Rollingstone Off the Cuff: Ashley Greene

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  1. is that ashley singing at the start?


    Rob should cover ‘strange and beautiful’ for the breaking dawn part 2 credits, had the idea a couple of days ago, and I think it would be a perfect way to end the series. It sums up alot. thoughts?

  2. ok dumb question, just saw the end

  3. maybe for the strange and beautiful thing they could do it as an extra on the dvd and have the whole acting cast get involved.

  4. Savageo says:

    This movie, Eclipse, is a love story that is rated PG. It is based on Books that are for young people. How far does a movie have to go to make you feel anything? Does it have to have raw sex, brutal, bloody gore….what exactly do you need?????? What kind of message do you want our youth to get? Maybe you feel street language, drugs, smart mouths, obnoxious hand gestures etc is acting, I personally don’t and I am glad Summit has the good taste to think the same way. I’m sure they are worried about your opinion all the way to the bank. Twilight isn’t for everyone and, in particular, not dirty old men.

    • Savageo says:

      This comment was left in response to your remarks about how boring you felt the Twilight Saga movies has been. They are very true to the books which are very loved by all ages. I’m sure Steph worries about your opinion all the way to the bank too!

  5. Funny interview. Gosh Ashley sounds just like me except for the whole supportive thing. I wish my mom would let me go to LA and I’m 19!

  6. SavyTwilighter says:

    ha ha yes score! love that Ashley sang im yours i danced to that and sang it with Justin Chon^-^ also Ashley we r all bitter about Rob’s mega talent<3

  7. Emmma Jason says:

    lol. 2 funny. ash was a good singer. wish i could belt it out to. i would not want 2 have been apart of that interview. i cant sing in front of people.

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