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We first met Maggie a few years ago when she wrote in about visiting Forks. We next met her on the set of Twilight were she was observing as part of her PH.D. program(see photo left). Maggie has also been to London premieres and other UK events since she’s doing her academics in Wales. Maggie was also the person who arranged for all the speakers at TwiCon (not the scheduling of them, but the actual people who gave presentations, Maggie is the one who found them and got them to show up).

Since Maggie’s PH.D. concentrates on film and specifically bringing childrens/YA books to film, she’s been as much involved in following the Twilight progression as anyone.

“Alrighty, I’ve seen Eclipse (finally… stinkin’ UK delayed release…) and I am pleased, bordering on impressed, with the film’s final product. The progression of the talent, the story development and the improved tone were most impressive to me.

The first thing I’m impressed by how much they were able to fit into a two hour film in order to provide background information, plot progression information, and fan-demanded information. Let’s review: trip to Florida, virgin conversation, proposal, tent scene, Jasper’s background, Rosalie’s background, Leah’s backstory, reiteration of main points like talents, wolf telepathy, body heat, the make out scenes, punching a werewolf in the face, the jealousy and anger of the Volturi, Riley and Victoria’s messed up relationship…

The list goes on. I’ll go into a few comments though in my normal manner.”

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  1. This is a great review!!!!!

  2. Arcadia says:

    Trip to Florida was too long. Let’s see. Bella takes her sun glasses off and on, Mom runs to retrieve gift, Mom explains gift to Bella, and finally that eternal hug. Perhaps if flash backs were used the extra time could have been better used to explain a little more information to new viewers.

    • That was a very touching moment and I’m glad it was in there!

      • alwaysedward says:

        as a mom who is going thru an estrangement with my mom, this scene made me tear up-the quilt was great idea,very touching-the only thing i think that would have added to the scene would be if when she hugged her mom, the camera had flashed to edward’s sad face again.

        i also think the tent scene was great, but if Edward had been able to say the four things he realized when he fell in love with Bella, his true nature would have shown thru even more.

  3. The reviews from the fans and critics have been all over the place. Film critic Roeper gave it A- and he is very rough on films. LA Times as well as a lot more respect news sites gave it a good review. USA today hated it. So no one person review is trustworthy when it comes to this movie. You either love it a lot or hate it a lot. The movie has already taken in 161 million and will end up close to 200 million when the holiday weekend is over. We know that is all Summit cares about. It is already a success. I think Breaking Dawn will be the best because of Mr. Condon. I think he will be able to help MR with the script. He knows how to get the best performances out of his leads. He got Academy Awards nominated performances out of Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson and Ms. Hudson won for best supporting actress. He wrote Chicago and Ms. Zeta-Jones won an Oscar for Chicago and Queen Latifah also was nominated for an Oscar for Chicago.I think he has such a high standard for quality that he will demand the best from the Big 3. I really have very high hopes that the last movie will go out with a bang.

    • Arcadia says:

      Bill Condon is good with MUSICALS.

      • Twilight_News says:

        And dramas his other Oscar nominated work was a drama

        • Arcadia says:

          LOL, well, maybe we’ll see Edward and Bella waltzing or at the wedding, a first dance? Charlie — then Edward cuts in. HELLO Bill Condon 🙂

          Bill Condon is old school and we’ll probably have a great soundtrack (think Disney-esque). His style is NOT David Slade (sorry all but that’s my opinion).

          Still a dedicated Twi-Mom.

          • I hear ya, TwiMom here too. I was crossing my fingers for Peter Jackson, or Andrew Adamson of The Chronicles Of Narnia. Breaking Dawn makes me insanely nervous and is the worst of the books, imho.

            I feel that the Vampire Index will have to be handed all over the theaters if this movie is not done right.

          • Wow, and she didn’t even touch the newborns! I bet she’ll rave about Xavier’s acting skills as we all have. I am still impressed by that dude. Australia delivers the best, gave us Heath (may God keep him in His arms), now Xavier.

    • I hope so. While I love the Twilight movies, they could have been much better.

  4. Jean Brown says:

    So she agreed with the way Ms. Rosenberg change Bella for the movie? I have to disagree with her on that one. The ending in Eclipse was very disappointing. I will never forget what Bella said in the book.”everything in my world was about him” or what about “i have to be with you it is the only way i can live” or “i cannot live without my life i cannot live without my soul”. These lines in the book is why we loved it so much. It made the love between B/E untouchable. I hated the screenplay for this movie. But i am shame to say i have already seen Eclipse 4 times. Good or Bad i cant help myself. I am addicted.

    • alwaysedward says:

      I loved the movie, but I too was disappointed that Bella said it wasn’t all about Edward. Even during the proposal scene in the book, Bella tells Edward that she only wanted immortality so that she could be with him forever. That doesn’t make Bella weak, it just makes her willing to be what it takes to be with the person she loves.

      • tiffany says:

        i hated that as well. but, when i thought about it, i think it was just deliver wrong. think about in the book, at the end, edward is like “deals off”, he thinks bellas doing it to appease everyone else, mainly him! so i think in the film, since MR sux, she cut it down so short that it made it seem like bella agreeing to marry edward had nothing to do with her love for him, but i think it was trying to say, its not because edward wants it so bad, its because bella wants it to, ya know? does anyone get what im saying? i feel i didnt explain it clearly :(…either way, thats how i keep myself from screaming at the theater 🙂

    • I agree, that ending was all wrong. That was the common theme from Bella in all the books. She can’t be without Edward and she loves him so much she is willing to give up everything to be with him. That was just out of character for her, it should have stayed true to the books.

