birthday and thats what im wishing for

  19. I have read the Twilight saga and I knew immediately that Seth Clearwater was my favorite character and Boo Boo Stewart was suited perfectly for the role. When I saw Eclipse at the premiere, my first thought was “I can’t wait to see who plays Seth!” Even though he had like two lines, you could tell that Boo Boo had embraced the character and took into consideration that he wanted Twilight fans to be happy. It seemed it wasn’t difficult at all for him! In my mind, he seemed to have had all the qualities that Seth possesses. Down to earth, relaxed, and not to mention, incredibly handsome!

  20. I have read the Twilight saga and I knew immediately that Seth Clearwater was my favorite character and Boo Boo Stewart was suited perfectly for the role. When I saw Eclipse at the premiere, my first thought was “I can’t wait to see who plays Seth!” Even though he had like two lines, you could tell that Boo Boo had embraced the character and took into consideration that he wanted Twilight fans to be happy. It seemed it wasn’t difficult at all for him! In my mind, he seemed to have had all the qualities that Seth possesses. Down to earth, relaxed, and not to mention, incredibly handsome! I have yet to meet him, but hopefully I will one day!

  21. I think the scene where we meet his character, Seth, has some obvious foreshadowing. All the book readers know we’ll see a lot more of him in Breaking Dawn. In the scene at the tribal meeting, you can tell his character is close to who BooBoo is in real life. He didn’t have to stretch himself much to act in this role.

  22. brittany says:

    loved him as seth, was exactly what i imagined- a younger version of jacob

  23. omgg he’s so ADORABLE!! <3

  24. I think Boo Boo is such welcome addition to the wonderful Twilight saga cast. He is perfect for the role of Seth! 🙂

  25. I agree I think Booboo is perfect for Seth. He was good at acting in Eclipse even if he only had a few lines. I like his wolf color too 😀 At least we’ll see him MUCH more in Breaking Dawn! Your awesome Booboo! 😀

  26. Ashley Bliskowski says:

    He was pretty cute and energetic as Seth, cracked me up. =)

  27. When I was at the convention in Los Angeles on June 11-13 I got to meet BooBoo when he was at his vendors table. He was so sweet! I got to talk to him for a while since there wasn’t really anybody there. He was nice and down to earth and really adorable!

  28. SimplyJennifer says:

    I think he is just so adorable. I want to be able to miniaturize him and carry him in my pocket. When he came on the screen for the first in Eclipse I couldn’t help, but go “awww. He wins my most adorable award.” He really brought Seth to life and I will be happy to see him and Rob as friends in Breaking Dawn. As if I needed another reason to see BD Booboo would be it. =]

  29. Booboo is absolutely amazing in eclipse and any-time else.hes the sweetest most awesome guy a girl could ask for!!!!cant wait for breaking dawn cuz he’ll have a bigger part and more time on screen!!!!hes the perfect seth!!!<3 BOOBOO!!!

  30. Jamie Hundley says:

    He did a great job in Eclipse. He played Seth very well.

  31. Boo Boo is kind and well-mannered and very considerate. He is just as adorable in person as on-screen.

  32. i heart booboo stewart! sucha cutie! 🙂

  33. Surferchick says:

    I met Booboo at the L.A. Eclipse Convention during the preconcert party. He posed for a picture with me and was very sweet, sitting at our table to chat. I also met his parents at the convention and it was obvious he has had a good upbringing. When so many teens are rebellious and out of control, Booboo is sweet and grounded. Congratulations to the Stewart family!

  34. I thought that Booboo played Seth perfectly! He was adorable and just happy to be there, just like Seth is in the book. I loved his interaction with Jacob. It made me think of an older-younger brother relationship. I’m so excited to see this continue into Breaking Dawn. Booboo just has the perfect pep to be Seth. 🙂

  35. Lara Eve says:

    I was fortunate to meet Booboo at the eclipse red carpet premiere in Los Angeles. I was so sad when I found out about the wristbands people had to have to get into the exclusive fan viewing area and I thought I wasn’t going to be able to see anything. I stood across the street at the staples center and Booboo came over to us and signed as many autographs as he could even coming inside one of the baricades to sign and take pictures. he signed my eclipse book for me and saw my camera and asked if I wanted a picture with him and was so sweet and had a gorgeous smile 🙂 I hope that I get to meet him again sometime soon!

