Win a Signed Copy of Billy Burke’s Removed CD

CD Baby, Billy Burke’s CD distributor, contacted us about a giveaway that they are doing. They wrote to say:

“Nine randomly selected commenters will win an autographed copy of Billy Burke’s new CD “Removed”. Just tell us why you love Billy and maybe you’ll win!

If you didn’t already know, he plays Bella’s dad in the Twilight movies, and he makes great music too, in the vein of Bruce Springsteen with a bit of Tom Waits. It’s good swampy pop/rock.

If you’re not selected as a winner, you can always buy the CD or download on CD Baby:

We’ll be running this giveaway until Wednesday July 7, so tell everyone you know!”

Enter the contest here.

EDITED: note that you have to enter at the above link, not here at the Lexicon.


  1. I love Billy Burke because he’s brought Charlie Swan to life in a wonderful way…Twilighters love Billy!

  2. oleander says:

    Hopefully this giveaway is also for Canadians. 🙂

    Billy Burke is perfect as Charlie Swan and he seems (from what I’ve seen and read) to be a genuinely cool guy. He’s very unassuming, understated, hilarious, and all kinds of good looking when he’s not sporting his Charlie-stache.

    • oleander says:

      Hmm…after re-reading the post, I’m confused. Do we reply here or on the cdbaby website? I’m feeling kind of like a tool now. 😉

  3. Would love to have this CD. I have heard the song “Removed”, when Mr. Burke was giving the song away on his website, and instantly fell in love (with the song…already loved Billy Burke). He definitely plays Charlie correctly. He’s exactly what I would picture Charlie to look like whenever I read the books (all 500 or so times). Billy Burke is AWESOME!!

  4. I would love to win this! Billy Burke is not only an amazing actor but his music is wonderful. I listens to “Removed” over and over. I would love to own a cd with it on it. Billy Burke not only brings character for Charlie but he makes him funny, which is good to have in such a serious love story like The Twilight Saga.

  5. I think that Billy brings such a vulnerability to Charlie. He reaches underneath the skin of the character and bring out a generally loveable and flawed human being. In the scene of “Eclipse” where he stands and watches Bella get her diploma it was so emotional that it brought tears to my eyes! Every scene that Billy plays of Charlie is memorable! Thanks for all your hard work, Billy!!

  6. Lisa G. says:

    I love seeing Billy as Charlie. He is the perfect choice and I can not imagine anyone else playing Charlie.

  7. I love the single Billy allowed us to download. I think he is a great singer and very unique.

  8. I love Billy as he made a fictional character really come to life. He seems so down to earth and cool in person. I already love the single, and of course there’s that infamous line “Famous Ladies Man…”

  9. Billy Burke is amazing! He brings Charlie Swan to life like no one else could! He is such a comic relief in the movies that can be sad, dreary, and dark at times. He is also one great singer! I wish my dad was like Charlie! Love ya Billy!

  10. Patricia says:

    Charlie is the dad I never had! The way Billy made him come to life was not only authentic, but deeply emotional. Thanks Billy!!

  11. he’s an awesome actor & of course he plays charlie perfect. =) hope to see more & more of him in the future.

  12. Shannon says:

    I love Billy Burke because he brings such great personality to Charlie Swan. He is a great actor and the perfect Charlie Swan.

  13. I tried so hard to get tickets to see him when his cd came out but didn’t get them. I have never met him and he is the perfect Charlie Swan in the series. He is an amazing actor and singer. No wonder they wanted him to represent Bella’s father. He comes across genuine and seems to really like people when there are a lot of actors that do not like to be around their supporters. Please please pick me!!!! Hey Lori….did you get my link to get the shirt that you saw me in at the L.A. Eclipse convention? I hope it worked out for you. Please let me know….

  14. Billy is great because he brings so much dimension to his role. He adds so much comedy and lightens the scenes. But he can also show just how strong his love for Bella is and how great their relationship is. He transforms himself into the charachter completely.

