Billy Burke to Promote Removed on Good Day LA

The whole discussion of his daughter’s name is adorable.


  1. anonimous2 says:

    Thanks for all those who voted for the movie in the IMDB website. Tha score is now 4.1/10 compared to 3.2/10 two days ago thanks to your votes. For those who didn’t yet and think the movie deserves a better score go to the imdb :
    and vote. If you like the movie very much better give it 9/10 or 8/10 rather than 10/10 because their statistical score calculation method most likely gives smaller weights to extreme votes (1/10 or 10/10) because they are assumed to be biased or corrupted (and they are probably right)
    Please tweet this to your Twi-friends so that we can together fix what the score devastation caused by some unhealthy voters who gave the movie 1/10 before it even was in theaters !

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