Wolfpack Wednesday: Meet Booboo Stewart

We are back with Wolfpack Wednesday!  We just attended the Creation Entertainment Official Twilight Convention in Indianapolis last weekend and we have some great items to give away.  We will also be attending the other conventions this summer in Boston, Toronto, and New Jersey.

When we saw Eclipse the first time, it was in a preview. The theater was full of movie critics. When Booboo Stewart came on screen the whole theater went “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”.

If there is one thing Booboo Stewart has cornered the market on is being multi-talented and just plain adorable. Booboo is accomplished in martial arts, music, and acting!

You can see his martial arts skills in this George Lopez video.

Booboo also has a new song out along with his sister Fivel that is currently exclusively seen here.

In Eclipse he plays Seth and will also continue the part in both parts of Breaking Dawn.  Tell us in the comments what you thought about Booboo in Eclipse, or if you’ve been lucky enough to see him at the Official Creation Entertainment Twilight Convention or other live event what you thought. We were struck by how very down to earth and un-Hollywood Booboo is. For someone under 18 in the movie world he doesn’t seem at all jaded, he’s very genuine.

Well pick a random person at 11:59 pm eastern time tomorrow night July 15th.

To kick things off we will send you a photo and one of our Twilight Top Ten tote bags signed by Booboo. Remember, we will send the items any place in the world. In the past we have had winners in Italy, Greece, Israel, and Norway. So, wherever you are, we will get the prize to you if you win!


  1. BooBoo is certainly amazing. His role as Seth is exactly what needed to happen. It’s that youth that you can’t replace with any of the other guys…or really, anyone else I could possibly think of. I did get the opportunity to meet him when he did the “surprise” visit at the premiere the day before. He was very, very cool…and even attempted to rub off my wolf pack tattoo.

  2. Oh my gosh, i love Boo Boo!! I can’t think of a better person to play Seth. The minute he came on the screen in Eclipse I just wanted to hug him, haha. He’s like everyone’s perfect kid brother.

  3. I love Booboo!! He is such a nice guy, and is perfect as Seth. I’ve been a fan of his for awhile! I love his music as well!

  4. he was awesome!!! 🙂

  5. rhiannon says

    he is so adorable, i can’t stand it!!

  6. Carleigh says

    I love Booboo he is so down to earth and such a cutie!!!!! He is exactly how i pictured my fav character!!! I have been a fan of his since 3rd grade and now im in 8th!!!

  7. I have to say, when you read Eclipse, and then see Booboo’s portrayal of Seth in the movie, it is awesome. He is exactly what I pictured Seth to be like, in his actions and looks. I always pictured Seth as this cute little brother type, and Booboo got it spot on!! I have not had the opportunity to meet or see him in person, but it is very nice to hear that he is very down to earth and not your typical jaded Hollywood teen! From what I have seen, he seems to be a very talented young man, and I predict great things for his future!! Can’t wait to see him in BD, and his friendship with Edward!

  8. I thought he did a great job in the movie. I have also meet boo boo in las vegas not all that long ago. I ran into him on his way to a autograph signing and he was very nice along with his dad and sisters.

  9. Booboo Stewart just looks like a great down to earth guy! i was excited to see Eclipse just to see what Seth would look like because he’s one of my favorite characters, beside Jacob, lol. I think that Booboo did a great job at the part of Seth. he showed everything that Seth is. I can’t wait to see him in the Breaking Dawn movies. he’s gonna be awsome. i hope that he stays his down to earth guy no matter what happens. i wish him the best of luck in everything he does. :))

  10. When I saw Booboo for the first time at the campfire in Eclipse, I went “awwww” aswell. 🙂

  11. Juliiheartstwilight says

    He’s just so cute, it’s ridiculous. He was perfect as Seth in Eclipse.
    I love Boo Boo and Fivel’s new song Rainy Day

  12. i think he’s great for the role i love him, hope i win 🙂

  13. he’s so sweet

  14. I met BooBoo @ the Eclipse con in LA. He was the absolute sweetest guy. He took pictures with everyone at the precocktail party. And he’s absolutely adorable. In a few years the world better watch out.

  15. I was really excited to see Seth in this movie. In BD, he’s one of my favorite characters because he looks up to Jacob so much. It was fun to see his bit in Eclipse and I especially loved Jacob getting him in a playful headlock before Billy was ready to start telling the story of his people.
    I’ll be very anxious to see what he does in BD.

