Stunning Portrait of Ashley Greene as Alice

There is a lot of criticism hurled at times towards those who create in photoshop that they aren’t “real artists”. After looking at this video, working adeptly in Photoshop is an art form unto itself, lots of finesse is needed as well as an overall artistic sense.

It tool the artist 9 hours using adobe photoshop cs4 to complete the work. You can see his total gallery here.


  1. kirsti_McC says:

    wow! that is really good!!!
    What songs is playing while he is doing that ?

  2. And you’d think that’s the real pic, and that’s her posing for the camera. Unfriggin’believable!

    • Twilight_News says:

      No, it’s an artist’s rendition of the studio still. That took time and effort to get right using photoshop, and the artist shot a video of how he did it to show the work involved. It’s a skill like any other skill.

  3. WOW!! That was amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I believe the song is called “River Flows in You” by Yiruma. It’s an amazing song. I’ve always loved it. The pictures is incredible!

  5. That was amazing. What he did was a beautiful. That IS art! That put a smile on my face… after my mouth hanging open xD

  6. Very cool. I wish that I had the patience to do something like that.

  7. That was incredible, amazing, and breathtaking.

  8. Beautiful. Oh to have skills like that.

  9. Wow…. I’m deeply impressed. Simply wow. That was amazing. And the music was as beautyful as the work of the artist.

  10. This individual is obviously a talented artist working in a medium so new those who are gifted in it are not yet appreciated. Time, patience and skill were needed to create this exquisite illustration. So much of the photoshop art I have seen has been done on the fly with unsatisfying results. There’s a lesson here for anyone working in photoshop.

  11. noah brighten says:

    I know a lot of very talented people who use Photoshop as a medium. I’ve been trained with Photoshop 7.0 and below. It takes a lot of skill, patience, and a whole bunch of trial and error, much like any other art form. You can find several vids on the web of people busting out the mad skills with Photoshop. One of my favs is of a person doing, “Captian Jack Sparrow”. Amazing stuff. Gotta have the right tools as well. A mouse and keyboard doesn’t cut it. Most of the ones I know who do things like what we are seeing above, have really nice digital tablets that allow them to draw, and paint just as if they were using paper. I won’t one… but they are expensive…

  12. Thanks for sharing!
    I just know how to use Photoshop to correct the red eyes that come up in the pictures! lol
    I wish I knew how to do something like that portrait. It’s beautiful to see! Thank you again for posting it.

  13. la_petite_femme says:


  14. Being a graphic artist who uses Photoshop ALL THE TIME, this is incredibly difficult!!!! I Love watching these pictures ppl create. The only problem is that you have to film it so quickly that the viewer doesn’t know how to do it… 🙁 LOL

  15. Wow just WOW!

  16. Congratulations!!!! It is beautiful. Love it!!

  17. Wow! This does look like a photograph. This artist is so talented. They could probably work MAGIC with non-computer art.
    As an artist who has done both, I have to say that I appreciate traditional art more, but when you see all of the effort put into this piece, you can’t help but be amazed!

  18. awesome. great job, loved the music and renderings.

  19. It’s the fan picked Bella’s lullaby. It’s available for purchase on iTunes. Many people prefer it as Bellas Lullaby over the official version on the soundtrack.

  20. I love photoshop. I do some coloring on it. It takes a lot of skill to recreate a duplicate of a photograph. It’s understandable is someone wants you to paint, color, or shop a photograph for them. But in my opinion, it’s a lot harder to draw from still life. Try drawing someone in person, it’s not the same when you have a picture you can hold up right to your face.

  21. Twilight dreamer says:

    Its lovely! Those people are real artists because it takes so much time and effort was put into this! Wonderful as was the song, i like it better than bella’s lullaby sorry!

  22. Gorgeous! I teach a unit on working with Photoshop to my 8th grade art class and I know I will use this video in the future to show kids the versatility of this unbelievably powerful medium… I love the subject matter too! 🙂

  23. Amazing, thanks for posting this! The people who think Photoshop is not a respectable medium are the same people who insisted those talking pictures would never take off. I’ve painted (as in, oils, acrylics, etc.) and photoshop is both my business partner and BFF and I can say that this – painting in photoshop – is probably the hardest of all. I have neither the skill nor the patience required for something like this!

  24. i hope ashley has seen this. AMAZING!!

  25. The final work is beautiful and watching it take shape was amazing. I’m lucky to get the red out of eyes in my pictures. I’ve seen some fantasy art done on computer, but nothing like this. Thanks for sharing.

  26. these ‘real’ artists are obviously technophobes, because this is like a picture! photoshop is the future.

  27. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  29. love2dream says:

    fantastic… thanks for sharing your talent

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