James Kleinmann: Booboo Stewart and Alex Meraz

James Kleinmann got the wolfpack point of view at the London press junket.


  1. god these two were boring. especially booboo stewart. he looks nice and im sure he’s a great person but he’s just so dull! say something interesting/intelligent and unexpected for once! thats why rob, kristen and even nikki reed’s interviews are way more interesting. maybe because they’re so honest and don’t say stuff because its “safe” or whatever.

  2. Booboo stewart IS nice and is a great person, why would he need to be anything like kristen and rob? They’re old enough to deal with rumors and bashing, Booboo is still getting used to all the Twilight craziness. He doesn’t need to be open about everything, if he wants to play it “safe” then fine it’s up to him, but he doesn’t need people like you to bring him down.

    I personally love this interview and can’t wait to see more :]

  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00sy7v3

    ECLIPSE special on BBC Radio 2