  15. Razzbeary says:

    I like Billy because he doesn’t seem to be impressed by his fame. He seems to be a normal, down-to-earth, regular guy that us regular folks can relate to. It was very nice of him to greet the campers at the Eclipse opening in LA the day before it opened. Thanks, Billy!

  16. Brandi Waldman says:

    Billy is the perfect Charlie! He’s was the perfect addition to the Twilight family! LOVE HIM!

  17. I LOVE Billy! He is exactly how I pictured Charlie! He is awesome in all the movies, but especially in Eclipse! He was soo funny in Eclipse!!

  18. I love Billy cause he’s seems like such a genuine person. I follow him on Twitter and get a crack up out of some of his tweets. He’s so down to earth. Plus, I love his music and his acting. He’s the perfect Charlie.

  19. Charity says:

    I like Billy because he is talented but doesn’t take himself too seriously. I appreciate his dry humor. He’s always stolen the scenes he’s in for sure. It’d be cool to check out his CD.

  20. Brittany Minor says:

    I love Billy Burke because he does an AMAZING job at playing Charlie and also does a great job at bringing so much into him,just his facial exspressions get me laughing so hard I practically’s just so perfect to play Charlie,and he seems like an awesome and goofy(in a good way) person in general(:

  21. Wow! Let’s see… I already bought the cd at cdbaby. I LOVE the cover.. butterflies mean good fortune and Billy definitely has it! Love Billy as Charlie Swan, but he’s so much sexier as himself. Removed I couldn’t stop listening to. Wish I could have gone to his debut. He’s amazing and down to earth and I just wish the best for him. I would love to have a signed copy that I can put next to my signed copy of Eclipse and start my collection.

    Much love!


  22. caitlin says:

    i adore Billy because he is an all american guy all around funny and appears to be the dad i always wanted.

  23. His CD is amazing! If/when you get it, listen to Bluesy Larue… it always makes me teary eyed!

  24. Id love to have this CD! I loved the song Removed when Billy let us downloaded it and hear it for free from hs website.
    Billy Burke is an amazing actor and is perfect to play Charlie. When I was reading Twilight i pictured Charlie almost exactly like Billy portrays him. He is an Amazing artist and is Awesome in eclipse!

  25. I didn’t realize Billy is in his 40s…what is his secret? He looks my age! And none of you hard-core fans remember him on “24”?…tsk tsk. He’s always been into music and been a great actor, long before the “Twilight” craze! 🙂

  26. SHERRY HOERNIG says:

    Wow…What’s not to like about Billy Burke? He’s proven himself to be a versatile actor, able to take on any role and make the character come to life. As an actor he has taken on many different roles from drama to mystery to comedy & has made you feel time & time again that he IS the character. No matter how big or small the role you are aware of his presence. From along came a Spider, Ladder 49, Untraceable, to The Twilight Saga Billy has left behind an impression of someone who truly loves what he does, & gives it his all. Not only is he talented as an actor but as a singer as well. When I first heard his single Removed I was touched to the core of my heart. I mean I figured he had to have a good voice to be able to make an entire CD but, when I actually heard his voice, listened to the words, & the music I was truly impressed w/his talent. He has a voice that brings out the emotion of the song. I listened to it over and over & over. I also love his down to earth demeanor, his open friendliness w/his fans, & the way he is so comfortable w/himself. Billy Burke is truly a *STAR* of his own making….

  27. Peggy M says:

    Love me some Billy Burke! Enuf said 🙂

  28. Please pick me!
    He is great, I cannot imagine anyone better for that role. He stays close enough to the “book Charlie” but gives him enough of himself and makes the perfect combination. the movies wouldn’t be the same without him.

  29. I think Billy brings Charlie to life, he is so in tune with the role. He adds just the right amount of humor, with a touch of sarcasm. I couldn’t imagine anyone doing a better job!

