Collider: Wyck Godfrey Breaking Dawn Preparation

Here’s a synopsis of the video below from Steve “AKA Frosty” from Collider:

Producer Wyck Godfrey

•Didn’t we just talk…he talks about the crazy production schedule
•Says he is very busy prepping Breaking Dawn. Says they are shooting in Louisiana
•1:00 – What was the biggest hurdle to overcome on Eclipse
•1:45 – How involved is he in the IMAX release
•2:15 – How much talk was there to do Eclipse in 3D. Says they are talking about it for Breaking Dawn. How does he feel about post converted 3D?
•3:20 – How much got cut out of Eclipse that will be on the DVD/Blu-ray. Says at least 3 scenes that were either cut or cut down
•4:00 – Has there been any talk about doing an ultra box set for all the Twilight movies on DVD/Blu-ray
•4:25 – Do they have anything that they’re saving for the big box set
•5:05 – Bill Condon talk. How surprised was he that they got him for Breaking Dawn
•6:05 – Are they planning on changing stuff out of Breaking Dawn the book versus the movie
•7:20 – How long does he think each Breaking Dawn movie will be? Will they both be 2 hr movies?
•8:02 – Says they are shooting Breaking Dawn in Vancouver and Louisiana
•8:25 – What else is he involved with? Talks about his Wizard of Oz project at Warner Bros./New Line. Says his film is a faithful adaptation of the book
•9:15 – With two competing projects happening does he think whichever one goes first will get made
•9:45 – Talks about a Channing Tatum 10 year High School reunion movie that he’s working on. Also a Janice Joplin movie with Amy Adams directed by Fernando Meirelles

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