Twilight Cast Members Surprised Audiences July 2

Last night Twilight Cast members popped up in various locations:

Charlie Bewley was in Minneapolis

Dakota Fanning was in Los Angeles

Justin Chon in Orange County

Tyson Houseman was in Vancouver

Gil Birmingham was in Kansas City

Cameron Bright was in Atlanta

Kiowa Gordon=Las Vegas

Tinsel Korey was in Nashville

Julia Jones was in Chicago

Here is what we have on appearances that are scheduled today and tomorrow:

Peter Facinelli=Hawaii

Tinsel Korey=Phoenix (aacording to Tinsel’s Twitter)

Jodelle Ferland=New Orleans

Ashley Greene=Jacksonville

Charlie Bewley=New York (According to a comment to a fan in Minneapolis) (No idea if that is the Long Island or the NYC sites)


  1. I’m pretty sure Atlanta is tonight according to

  2. Melissa says:

    Ack! I thought the Atlanta appearance wasn’t until tonight! Bummer!

  3. Christian Serratos was in Virginia last night…at least, that was reported to me. I was gonna try going but couldn’t make it down there in enough time…

  4. Does anyone know who will be in Atlanta tonight?

  5. Michelle says:

    Any word on who is coming to Cleveland? They are suppose to appear at 4pm, but so far no word on who. ????

    • i don’t know if you already saw my comment but it was bronson pelletier. he was at crocker park this afternoon.

  6. Charlie was very funny. Julia seems so sweet and beautiful. i would love for one of them to come to STL! 🙁 i’d see it a third time for that.

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  8. How come it says Cameron Bright was in Atlanta when Atlanta was only on the schedule for July 3rd? I hope they are still having someone over here tonight even though they had Cameron here yesterday.


  10. RockerChickWG says:

    What about Dallas? Anybody heard who’s going to be here?

  11. Is Tinsel definitely coming to Phoenix?

    • Yeah, my friend I and just saw her! She was very very sweet and nice! My friend was even chosen to participate in a little trivia game with another fan and won prizes. We were at the tempe marketplace theater. Tinsel also visited superstition springs and santan, I believe.

  12. Thank you for the video of Julia in Chicago! I was not able to go, so I’m glad I got to see the vid! Also, Tyson Houseman was at the Hollywood Palms in Naperville, Il for the midnight release. I was across town at the AMC, unfortunately. Haha.

  13. Did anyone notice that in the video of girls driving, the driver didn’t have her hands on the wheel for like 10 seconds?? I was actually using the imaginary break during that 10 seconds. 🙂

  14. I saw Justin Chon in Irvine last night. I was at the 6 PM show and it wasn’t even half full. No one around me knew about him appearing and with the blond hair, many were asking me who he was. He was very sweet and said the producers wanted to send him somewhere else but being from Irvine, he wanted to come here. Here are a few photos.

  15. Natalia says:

    Are Taylor or Kristen gonna be surprising any audiences??

  16. Vanessa says:

    Peter Facinelli was in Kona last night. About 10:15 pm. Saw fan pics and comments. Website said July 3rd.

  17. Kiowa was not the surprise person in Las Vegas. The Palms had been promoting his appearance for at least a week. He will be there again tonight from 6-9pm. Our Las Vegas surprise guest appearance was the guy who played Royce. This is according to a friend who went to the Rave theater.

  18. bronson pelletier was at crocker park regal cinema in westlake, ohio today to watch with the fans.

  19. does any one know who was at the san fracisco theaters??? i sadly couldnt be there but i am DYING!!! to know who was there!!!

  20. Standing in line in Paramus NJ…

  21. edwardsmylion says:

    Hello Twilight stars – we love you in Michigan too – how about coming to Grand Rapids!

  22. Me and my friend met Justin in OC!! He was cool! He signed my moms breaking dawn book and my friend got a pic with him! Fun!!

  23. Charlie Bewley in Paramus NJ. Hung around talking for about 8-10 minutes. Thanks, Charlie!!

  24. Who was in Cleveland?

  25. tiffany says:

    Riley (Xavier Samuel) was at the NYC Union Sq show. I was there. He talked for about 3 mins and left..He also went to the NYC Lincoln Sq show. Demetri was at the Paramus NJ show and Rosalie (Nikki Reed) was at the Long Island show. Taylor Lautner was at the Pittsburgh show according to news outlets on the internet.

  26. Does anyone know about who might show up in Toronto?

  27. cameron bright was in toronto! was lucky to him leaving, but not in theatre.


  1. […] ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ – Summit Ent. This weekend, the cast of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was very, very busy jet-setting across the country to visit local cinema showings of the film. Slowly, the cities and specific locations for the appearances were revealed, but the castmembers making appearances for the events were kept a secret for the most part. The appearances took place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Friday, the cities whose fans got to see the cast were Chicago (Julia Jones), Kansas City (Gil Birmingham), Las Vegas (Kiowa Gordon), Los Angeles (Dakota Fanning), Minneapolis (Charlie Bewley), Nashville (Tinsel Korey), Orange County (Justin Chon), Vancouver (Tyson Houseman), and Washington, D.C (Christian Serratos). You can see a photo of and mini-interview with Julia Jones in Chicago here. Meanwhile, Gil Birmingham’s Facebook page has its own set of photos from his appearance, and a local news station (KMBC) interviewedBirmingham from the event. Photos from Gordon’s appearance in Las Vegas can be found here andhere, and Tinsel Korey tweeted about her showing in Nashville (Christian Serratos did the same for her appearance in D.C.). More on Houseman’s appearance in Vancouver can be found here, and the O.C. Register has quite a few photos of Justin Chon in Orange County here. Here’s a video from Charlie Bewley’s appearance in Minneapolis (via Twilight Lexicon). […]

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