  30. I love billy’s “dry” humour, good looks and class! I would love to win this it would be a great cd to add to my music collections and being of the 80’s generation, I would be in musical heaven with this CD

  31. Tiffany Duffey says:

    Two words… Billy Burke….enough said! He’s an amazing actor and a briliant song writter. He has the type of humor that without trying he can make you laugh. I bought the cd the day it was released and got it in the mail 3 days later. I love the whole cd! My favorite song has to be ‘bluesy larue’… such a sweet song. Of course ‘Removed’ is great’s one you could listen to over and over. Well done BB, we love you!

  32. KristinaE says:

    I love Billy. He really brought the roll of Charlie to life. His timing and dry humor are spot on. His music is also great. I have really being wanting to get the CD. When I heard ‘Removed’ I was really excited that he can really sing. Love you BB!

  33. hunnylilacsun says:

    “Suuuper. That makes me really happy.”

  34. Jennifer Robinson says:

    Billy Burke is simply awesome! I can’t picture anyone else in the role of Chief Charlie Swan! And I love the scene in “Eclipse” where Billy and Bella are having “the TALK.” It was great!

  35. Billy Burke is a fantastic actor and talented musican. His acting in the Twilight movies is phenomenal and whenever he’s on screen he steals the show. when I see him in screen I know that I’m about to hear some great acting and comedy. His input in the twilight saga has not gone unnoticed and I am glad to see that he is making an even bigger name for himself with his cd “removed” I have heard a few of his songs and they are a true art form congratulations Billy and I hope success comes your way keep being u

  36. Kristen Chaney says:

    I love Billy because he looks exactly like a younger version of my dad. Plus, he plays charlie the way Stephanie wrote him. He is the perfect Charlie Swan. Billy’s music is also among the best new music out there :).

  37. Tory Davidson says:

    Billy Burke is a fantastic actor and talented musican. His acting in the Twilight movies is phenomenal and whenever he’s on screen he steals the show. when I see him in screen I know that I’m about to hear some great acting and comedy. His input in the twilight saga has not gone unnoticed and I am glad to see that he is making an even bigger name for himself with his cd “removed” I have heard a few of his songs and they are a true art form congratulations Billy and I hope success comes your way keep being u

  38. Billy Burke is a great actor and artist. I absolutely loved the scene in Eclipse where Bella and Charlie have “The Talk” it was great. I watched him on The George Lopez Show and he was so funny. Love him and all the movies!

  39. SavyTwilighter says:

    Billy Burke is Charlie Swam. he is exactly how i pictured that character in my head. what’s not to love about him?! every scene he’s in he steals it. best cop stache i’ve ever seen^-^ Billy is so laid back n cool no matter what. i had the great pleasure of talking to him at the Eclipse premiere after party and he seriously is one of the coolest people i’ve ever met! he was so sweet and talked to me for awhile (well i gushed he laughed) and even introduced me to his wife. i told her that Billy was the coolest person ever and she laughed and said she thought so too. hope he lines up some shows for this album cuz i would definitely love to go to one<3

  40. I love Billy Burke for not only his role as Charlie, which he is spot on in my book. Just how I imagined him. But because he’s a real man. No bullshit! His music is very down to earth with a different kind of sound. I’ve watched him go through this whole process of his CD coming out via Twitter and his website. It’s a long time dream come true for him and he is truly surprised by the overwhelming response and that’s so nice to see. I can’t wait to see what else this man comes up with, musically and in acting.

  41. Shannon says:

    Has anyone been able to post a comment on the ACTUAL contest site

    I’ve tried twice & can’t get my comment to post…I’m thinking other people are having the same problem since there are only 5 comments.

  42. Sandee West says:

    I really love the song “Removed”! also, Billy = Charlie! They picked the perfect guy to portray him!

  43. Adrienne Fernandez says:

    Amazing natural raw talent. Billy Burke is awesome at everything he has done to date & hope to both hear & see more from him. Great vibe & natural feel to his music it seems to come from the soul. He brings his talent to life through his characters on screen & now through music! Hands down hope he continues with this route of music in between movies. Wish him good luck on all future endeavors because he seems to be a great down to earth guy with a lot of heart & passion in all he does =)

  44. I won one!!!! Woohoo!!!

  45. Glad to be of help and let me know how you get on?


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