  36. radiowidow says:

    Another vote for perfect casting!

  37. Aww how cute is he! 🙂

  38. Twilight dreamers says:

    He is just like what everyone thought Seth would be like! Very Happy and cute, Like a little brother! Maybe Its because im an 8th grade girl but I just find him adorable! (As do some adults)! Cant wait to see his friendship with Edward as he stands in Jacobs place at the wedding! Yay BooBoo!

  39. Seth is the only werewolf I like, and Booboo played him PERFECTLY!

  40. I absolutely loved BooBoo as Seth, when he was first cast, I really wasn’t sure. He encompassed the role completely (the few minutes of screen time he had) and did a wonderful job. I just re-read Breaking Dawn, and I see him as Seth. Tagging along with Jake. Loving to protect the Cullens… etc. Job well done BooBoo!!

  41. The first time i saw him was last year, because living in Australia i didnt know he was in a band before. I thought he was so cute from the first time i’ve seen him and i still thnk that way ! probably one of the reasons i watched Eclipse was because he had a role in it ! When he appeared on the screen i just went AWWW instantly, all my friends was sitting atleast a seat away from me because when i get excited i seem to grab their arm really hard ! lol. i dont think anyone could play seth clearwater like he did, Team Seth all the way !


  43. what can I say about booboo…well I think he’s so amazing! I’ve had a short conversation with him on ustream and he is so nice and kind! I also think he’s really talented! I mean he can play the drums, guitar, sing, and act!! that’s pretty awesome! most talented actor,singer, etc. I know! he didn’t get a lot of parts in Eclipse as breaking dawn so I’d love to see that! and his new song with Fivel gets in my head so much I love it! I’d really like to meet him based on everything I know about him he seems really chill and a happy guy! he seems like a guy I’d love to be friends with! And I loveee how he is so down to earth! =) did I mention he’s cute?

  44. Angelique says:

    In General Boo Boo seems like an extremly nice guy. I haven’t had a chance to meet him yet but I’ll be lucky enough to meet him this weekend at the Boston Convention. But the fact that Boo Boo is willing to give autographs for free as long as you send him an envelope is extremly generous. Not to mention how much time and dedication that must take.
    As his charcter, Seth Clearwater, he’s really great! You can tell his character is young, and fun and I think that’s really important. I thought he looked so cute when he was talking to Jake and Bella “Newest, Smartest, Bestest” I don’t even know if those are the exact words or not.lol
    He really seems great. And I love him as Seth Clearwater. I can’t wait to meet him!!

  45. Brynleigh says:

    “Hey Booboo, can I take you home?” Haha, that was great!!!

  46. Alexis Keams says:

    I was fortunate enough to get the chance to meet Boo boo at a Twilight Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Everyone was walking around the vendors room shopping, when in walks Boo boo and his family. I was so shocked i wasn’t sure if i should run up and say hi or just stand there in amazment. i ended up just standing there staring. Later on i bought Boo boo’s cd and went up to him to get it signed. His little sister, sage was sitting at the same table he was signing at handing him different sharpies to sign with. She was very cute and he handle it very well, just laughing and smiling. He ended up being just a normal down to earth boy. I enjoyed every moment of it. And running into him and his family all the time. (:

  47. Adrianna says:

    Boo Boo was perfect for the part. He fit Seth perfectly, I can’t think of anyone to better play the part. He’s so down to earth and kind, like seth. I’ve never gotten to meet him, but i hope I will someday.

  48. Booboo was too adorable as Seth in Eclipse!!! Loved it!!!

  49. Koreena says:

    Not only was he an awesome Seth in Eclipse, but he seems to be a pretty nice and grounded kid. I love how he’s just so happy all the time.

  50. From what I’ve seen, he’s a pretty cool kid. I love seeing him play all these different instruments and he has a great voice. His martial arts skills are awesome as well.

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