David Slade Thanks Eclipse Fans on Facebook

David Slade wrote the following letter to Eclipse fans on the official Twilight Saga movie facebook which just reached the 8 million fan mark over the weekend making it one of the largest Facebook online communities.

“When you put your heart and soul into something as intense as the duration of a film production, you become completely lost in it. You focus on doing your very best to get it right each day and you work on this for so long that you assume an ownership of it.

When shooting The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, I always felt an awareness of how many people this film would reach and as a result, knew that this film did not just belong to myself, the producers and the studio, but more so, to all of you, the fans of The Twilight Saga.

At the end of the day, after all the hard work is done, all that’s left is the film itself, and your overwhelmingly positive and supportive responses have made me feel like we must have done something right. As a filmmaker, this is a rare and strange feeling of connection with an audience of which I will never forget and I thank you all for it.

JULY 2010


  1. Why did I get choked up reading this? LOL

  2. That was really nice to read. Again, THANK YOU David for making Eclipse so awesome!!

  3. That was so kind…a rarity in a world where money is always the top concern.

  4. seriously LOVELOVELOVE him!!!! Really, he gave life to our saga and it was absolutely amazing. Sure I can nit-pick and over analyze everything just as good as the next Twi-girl, but overall, he really did an overwhelmingly beautiful job!!

  5. Thank u David u did an amazing job with this movie…..saw it on wednesday and can’t wait to go see it again :))

  6. A big THANK YOU to David Slade. The movie was awesome and completely true to the book!!! How did you manage to make Rob look even hotter than the other directors??? Wow, just wow.

  7. Reading that gave me goosebumps! What an incredible guy & a complete genius, Eclipse is an incredible film, best one yet <3

  8. David Slade is very important to us fans now and I’m thankful he made us feel like we were part of the books FINALLY. Thank you David !!!

  9. Thank you David, the movie was a perfect recreation of the very beloved Eclipse book. I cannot tell you enough how much my friends and I enjoyed it, I cant wait to see it again…I have even been able to drag along a certain male to the movie who for the first time came across to the twi side and saw what all the fuss was about!

  10. Apparently I’m the only one in the world that didn’t like Eclipse. I wanted to punch David Slade in the face after seeing the movie.

    • No you’re not the only one, but he did what he thought was best. For that I give my most heartfelt thanks. Thank you, Mr. Slade.

  11. Whether we liked the movie or not, I cannot fathom putting David Slade down for putting his heart & soul into making it. I know I can’t speak for anyone that was involved in the movie, but I am sure that all the actors, Stephenie Meyer & David Slade cared immensely about Eclipse and that they produced the best movie they possibly could. Love it, hate it, whatever, just say thank you cause at the end of the day, no matter if you’re a stay-at-home mom, a CEO of a fortune 500 company or the director of a movie, we all try to do our best with what we know today. What more can anyone ask for?

  12. David Slade did a amazing job! The movie was FANTASTIC I wish he was filming the next two as well

  13. Thank you David for doing such an incredible job on Eclipse… it was definitly the best so far! While at the premiere for New Moon I was so disappointed at all the changes I noticed, and while watching Eclipse.. well.. I cant even express how happy I was that it followed the book so closely! Definitly brought the story to life. Thank you again… and hopefully Breaking Dawn will be just as great!! 🙂

  14. Bowing to Mr. Slade.
    Well done sir! You’ve done (IMO) the best book in the saga justice.

  15. I´m a gratefull fan. I loved the movie. Thank you David!!!!

  16. I had high expectations going in as Eclipse is my favorite book of the series. David Slade really delivered a great film that captured the spirit of the book. In some ways this movie was better than the book. The action scenes were more vivid and the love triangle played out much better on screen than in print thanks to the convincing interplay between Kristen & Taylor.

    Like the book, the movie can definitely a be a standalone in the series and doesn’t really require the background of the first two books/films to understand the story. Great job David Slade!

  17. Mega dittos on that!

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