Taylor Lautner: Go, Go, Power Werewolf…

Sorry, couldn’t resist. It seems that we have the Blue Power Ranger to thank for bringing us Taylor Lautner. Last night on Letterman Taylor Lautner revealed:

“I was doing martial arts and my karate instructor was in the business and he’s the one who got me started…He was actually the Blue Power Ranger for a year.”

Anyone want to guess which Blue Ranger it was? There are almost 20 possible answers.


  1. I’m thinking its Karim Prince. He did mention that the guy was an actor, and Karim is about the only one that has a resume outside of PR.

  2. Gennifer says:

    If it’s not him, it’s got to be a later ranger. Definitely not David Yost because he was a ranger for three years at least and the article says it was a one year thing. My personal guess is Archie Kao, because he is also an actor, he was on CSI for a long time and his job lasted only about a year.

  3. Rainbow says:

    Most likely is Michael Chaturantabut / Mike Chat

    Referenced from IMDb

    Trained and coached The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D (2005)’s Taylor Lautner and…

    Filmography/ Actor:
    4. “Power Rangers Time Force” …. Blue Lightspeed Ranger / … (1 episode, 2001)
    – Time for Lightspeed (2001) TV episode …. Chad Lee / Blue Lightspeed Ranger
    5. Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue: The Queen’s Wrath (2001) (V) …. Chad Lee / Blue Lightspeed Ranger


  4. Michael Copon! LOL j/k We all know it’s most definitely NOT him.

  5. Well if he says Blue “Power Ranger” surely that’s an original ranger as the others were Zeo, Space etc. Rangers were the the orginals Billy and that little kid who took over from him, can’t recall his name…love to know who it was.

  6. Mike Chat was definitely his coach. In this interview Taylor says who his coach is. There is a video feed at the bottom of the page that so you can watch the interview. http://www.karateangels.com/taylor_lautner_interview.htm

  7. Gennifer says:

    Everybody who says it was Michael Chaturantabut is right, it also says it on Michael’s wikipedia profile! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Chaturantabut

  8. Stryker1991 says:

    Wikipedia isn’t always right. I figure it was either Mike Chat, or Steve Cardenas, who played the blue zeo ranger and owns his own karate studio.

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