  5. Wonderful review, and just think if they had done all that with the first and second films.

  6. Maggie, loved your take on the whole thing. Very insightful. Thanks.

    • Wow, and she didn’t even touch the newborns! I bet she’ll rave about Xavier’s acting skills as we all have. I am still impressed by that dude. Australia delivers the best, gave us Heath (may God keep him in His arms), now Xavier.

    • If you read the comments, this one from a “Twilight Granny” for me takes the cake. I was taken aback on what this meant in her life:

      “True everlasting love is a dream for everyone. I have not found it and very few ever will but I can still dream.”

      Wow. Just, wow!

      • Thanks for understanding that ‘granny’. So many think they will always stay young. You won’t. I have seen some ugly comments directed to the older Twihards and it is so not right. Karma is what they say it is and someday all the people who think older fans shouldn’t be around, will be old too. Yea Karma.
        I loved the books for the love triangle, not the science fiction. Did not like MR’s translation on Eclipse, but can live with it.

        Team Edward grandma

  7. I am split on the ending. In some ways I like that Bella gives the explanation that her entire decision is not all about Edward. But I think what she says should have been followed up by something like…”but even so I can’t live without you” or something to that effect. Because she wouldn’t even want that world if Edward wasn’t a part of it. She tells Rosalie earlier that she’ll never want anything more than Edward. So, yeah, the dialogue fell a bit short there.

    Anyway, even with the changes, I truly loved the movie. I will for certain watch it multiple times before it leaves theatres.

  8. Moonbeam says:

    It’s weird because I agree with almost everything Maggie said, but as a fan, I felt much more emotional connection when I saw New Moon for the first time. To me, Eclipse was a better “movie for the masses,” but New Moon was better at capturing the emotion of the book it adapted, and therefore touched me more personally.

    But then again, maybe that was because the theme in New Moon was one of loss, and therefore could be felt at a deeper level.

    I think what worked best about this film is that just about everything played toward the theme: Bella’s choice. I never saw Bella’s trip to Florida as being part of her choice until this movie. The graduation even pointed that way. Rosalie’s flashback was all about choice. That was part of the book, but Rosenberg/Slade really made it central to the film.

    Overall, I’m very impressed by both Weitz and Slade for finding the essence of each book and bringing it to film. Breaking Dawn will be a huge filmmaking challenge, but these movies give me hope that it can be done – and done well.

    That said – Maggie! Hello? Bella’s wig?! Ugh!

    • Elizabeth_G says:

      I also agreed with most of what Maggie said. I just wanted to touch on the emotional connection element that you pointed out. I think that in New Moon it is conveyed really well. You feel that same utter devastation and loss that she feels, and understand the ongoing nightmare as she wakes up screaming every night. Not so much sadness but emptiness. And then in Eclipse (the book) she experiences a lot of sadness on a few different occasions but you don’t see those tears in the movie. Off the top of my head, she cries when Edward rejects her ‘advances,’ and then again after she breaks up with Jacob at the end of the book, and probably a few other times too. The last one that I just mentioned I thought was pretty important because she cries all night long and Edward is there, then he’s not sure if she made the right choice because it’s hurt her so much. In the movie she just sort of walks out. I missed the emotional element a bit for sure.

    • I agree with you on the emotional element of New Moon. I can admire what they’ve done with Eclipse, but I just am not feeling the emotional connection that I did with New Moon. I’ve taken my mom (who has read the books) and my niece (who has not) and we ALL had the same reaction. In fact, as we left the theater my niece said, “I enjoyed it, but I think I prefer New Moon.” I’m glad it is doing well and I appreciate how much they put into it, but I really miss the deep emotions I felt on New Moon. Frankly, I felt more with Twilight, too.

      • Arcadia says:

        As Bella said in NM, I will *FIND THAT PLACE* where I can find him, feel him, smell him, see him, hear him.. not matter what I do. Even if it means death (by accident). She took us on that journey with her. I loved her emails to Alice in NM “things aren’t going so good again…”. Of course the email addy was discontinued, but I loved hearing her read those emails. It was therapeutic to her, heck, it was therapeutic to me because I felt her pain. A pain of a love that left you without ever knowing why (at least at that time). When she runs to save him, I was watching the clock strike 12 just as much as she was. NM was just a beautiful film with so much emotion. It was a stand alone movie. It MAKES you want to see TWILIGHT, but it’s not essential to the basic understanding of an unrequited love. Actually two unrequited loves — we can’t forget Jacob. NM was an exquisite movie with beautiful music. Twilight is my second favorite. Let’s not go to #3 but hoping good things for 4 and 5 🙂

    • Moonbeam- I don’t know how I missed that… it was written blatantly in giant letters in my notes. The hair was decent most of the times, until you saw the straight-across-line of Bella’s wig. Agreed.

      As for the rest of these comments, thank you guys. I love the conversation that can happen from one person’s opinion. I think it’s really important to know what the fans are talking about, what they liked and didn’t like, and see how all of that can affect the adaptation process.

      So, cheers m’ dears! Keep reading, and keep commenting! I’ll keep incorporating it into my work!

  9. I fell head over heals with this movie. I was soo good!! And David Slade did an awsome job in keeping true to the book. I really loved it and I can’t even tell you how….satisfied i am with it..and the music…WOW the soundtrack was awsome and the score was beautiful!


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