  16. he’s perfect for the role, don’t you love him?

  17. i would love to see him in BD, i can’t wait

  18. Bella's Coven says

    He is so cute and I loved his character in Eclipse. I hope to see him one of these days at. Convention. *Fingers Crossed*.

  19. I’ve known and worked with BooBoo on numerous occasions for about four years now and I totally get what Peter Facinelli was saying about how his daughters feel about the movie knowing their dad is in the Twilight Saga. It doesn’t feel as genuine and loses it’s fantasy escapism when you know the person. I am however, extremely excited that he was given this opportunity – he and his family have worked very hard to get him to where he is today!

  20. Amber Bradshaw says

    I think he’s amazing as Seth. I can’t wait to see more of his work in Breaking Dawn!

  21. Well,BooBoo was amazing as Seth in “Eclipse”…Can´t wait to see some more of him in “Breaking Dawn”.And I´ll hopefully meet him in November at the Twilight Convention in Barcelona.
    Also I luv his voice when he sings!

  22. I was lucky enough to meet BooBoo at the Eclipse Con in LA.I was actually pleasently suprised by how sweet and down to earth he was.My daughter was unable to come so I got her a shirt signed by him. He was so cute when he asked how to spell her name. Cuz people usually spell it wrong & he didnt, he just grined and said “simple minds”. Its so great to see a young star like BooBoo not let the fame of Hollywood go to his head.You can tell he genuinely enjoys meeting and talking to his fans. I could go on & on but you get the Idea. So in closing GO TEAM SETH!!!

  23. mschicklet says

    Yea, after reading the Lexicon’s review of Eclipse, I expected to be all “Aww” when I saw him come on the screen. But I really didn’t feel much of anything. Other than, “Okay. Here’s Seth. Oh wait, 2 lines later, he’s gone.” I liked the wolf they made though 🙂 Despite it being the wrong color.

  24. He was just adorable. He is what I pictured Seth to be from the book.

  25. We were lucky enough to meet Seth this past weekend in Indianapolis. He is very sweet and down to earth. My teen daughter and niece are now Team Seth after meeting him!

  26. Honestly, because of BooBoo, I’m leaning more towards the Wolf Pack over the vampires. I’ve seen interviews of him and I definitely have a crush on him. In Eclipse, he did a fantastic job. Plus, he’s just so polite and super adorable 🙂

  27. I think booboo brought the character of Seth to life in the twilight saga eclipse. In the books Seth is a stand up lovable guy and booboo portrayed that perfectly.
    I was supposed to meet him this weekend at the Boston convention but was forced to sell my tickets as I lost my job and needed the money. But oh well hopefully he’ll come to the convention next summer in CT and I can meet him there.

  28. Seth is my all time favorite charactor, so Booboo had really big shoes to fill for me. When I saw Eclipse, at midnight, i was not disappointed. He is adorable and funny. Everytime i saw him a wolf whistled and yelled “hot stuff” while it was silent in my theater. I cant wait to see more of this hunk <3

  29. I saw Eclipse 3 times already, one per week, and I think Booboo is great as Seth, is perky, is exited about the werewolf thing, you can tell he practically worships Jake, he is a great actor and I guess he delivered the caracter perfectly!

  30. I had the pleasure of meeting BooBoo @ the PHX Twi-tour… He is an amazingly poised, charming, friendly, down to earth young man. He has a very bright future ahead of him. He handles the spotlight well. He has a way of deflecting the ridiculous type questions in a very ‘adult’ fashion. My daughter has a huge crush on him (& even sang for him when we had the opportunity to chat w/him) and he was very gracious. I can now say, I too am “TEAM SETH” 😉
    Fivel will also be a shining star in her career!
    I wish them both the absolute best! 🙂

  31. BooBoo is great as Seth! I’m glad they cast him because his appearance really reminds you just how young Seth is. Thanks for the contest!

  32. He is amazing as Seth! I love him! He is so talented 🙂

  33. Booboo is such a cutie! I must say that he is THE perfect actor to play Seth. This kid’s gonna be one hottie as he gets older!!

  34. Charlene says

    When I saw BooBoo on the cover of a teen mag: I knew he would be such an adorable Seth-I love his character. His piece was so small in Eclipse; lets hope they don’t fudge up his character..he better be bouncy. Ahh Charlie my fave bad guy-gorgeous! funny in all interviews..glad you made the cut.

