Jimmy Kimmel: Peter Facinelli Talks Eclipse and Behind Scenes Glimpse

The behind the scenes footage on this you really want to see!


  1. anonimous2 says

    Dear Eclipse fans,
    Eclipse is getting an unfairly low score in IMDB (3.2/10) and I suspect Twilight heaters for giving bad marks regardless to the movie’s quality. Let’s for those who sow the movie and liked it go to imdb website and fix this .
    Come on guys, Eclipse must get a better score ! it is the best in the saga this far!

  2. I love Peter Facinelli! He is so cool!

  3. Wow, that looked amazingly dangerous. Peter, with the chickens, it’s best if you have an egg laying area separate from the main pen that you can access from outside the pen, like lift the lid, shoo the chickens, grab the eggs. In the meantime, get thick leather gloves. Or become a vampire.