Blogger Maggie Reviews Eclipse

We first met Maggie a few years ago when she wrote in about visiting Forks. We next met her on the set of Twilight were she was observing as part of her PH.D. program(see photo left). Maggie has also been to London premieres and other UK events since she’s doing her academics in Wales. Maggie was also the person who arranged for all the speakers at TwiCon (not the scheduling of them, but the actual people who gave presentations, Maggie is the one who found them and got them to show up).

Since Maggie’s PH.D. concentrates on film and specifically bringing childrens/YA books to film, she’s been as much involved in following the Twilight progression as anyone.

“Alrighty, I’ve seen Eclipse (finally… stinkin’ UK delayed release…) and I am pleased, bordering on impressed, with the film’s final product. The progression of the talent, the story development and the improved tone were most impressive to me.

The first thing I’m impressed by how much they were able to fit into a two hour film in order to provide background information, plot progression information, and fan-demanded information. Let’s review: trip to Florida, virgin conversation, proposal, tent scene, Jasper’s background, Rosalie’s background, Leah’s backstory, reiteration of main points like talents, wolf telepathy, body heat, the make out scenes, punching a werewolf in the face, the jealousy and anger of the Volturi, Riley and Victoria’s messed up relationship…

The list goes on. I’ll go into a few comments though in my normal manner.”

See the rest on Maggie’s blog.