Peter Facinelli on Regis and Kelly in Canada

The Regis and Kelly show is on location in Canada this week and Peter Facinelli was one of their guests.


  1. That’s my home province! *sigh* I can’t believe that I had to go back to grad school the week before freaking Peter Facinelli arrived! 🙁

  2. oh man i love his facial hair

  3. I saw it this morning. He looked really jet-lagged, like he could fall asleep any second, but he was still his usual funny self.

  4. I don’t think Carlisle is cute (I don’t dig the really blond and gentle whisper) but Peter is hot! Jennie Garth is a lucky, lucky woman.

  5. Ooh that tattoo thing is fascinating – it’s such a brilliant idea. Wouldn’t mind having one either – but he has to sign in his character as Carlisle =)

  6. He’s such a doll.

  7. Agreed. A real pleasant man. Love him. And, he is gorgeous.

  8. Exclusive photos of Peter on Regis & Kelly are at 🙂

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