Jennifer Love Hewitt: Huge Twilight Fan at Eclipse Premiere

Alas Jen claims to be dissed by Robert Pattinson. Given that there are a ton of new potential roles in Breaking Dawn, that Bill Condon and Jen have worked together before, and that Jen has showed up at the last two Twilight premieres, we’re wondering what role she might potentially be able to play.

What do you think?
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  1. rhiannon says:

    i could see her as a denali vampire!

  2. Haha wouldn’t it be great if she played Tanya? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I agree with 1. and 2. That would be really great. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Doesn’t Kate have dark hair? then she’d be able to shock Edward.

  5. Love her….and she’s a ‘real’ fan from the beginning! Would love to see her as a Denali, or
    even as the vamp that is Aro’s shield, something…I honestly believe she would be happy with anything.

  6. rhiannon says:

    they didn’t mention the denalis at all in eclipse. i wonder how they will work them in to BD. unless they show just show up at the wedding with no mention beforehand

  7. Michelle says:

    Can definitely see her as Kate!

  8. Miranda says:

    Well I can see her as Tanya or Kate as long as she does something with her hair color. Or she could be Carmen, although I’d much rather see Alexis Bledel play her.

  9. She’s such a twi-hard she DESERVES a role in BD. Maybe the Lexicon should start a campaign….

  10. I agree with those who have said Tanya and/or Kate. I’ve been a fan of hers since Party of Five and I’d love to see her play a vampire. She’s gorgeous to begin with, I can’t even begin to imagine how beautiful she’d look as a vampire!

  11. would be cool yeh, dont know about the books, so I cant say which character. but it would be cool to have a big fan like her get in to the series.

  12. My vote is Kate, I could see her playing that role to a T. And I think that Garrett should be portrayed by Josh Holloway, just as long as he keeps the ponytail!!

  13. Is Tanya the one that trains Bella to manage her shield? If that’s the character, yes I am all for her. Love her. Too bad The Ghost Whisperer has to end this season.

    And will some decent, loving man sweep her off her feet, Edward-style? She sooo deserves it!

  14. Angelas mom.

  15. What about Irina?

  16. Kate and Tanya have cornsilk hair and strawberry blond, she wouldn’t work for either. Maybe Maggie but I think she is too old. Possibly Charlotte.

  17. Carmen.

  18. Sandee West says:

    I’d love to see her in BD! She’ll make a gorgeous vampire! I like the idea of her playing Kate but Irina would be a juicy part as well…

  19. Shouldn’t Peter Facinelli be able to get her a role and introduce her to Rob? I mean they both starred in Can’t Hardly Wait.

  20. Would be cool to have her in the movie. Like a denali (with the right hair colour), Aro’s shield or maybe even one of the wives? (wives of the Volturi, if you didn’t understand what I mean).

    Her being a twifan also shows the diversity in the twilight fandom:)

  21. Apparently I’m the only person who wouldn’t really like to see her in BD. I agree she is talented, and that she is an uber-fan, but one of the things I’ve enjoyed so much about The Twilight Saga is that it has introduced so much new talent and given the bigger name actors the really gritty roles that have to be nailed to not be comical (Jane, Aro, Victoria). Maybe I would be blown away, but I haven’t really seen that edge to her that would make for a great vamp.

    • I totally agree. I really don’t like her as an actress and I think her actions, at times, are a little “desperate for attention”. Sorry but this is one fan who would not be happy seeing her in BD.

    • I absolutely agree with you! When you have these actors with name established then they are obligated to give them a higher billing. I prefer new faces that will not bring their other selves. And look at the newer actors we have been introduced to, I just love them. It seems like she just wants to be associated with this Saga for the attention. And Tanya needs to be someone we would love to hate.

  22. Leslie Lawson says:

    I think she would be a gorgeous vampire .. but I agree with everyone that is saying she should not be in BD. The greatest thing about all these Twilight actors is that they were nobodys before Twilight. Sure, they were in a few movies.. but with minor roles. So we never really knew them. They need to find someone bubbly yet unapproachable for Tanya. Someone kind yet hard for Kate. And someone kind yet scary for Irina. And as for all the others, I’m looking forward to seeing who is chosen. I’m just hoping it is not anyone with a big name to overshadow our movies . ๐Ÿ™‚


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