Eclipse Stars Visiting Movie Theaters This Weekend

The official Eclipse Movie website has been updated to give general, or in some cases not so general, locations that the Eclipse starts will be in. EDITED: the official Eclipse page has now been updated with exact locations

The Carmike theater chain has confirmed a Nashville site. we do not know if this will be the only Nashville appearance.  Various stars like Gil Girmingham, Christian Serratos, and Tinsel Korey have tweeted about getting on planes bound out of LA. Others like Taylor Lautner and Jackson Rathbone did New York media appearances yesterday. So keep an eye out. Unlikely to appear anywhere is Robert Pattinson who is under contractual obligation to the Water For Elephants movie at present. All locations as noted in the graphic are subject to change.

TY to Amanda Bell for her assistance with this story.


  1. Toronto, ftw. I am ready.

  2. WHO IS COMING TO va/dc AREA? OR where in the area thats extremely BROAD

  3. they need to come to a small town in illinois called pekin!! NOTHING and i mean NOTHINGGG exciting ever happens around here!!!!


    • Same here!!!! Eclipse cast should come to EVANSTON, Il right next to chicago!!!!! Nothing ever happens around here!!!!

  4. MJR theaters in Detroit is the chain of Theaters that’s going to have the cast appearance at. Rumor is that it’s going to be Taylor Lautner.

  5. I hope someone is at the Movie Event in Nashville tomorrow! That would be awesome!

  6. courtney says

    Does anyone know which theater in kansas city they’ll be at?? And which cast member will be there??

  7. i think christian serratos will be in LAS VEGAS cause in one of her recent tweets she said
    “Poker anyone”

  8. catherine says

    Tinsel said she might hike camelback mountain this weekend which puts her in pheonix! Woowoo!

  9. Any word on Chicago?

  10. April Johnson says

    I wonder who is going to be at the Dallas, Tx location?

  11. CHICAGO LOCATIONS (as verified by radio station 101.9 FM)

    AMC River East, 322 E. Illinois St.
    Regal City North, 2600 N. Western Ave.

  12. the cast member will visit AMC Studio 30 in Olathe, Kan., and AMC Barrywoods in Kansas City. The star will visit between Friday and Monday.

  13. Oh my gosh!!! Someone is actually coming to Hawaii! I live on the island of Oahu but would totally take the 30 minute flight to fly out to Kona! I wonder whose coming? Anyone know?

    Unbelievable! I’d would never have thought someone would come to Hawaii! AWESOME!

  14. Did the say which day in chicago?

  15. Awesomeness says

    Where in DC??

  16. The Cleveland person canceled. Couldnt get a flight according to our local news

  17. – Eclipse actor (Unknown at this time) to appear at AMC Tysons Corner and RAVE Fairfax in Northern VA TODAY.

  18. Well, in my opinion it should be done with New Moon and Twilight too because the same thing is happening with their score. Also when you see the number of people that voted in the case of these three movies it’s quite low compared to movies like Avatar for example.

  19. Anyone know which theater in sf?

  20. It’s Gil Birmingham in Kansas City, 5-6pm Amc Barrywoods and 7-8pm Olathe Ks. Wouldn’t you know it, he’s 5 min from my house, there now, and my ticket is for tomorrow, sigh

  21. I think it would be SO awesome if the Nashville person/people would come to the Lexicon event in the morning! Can you guys work some magic for that to happen? Ha ha!

  22. Does anyone know about the Phoenix theatres? Where, When, and maybe Who? haha

  23. Twilight dreamer says

    Where is the one for Virginia/Dc area? And who is going?? I keep missing Virginia events! They HAVE got to do an event in Charlottsville!

  24. jackalyn says

    Yea! I agree with Kristi! Can’t the stay over, and come see us Lexiconers in the morning??

    My sister & I drove up from Chattanooga for the event tomorrow, got a hotel for tonight. It would be sooo great to get an extra special surprise!!

    In the meantime, we are going down to Broadway to go to Laylas!

  25. as i know. ashley greene will be at the jacksonville theatres. i read on if anybody wants to know that lives in jacksonville

  26. Anyone have leads for the NJ locations??

  27. Chicago anyone??? Who and where??. Anyone have a clue?

  28. Are any of the cast members coming to Atlanta

  29. OMG!! Christian Serratos was just at Tysons in McClean, VA. It was awesome! We screamed team Angela and she pointed to me and gave me the rock symbol!

    • christian serratos was in dallas today
      july 3

      • she signed for people too – she didnt have a lot of time but the time she had she signed – she signed both a film cell and poster of eclipse i brough

  30. Just saw Christian Serratos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was awesome!!!!

  31. Samantha says

    Jack Houston who plays Royce King was in Vegas. He just welcomed everyone and said he hoped we would enjoy the movie. He left right after he said that. Is that what all of the stars are doing? The website said they were going to watch the movie with the fans.

    • Kiowa Gordon was in Vegas at the Brenden Theaters in The Palms casino from 6 – 9pm today. He’s going to be there on 7/3 too…6 – 9…so if you missed him, go check him out! He’s signing and taking pictures with the fans. He came in to our theater and thanked us for watching.

  32. Do the cast members stay awhile to greet other fans or do they just leave after they surprise their audience?!?!

  33. Savannah says

    Daniel Cudmore was at the Icon theater in Minneapolis Mn but I got there too late to see him 🙁

  34. No one Ever comes to Sacramento.. Sucks.. And We’re like the Capital of California…

    Team Volturi

    Team Riley Gosh he is hansooome.. hewwww

  35. #1 Twilight Mom says

    Nashville, TN yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!! On my way to the Lexicon Event this morning! It would be totally amazing to see a special guest there!!!!!! I’ve got my camera just in case! Will be my second time to see Eclipse since the midnight show!!!!!!!!Loving me some Twilight!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  36. Lauriesiana says

    We’re headed to the 6:45 IMAX showing in New Orleans tonight and are extremely curious to found out who our special guest will be. =)

  37. NEW ORLEANS! Does anyone happen to know just who it’ll be? I need to know if I should return my tickets to a concert tonight :/

  38. Jodelle Ferland is the surprise star in New Orleans! (via

  39. What time at the MJR in Detroit? any one know?

  40. Why does the cast never seem to come to Philadelphia? *throws a pouty fit*

  41. Anyone know if the actors will be appearing at various times? or will they just be surprisin fans during one showing and that’s it? I wish I knew more details, but then again if everyone did it would be so crazy lol

  42. Bronson came to Cleveland. 🙂

  43. @jullytoledo says

    who is in New Jersey??? Someone knows?

  44. christian serratos was in dallas

  45. I went to the Orange County theater and our surprise guest was JUSTIN CHON a.k.a. Eric! He was super nice & funny! He made a speech about the movie, took pictures, signed autographs, & hugged everybody. Overall it was a sucess 🙂

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