  35. Boo Boo was perfect for Seth, he was exactly what I saw in my mind as I read the books. My only negative judgement of him in Eclipse is there was not enough of him! I wanted more on the mountain! I was looking forward to his and Edwards bonding and it really never came…hope they step it up in Breaking Dawn. More Boo Boo!

  36. iheartbooboo says

    BooBoo is so multi-talented. 😀 I don’t think anyone could possibly play the role of Seth Clearwater more perfect than he did. He did an perfect job. Plus he’s great at singing and dancing!

  37. I thought BooBoo did a great job portraying Seth in Eclipse. He’s a very talented young actor and I look forward to Breaking Dawn where we will get to see more Seth and more interviews with the always sweet BooBoo.

  38. Laura Resnick says

    I haven’t been lucky to meet Booboo Stweart in person, I attended the Nashville convention and he wasn’t one of the special quests to appear which sucked. He is an amazingggg actor, he fit the role as Seth Clearwater, the way he seemed so down to earth with Taylor Lautner on set and things, he just seems like an all around GREAT guy. I wish I had the money to continue going to conventions and showing my support and love to all the amazing actors of these movies but unfortuantly I can’t. It would be awsome to have something signed from booboo though, cause next to Taylor Lautner, he is the cutest one from the movie. Without a doubt one of my favorites. (:

    I love me some Seth Clearwater.

  39. Samantha says

    He’s extremely talented and really nice!!! Can’t wait to see him in Breaking Dawn!!! 😉

  40. Heather Hunt says

    When I heard he was playing Seth I was super excited!! Seth is my favorite werewolf and I thought Booboo was excellent at playing the kindhearted young wolf. He is awesome and I can’t wait to see him in the nest two movies!! I have been fortunate ebough to go to the Twilight Convention and see you lovely ladies but he wasn’t at the one I attended 🙁 He is very talented and I can’t wait to watch him expand upon his character in Breaking Dawn. BooBoo rules!!

  41. I was so happy to see Seth played exactly as I had imagined him in the book. It was one of the things I was worried they they might not get right. Great job Booboo!!

  42. Serenity K says

    BooBoo portrayed Seth PERFECTLY in Eclipse! I can’t possibly imagine anyone else in the role. I also can’t wait to see more of him in Breaking Dawn. He seems like he’s a pretty down to earth sweet heart in real life. I’ll be traveling to Boston this weekend for the convention, so I’m hoping I’ll have the chance to see him!

  43. what an uber cutie!!! even though i saw seth as a blond (for some strange reason ;P) when i was reading, booboo filled his shoes quite well…

  44. That’s exactly what our theater did! I went to a screening with press. As soon as he came on there was “AAAAWWWWWW”‘s “SETH!” and when he stopped talking it was “He’s so adorable!”

    Well, that boy won over us all in 10 seconds flat.

  45. I think Boo Boo is absolutely adorable! He was so perfect for the role of Seth. He had just the right amount of naivety and enthusiasm. I cannot wait to see him in Breaking Dawn! I was reading it (again) the other day and couldn’t picture anyone else for the role! I have not gotten to attend any of the conventions and live on the East coast so have not been near any events, but I think he seems like such a genuine, talented person. I also think the new song is pretty good =) it is really fun to see actors doing other things they are good at! I bet he fits in nicely with the rest of the musically talented cast!

  46. BooBoo is so adorable. He was such a cutie in Eclipse!

    Him and Taylor looked like brothers, messing around 🙂

    Awwww! 🙂

  47. I think he had about two lines total, but in those two lines he managed to perfectly embody Seth Clearwater and the way he looks up to Jacob as well as his easy going demeanor. I don’t think it would’ve been possible for Summit to cast a better Seth Clearwater, he was almost exactly how I pictured. All in all, it would’ve been impossible to pick a better person to portray the character, perhaps just because that seems to be how Booboo is in real life.

  48. i love booboo as seth he is so cute!

  49. booboo made an awesome seth!!!! i would love to win!

  50. I don’t think they could’ve picked someone better to play Seth. He was so cute in Eclipse and I look forward to seeing him in Breaking Dawn–especially because he’ll have a bigger part. I’m also hoping to see him in SLC for the convention! So far he is scheduled to be there.

    • wel i bearly heard about him he seems to a great person i have him as friend
      on myspace and wel he does alot of stuff nd on eclipse ,nd i seen that he has like thousands of girls following him so i dont even bother with being in love with him